Thursday, September 14, 2017

Just get over it, I have and lets move on; Search for new HQ still going on

So going thru computer hell finally got online and saw a comment from some obviously heckler on our Hazzard Knytes fb page. Asking what did I get stabbed with a few weeks ago? For those not into automotive nor tools there is a screw driver called a torx driver, about the size of a very small ice pick. Which was on the side of my roll back when I responded to the toew call, that got me impaled. Thank God it wasn't bigger and thank God above that the wound wasn't worse than it was, but it was such that a quick trip to the hospital in Twin Falls, a big bandaid and some mushy cream, and two bottles of antibiotics and I muddled home. Taking Old school road to 2+ Plus Road then to the Bob Barton, got the truck to our port near Hazzard then home in the General . It's still damn sore, and no its not my belly button, 
 Still that cream stuff  stings like hell, the court is doing its job, the hearing is next week and so it goes. Yes now for a while I have to wear two T-shirts to keep my belt buckle from rubbing on the wound, yes I have to soak the wound in the tub twice a day, then reapply the stingy cream, but I'm still alive. Shit it's thank God again that it wasn't worse so lets move the hell on. What is anyone going to do, the perp, is in the jail, the wound little by little is healing sort of, and yes I have an irritation there, but so what at least I lived through it. 
Okay must everyone keep heckling me over simple shit? While you may not agree with my methods, still I'm working to better my world, or at least my half of Dixie Nation. I don't do what I do, to get laid, since if all I needed to do to get laid is take a few hundred bucks, and a trip to Miss Donna's or the Sugar Shack in Wells Nevada. Its only a 175 miles one way there. Plus I have my Shelly, and I'm keeping myself clean for her. The reason I recruit women for second chair in the studio here is that women look at things different than us male corpuscles, two; many guys would rather listen to a southern belle's voice on air, and three what works for Stern with Robin Quivers should work for us, and in those times that I have had one in studio things ran like silk. If it were not for that and the fact that still to date 70% of our membership is still deployed in parts of the World that I can't say here, but if there were more Knytes in the area, they'd be on air rather than me. Truly I would love to have the time off, to do my own thing, take a ride on my bike and get away from civilization. Thing is, who else is going to step in and do what I do on air? Male or female? More over someone I can trust. As far as a formal studio, we had one, in Gooding, and if I hadn't gotten conned we had a great one in Woods Cross Utah. But I got talked into a deal in Wyoming, spent 4 years getting out of there although any more I wish'd I'd had stayed put, but its just life. If only 10% of those that give me crap, and want to take a part and criticize what I and us at HazzardAyre radio does, likewise the Knytes, would contribute and in a good way participate in what we do, as an organization and all the hecklers, much of these pressing issues to low employment, DACA, and others could be solved. No you have to give me a load of shit all the time. 
That all said, and I am not sure where yet, but the search for a new media HQ is going on, until this spring when we as an organization can begin construction on the new Super media center near Buhl Idaho. Much of the hindrence is due to a bad head gasket on ye old General, and an inflected wound on ye ole Mini Wolf. See someone taking target practice near where I live decided to aim in the wrong way, which hit the front left tire of the Mini-Wolf. Now its been said that it was the age of the tire, nope brand new tire, some said it was the heat, naw the rest survived, someone shot the tire, and wont fess up. No biggy, in time I'll scrape up a few bucks, and go snag a new tire. But with me limited in locating new quarters and such is due to limitations on durable transportation. With all that has happened in Etown, outside of once, this kinda crap never happened there. For the most part most left me the heck alone. And for the answer to the next question, why don't I move back? Why? This end of Idaho is where I was born, went to school here, why should I move just because some folks can't understand simple kindness? Any way like I said the search is on.
HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Radio is on at 08:00 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Yea but your finger still stinks really bad

Sorry for not getting on the air overnight, we had a torrential amount of computer problems. While I love a lot streaming radio and all , the quality of a show, is determined usually of the amount of bandwidth, and a big enough pipe to get those little packets of information including music through that pipeline. Solution? pick times that kids are not at home, and most folks are at their jobs. Reason, less people on the wire the better to get through what your trying to pump over the web. About the only time and even it had its problems, but I had less troubles in Woods Cross Utah than just about anywhere. Why? I had near 300mbps coming down and about half that going up. Meaning near instant contact, with little reduntacy . In other words no lag between the studio to transmission site and to you. The same can't be said for here at Cable-One, and certainly AllWest. Although even at half the bit rate, still AllWest gave me better stability, and oh yes less cost. It's easy for Goliath outfits like Cable-One to say this is good, since they judge what's good from a near fiber optic connected system in Arizona. The same can't be said for a small town say like Wendell Idaho, with much of it still on coax. So yes a search is on for a better but less expensive pipeline, which might mean mid month September we'll go off air until I research and put into place what can or can't be had here in Wendell as an alternative. 
There are those that already have chimed in about my barking of old Zeb. Understand while our philosephies are very different at times, his approach and mine are nearly identical. However on the subject of this about stopping someone from advancing their(my) careers. Dig this; back in 2011/12 somewhere, KBAR AM 1230's ceo owner Kim Lee approached me about buying the lone AM, there in the Mini Cassia area. The price of that was inline, and paperwork being carved out. Trustee's of both the Montgomery Foundation and the Knytes were putting together the funds, looked like a damn near done deal. A new location for the studios, new announcers, and a new program director in place. A little racy, and certainly much different than that what KBAR was at the time. About mid game, Kim decided to withdraw on the offer. Why? Zeb Bell, Gina Jameson, and a few others said they were in protest of a change and thus the project was stopped. Or at least hit by a phazer set on stun. I got egg on my face from networks, as well as the organization and the Hazzard Syndicate. It's easy to sit there in your house barking about being self sufficient and all, but when someone is about to take a big slice out of his or another's pie that's an entire different thing.
Even so, HazzardAyre Radio, and all that's connected to it has prospered, and elevated itself above anything we in the Knytes ever planned. With an annual billing of $13,million and expanding nationwide and world wide, with two of our programs establishing their own respective networks on XM/Sirius, Highway Hooker Radio including Tawkin and Talking Toew as well as the groove that we got to move on in the first place Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, which will have as part of it , HazzardAyre Radio. So Zeb and others, don't sit there and say your hands are clean, when many of the rest of us, knows that at least one of your fingers stinks really bad.
On air at 8:00PM
Let's hope Chandra is one that can make the grade of being Miss HazzardAyre?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sorry Neighbors of mine in Wendell Idaho and elsewhere, I'm not queering down for nobody, So what I like beautiful women?

Sorry neighbors and former associates in Wendell Idaho, as bad as you dislike my rather racy images on the pages, and all of us in and for all things Hazzard County Idaho and of course us vintage military aviation enthusiasts I ain't going to queerdown for no body. Thing is I'm going to allow my testicles drop a little further. If some of you can't handle the long and sweet limbs of legs, and kountry behinds and the rather lacey bodies that are of military aviation pinup heritage, then that's your problem. I look at these honeys as gifts from God who he made in a better than usual finer image, and presented to the world as someone or as such a glimpse of his finer works. Yesterday as I was waiting for Rick to get here to go to the funeral, in Boise and all our prospect Zack and I were chatting. He related to me that his mother's biggest thing against me is the fact of the rather lucious images that appear on our visuals. Really lady? And you have no faults of your own, you don't have dreams even of a intimate nature? If you say that, your lieing to me and all around you. Even our LDS denomination, celebrates greater than usual looking ladies. Our religious choice preaches to while harnessing our carnal images, to seek those women who will make great wives. Tubby and fugdugly ain't it. Last on that goes like this; just like the old saying, want to not get hit by a train? Just step off the track. It's that simple. Don't like what I and the brothers and sisters of the Iron Knytes represent? Don't look at or my fb pages or groups, pretty simple. 
Okay then for the other one that just had to bark, about the fact that I had to finally discharge his lady. I'm sorry, that your lady sought my ad on fb, came over, interviewed for a simple pinup spot, and that I optioned for her to go beyond just being a one time one pic wonder. I put off fetching my stuff from Evanston, waited hours for no shows for supposedly recruited talent that never showed, I'm sorry that you felt we were too much below your standards, that nothing solid got produced, photographed or done. I'm also very sorry that I even paid your lady $200.00 out of my own pocket, because I keep my word. The Knytes didn't want to pay you for one damn thing, since you never did much as far as something we could sink our teeth into, or sell. The only reason the Knyte's are not coming after you for a breach of a verbal contract, is that I told them not to, and just let it go. So don't be calling me up on the phone and bitching. 
Okay then, the funeral yesterday was absolutely beautiful, our Honor Guard and all did a super job, and the ride from Ann Morrison Park to the Airport was orderly and really showed us off to all who saw it, proud. The burial too was nice, as soon as I get the images back I'll be posting them on OUR website, not on fb.
If you were looking for HazzardAyre/Tawkin Toew Radio this morning and the rest of our programming, the reason we are not on air is to honor for two days, our beloved Sister Kay, We will be back on air Thursday morning into Friday morning.
As for me today, after the long hours and all of yesterday and the funeral, this old high octane canine, of the sky and interstate is curling up in and on my bed and sleeping. See ya'll at 20:00(8:00PM) Thursday Night on 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Dixie's Land (I wish I was in the Land of Cotton) version I

I don't do this to be popular, nor to become a celebrity, and certainly not to gain a fortune, The Knytes are in the fight and so am I because its Right.

Call this a call to action from sea to sea, border to border. When even just one ethnic group gets attacked we all get attacked, including many of those getting attacked. Any time I see or hear about the Black community barking about how unjust the Confederates were to them in the way or even before, is pure poppycock. 2 years from that first shot at Fort Sumpter nearly 4 hundred African's were free'd from slavery and fought a longside their Confederate white counterparts. It was a fight for a part of this nations freedom and liberty and destruction of a tyrany that went ary. Not fot continue with ungodly taxation and contrary laws not the image from some doppy movie called Roots. 
I proudly wave my Southern flag in my home, in front of my home on the hoods of all my rides, and salute the Dixie National Anthem, every morning. The fact is we are headed for the ultimate eradication of our nation. As it's going that punk heading North Korea wont have to fire a atomic missle at us. We'll destroy ourselves from all the division of this nation. I believe that hopefully by the 24th or 25th Century, we will have societies who look for the good in the character of a person, and not judge just because the color of skin, or where they come from. Where someone plowing a field to feed a nation get the same respect and spotlight as a politician. Or a Disney Celebrity. I look at the Disney Channel and see the messages coming from there from the youngsters, the pre teens, tweens and so on. They believe that the future will come that people love each other, explore ideas and knowledge, in science and technology, without it having to do with a division of cultures that happened 200 years ago. But at the same time honor the monuments, and respect the heritage of former civilizations, you don't hear much of people belching about native American's rights, nor lack of, tearing down their monuments, yet there is this engrained hate between Blacks against whites. The KKK, Hitler, and others were evil, they were on to a right idea, just did not articulate it well. The goal of The Knytes is to live in somewhat anarchy, not to be always obeying the ruling of sinister dictators that people call politicians, and where the value of a person is determined by how much money they have. But rather we live in equality no matter race, religion, ethnic background. Where we live humble with only one leader and one Savior , that being our brother in Heaven Jesus Christ, that Kahless is God, and that there is something one helluva lot better than we see here, or live in here.
This is why we are on the air over cyber as well as terrestrial radio. Why I write countless blog posts, and spend much of my minoote money on posting boost posts on facebook, and so on. There's got to be a healing point. There is a dawning coming that we can do that now. 
That's why I do what I do. So to the screeners at Alphabet company, over Blogger, Google, YouTube, Facebook and all, maybe its time you look to the core and mission of us and not just silence a voice that can't or wont be silenced. 
We have been on the airwaves for nearly 40 years, long before an Internet or web. And we'll live long after the end of the web, facebook, google and otherwise. It's called Hazzard County tenacity and determination, and that friends can't be killed. We will live to imortality. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What I did this evening is really what I moved back to Hazzard for and yes now My General is official he made his first jump

Okay true got a few 
milking machines before the cows, but after scarfing down a grease burger and fries and swallering a MnT Dew, I decided to get a bubble out of the General, so cruised down to Hazzard. Got there pulled into Ziggy's there which used to be the Motor Inn course there ain't been no motel rooms there for a couple of eons. Washed my window and took out of town towards West-Point. Detouring past the old homestead, saw not much going on there, further investigation is needed. Crimson's guy said at dinner that he wanted to have it a sure thing this model stuff Now if someone wanted proof that I and the club is real, all one would need do is go look. Yes that big house was ours, that big fat 300 acres of prime farm land was ours and the money we rather I get from harvest from thereof, is not proof, then short of the return of Jesus, wouldn't prove it. 
So off down the old road, the feeder pipe under the road that still offers just enough lift at 60mph, gave me and Johnny a bit of a uplifting experience. Yes this is Hazzard. Or at least as much of an identical place as what ya'll saw on The Dukes. Hagerman got the nickname Hazzard Idaho in 1984 and like it or not still shows its ready to be rejuvinated again. Coming out of the Quail housing project, was looking elsewhere and if not for Hazzard driving experience the General and us might have been toast. As it is there's some serious black marks on that pavement. Saw the old Boars Nest, it does look nice. 
What I have noticed though is that for all these doubting sisters and upcoming prospects to the Club, if you doubt, lets go look, I'll show you its deffinately worth your time.
So coming home , stopped off at this turn out, shut off the General, popped open a Bud, and Johnny and I looked into the sky, and I remembered, that beyond the Knytes, beyond the tush's for poster pin up girls, and all of that, the cow smells, the hay smells, its this open sky, this is why I moved back to Hazzard.

On the 30 yard line but still have a very long distance to get to the goal line

Last week this time I was all aflutter putting the ad projects in line and life looking good. A person with drive and ability and all in the command seat of the modeling talent recruitment and training, so I could get my body headed into the direction of building bikes and going toewing, but that was last week. Since Sunday that I skipped Church for, some major talent find pow wow's and all and it comes to pass, that about the only talent we have is Crimson. The rest have pretty much bugged out. Now I know that once the locals here see Crimson on billboards just outside of town, and on TV both local as well as on Velocity, on our big rig truck customizing TV show etc, coming direct from here in Wendell, and of course Hazzard, the rest of the hold back honeys will be begging for a spot in our menagerie. As it is guess what ? Its Crimson and I. 
I was naive in thinking that in just what 5 years attitudes and all would change here in our area. More over thinking that just because It's us in both the Knytes and the WolfPack, were the foundation of the casting. Many forgetting there was an era that the clubs and I together could buy and sell the entire county, and many places outside of it. The fact that many fat cows from Governor Otter to The Simplot's gained much of their financial wealth, from the Montgomery Foundation. The growth that this valley has had in the last 15 years or even longer than that came directly and indirectly from the Knytes/WolfPack and or Montgomery Foundation. All these Quick Response Medical Units were started by myself and the Knytes. That fancy ass'd fire station, in Hazzard itself, 80% of the bank on that came from the Montgomery Foundation. The fact that two corrupt politicians  a county tax money bean counter and a real estate broker, stole my home near Hazzard, I have never complaigned about. However there is payment due, and favors that need to be paid up. I'm in this cute little house now, and I ain't going anywhere. This now is my home, but simple things like the radio station, talent agency and promotion gigs for my shop, toew service and yes the Club, need to be honored. So all these stuck up little twats, put away the shield of your so called sweet lies, and put nylons on your thighs and get up here and do photography for the Knytes/WolfPack Guys.