Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ya'll just gotta ask why? How come? and is it just us? Greed and green don't apply here, love of craft does.

Even with the HQ home plate problems, since 2010 what started as just a basic home printed tiny publication in Buhl Idaho, has bloomed into a entity that is remarkable, even outside of Hazzard County/Iron Knytes, vision. When we as both the Knytes as well as the WolfPack aka the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association, created HazzardAyre, it was in it to compete with only one other that stole our idea from AyreWolfFM in Gooding. We knew from the start that what we were and continue to create was far and away better, more entertaining and one helluva lot more hip than anything before HazzardAyre and anything even now. 
This blog, the radio show online, the eventual dawning of a over the air station,(once we find a place to house it) the printed version, has always been free or as near free to read, listen to and enjoy. 
Sure the racy looking photos of gals in nylons and very leggy stuff may put off some people, but hey this is after all based loosely on the Dukes-of-Hazzard, and few TV or any shows shy of HeeHaw has been more leggy so why not? 
Sure times have certainly changed. The attitudes of Hollywood's elite, and a few, hardly working women, have been claiming that some guy somewhere touched them on purpose somewhere that made them uncomfortable. I can dig where these women are coming from. Face it , women are delicate little angelic beings that need special tender care. Or do they? 
I have read the Marines are changing up the PT requirements so that women Marines are trained exactly like the men, how long is that going to last? The complaints are that what's not in a script at or on a production, or part of the creative process can and will be actionable that some unknowing personality is going to go into something completely ignorant of all of this and get thrown into the brig. Look if you do anything more than slap a gal on the back and say good job, or give em a hug after a great performance of course you should be thrown into the brig, if not , look ladies your not going to melt into sugar water. 
WHEN I do an audition, I look at three things, A; how tight and firm her legs are, two: if her toes are cute and dainty, and three if she has a photographable nose. If she fails all three of those qualifications, has a shitty attitude and does not show up on time, she's outta here. 
Now I have heard all the excuses, from no transportation, to no gas, to males not wanting their women involved. Seems as though the simple toew smooch is a really taboo subject. I don't understand it, hey your only kissing her stinky feet in a pair of nylons, your not bedding her down or even want to. Hell I don't. For me I have my Shelly and teachings of God that says no deal on dipping into talent. But I think that is it. Heavenly Father(God-Kahless) blessed HazzardAyre, in fact God inspired HazzardAyre. 
HazzardAyre, is the combination of Hazzard County Radio and AyreWolf Radio or AyreWolfFM, a military aviation enthusiasts radio network, that in itself was created in 2002 in Layton Utah. By a few pilots from three branches of military service stationed at Hill Air Force Base Utah as part of a joint training mission excersize. We all pitched in, rented a house on main street, between the old Sill's Cafe, and Doug and Emmy's there in Layton. What we did was take the best of what was flowing from AFRN, mixed in some country southern attitude and shazzam AyreWolfFM. 
When AyreWolfFM took a serious nose dive in Gooding in 2009, I had pretty much gave up on it. But then heard this thing called Warbird Radio online, of course not long after heard DixieBroadcasting, on  So figured lets combine these two things. But what to call it. Sitting in my bead a light struck me in the head, HazzardAyre. And ain't looked back since. Of course when it comes to employment many think we are just looking for sweet eye candy in the studio. In reality, guy pals , hubby's and so on are needed for everything from IT, to selling ads. We need two engineers, at least 4 programmers , the list goes on, what many don't consider, lady comes to audition, but her guy could as easily be part of the team, but nobody brings their guys into the Rode House. HazzardAyre Radio and all its sibling subsidiaries are heard on, and on on 21 individual channels. We have a audience of nearly 30, million world wide, and yet many just float on by. Including the many who send introductions wanting to just be a poster gal for our gig. Yet when pressed don't show up. 
Any mile, after the day I've had I need sleep. 
More in the AM, and hope CenturyLink gets in gear here. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Even if I wanted to I couldn't being attatched to a Oxygen bottle and no money means a frozen dinner for Thanksgiving

There it was, came home from a job exam in Twin Falls, feeling all bubbly, had a sanwhich from Maverick , and started the decline into calmness. About 5:00PM I couldn't breathe, no air going in and wheezing like a tea pot. So called Doug, and he got me to a ER, where they informed me after doing their thing of pumping up a lung, that one of mine had collapsed. All due to the inflamation caused by mice. So made a call to Envi Lawn and Pest, who did a great job in slowing down in fact curing that problem. Only bad side? I'm stuck at home with a oxygen tank, and no more money, for fuel which means no going over to the River Fellowship for Thanksgiving as I had planned. So its a frozen dinner or two for the holiday. Hell I'm so short of breath can't even get up a stiffy and cain't maintain it if I wanted too. After seeing some of those hotties taking care of me at the ER the other night, I truly wanted to. One of em had these Yoga style sweats on that were so tight you could see the divide. Oh and that baby shampoo scent perfume had me completely swilrling. So then wasn't that fun? Never saw white yoga pants on a ER nurse before. Trouble is, I'm hooked to Shelly which means no. and Two even if I wanted to couldn't even do anything for a lack of air intake. 
Any mile, trying to snag enough cash to haul my butt to Twin Falls for Thanksgiving. 

Introducing HazzComm, the very anti social anti establishment none social, social website

What if you are not a social kind of person? What if your tired of finding out that a page you created years ago on that most popular site, isn't really yours and YOU can't change it. What if what you really want to say on a post, you CAN'T really say because it just might , I say MIGHT offend somebody or doesn't jive with their Community standards? I faced that the other day when I went in to change our Facebook page ; unofficial Dukes-of-Hazzard page and its partner group. We after many years of being told how good we were , were really getting the middle finger and being blasphemed by even those who said they supported us. 
So as an organization decided to rise above the Dukes thing and enlighten people of what it is to live in the real World Hazzard County.
As such we began efforts to remove pics, posts, and pages of anything Dukes and replace it with a page of for those who love Hazzard County , not the Dukes.
Except Facebook and a few others said no. 
The real people of the real Hazzard County are more like Marines in ways you can't believe. One of such is what we call both Hazzard County tenacity, and Hazzard County Enginuity. As such some of our tech gurus, are working to bring to light a real anti social, anti establishment say what you mean, mean what you say site that allows what your posts, pics, and so on, to be yours, not censored and where you can change things as you decide to scale your interests, or your groups, page interests change. Plus not be told that YOU need to change YOUR page or YOUR GROUP's page. Example, years ago, we as then the Hazzard County Knytes, tired of popular politics decided to establish a community of true southern rebels, and families and individuals that are ancestors of Confederate military men. The Community is called the United as in all together, Confederate State's of America. The mission to establish a underground society dedicated to all things Confederate. What was good got popular at least 34 likes a week. But Facebook says gotta change the name from United Confederate States-of-America, to United Confederate States-of-America Coalition. Right away posts and likes declined. Bottom line? Some foreign college kid in Palo Alto California didn't like the idea of an organization based on social change and so changed our Page on FB. 
Enough already, so with a new year coming and our organization needing to get some new infusions of income, the Knytes and of course the WolfPack decided why not build and really blow the Trumpet of a thing we will call HazzComm. A full on, fully rebel, fight the system, anti-establishment, anti social, social site. That allows all that you do on FB without censorship and without restriction.
Okay my day yesterday. I'm currently on oxygen treatment. The smells of the mice in my home made one of my lungs collapse. In essence I could not breathe. Had Envi Pest & Lawn come over and treat the house, lay traps and begin the gaining power over my home. However I'm not up to normal full stud stamina or health. So not in doing radio until we get moved to Gooding Idaho next week. CenturyLink says they'll have us installed on the 30th and 1st of December. So taking time to invest in my rides, get me together and get out of this tiny house. 
Now this I must say and I want this to be very , very clear. I have nor does the Knytes have anything against Dukes of Hazzard or that institution. More over to remove the Knytes out of Hazzard completely would be like cutting out the balls of your championship Bull. You just don't do that. However even your championship bull occassionally you need to put a chain and a ring in the bulls nose. That's what we are doing. Re-establishing our vision of Hazzard County, not the vision of some TV show writers who were from Yankee New York. Just in the same vein that Bo and Luke and even Uncle Jessie, said, Fight the System, even if that system is embedded in the crotch's of some people who have long ago forgotten the spirit of Hazzard County and wanted to commercialize the Dukes.
Like we say it:

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

You might glance at scriptures prepping for a church talk, but do you ever really read your scriptures?

Of the millions of Church world wide I often wonder how many really read the Book Of Mormon, or any scriptures. 
Here lately I've been doing that intensely and have gotten to where I like it. Not only is this activity enhancing my spiritual health, but its also entertaining as well. When you get into the 24th chapter of Mosiah and you read of the difficulties most of those in the stories thereof were having you come away with a greater understanding of your own trials. Like me with this mess with my rent this month. 
For those including my former Bishop and great friend Mark in Evanston. I remember him asking me as I was loading up one morning, if I was sure about moving? The thing at the time was 4 fold. First my drivers license was about to expire on the 1st, and even though I had a temp license, still need the hard one to get checks cashed etc. So then too, my precious Shelly, just could not get along with the Evanston population at large, and loss of shop, mounting bills I had little choice. Although looking back on it, had I scrubbed the move, took the extra that Shelly sent, and paid off the bills, and stayed put, which would have been much better than what I'm going through right now. Even to the point that I can't go to Church here in fear of my personal safety. Hope Mark reads this and gets in touch with my Bishop here and sees if he can get me some help on my rent problem here.
Although I had much of the same problems there in Evanston that I'm having here, it was smoothing out some. But I made the move, killed the General darn near, which is what caused my malfunction here now. But in Evanston, I still had friends who really cared and a family of sorts through our Ward there. Sure many of them were not sure of me, yet, I was comfortable with them, and felt close to many. 
I often think too , of the many converts of the Church verses us who were born in and of the Church. I was born into the Church and raised on it. I have no doubt that I have a Father in Heaven or no doubt that Jesus Christ is my savior as well as brother in Heaven. Just don't know why he has his back turned on me now when I need him the most. Yet when I read in Mosiah about the trials of ancient profits in Zarahemla and thereabouts and Abinadi and so on, I think if they can triumph so can I somehow, the usual somehow, is a bestowing of love and miracles of Heavenly Father. 
I ponder on the ideas of the concept of church members who know of our scriptures, but do they really read them. Do they think of what is being said, and do they pray on these teachings. Do they comprehend what is being said, and do they take heart and allow their souls to absorb them? Scripture reading should not be a chore, or sense of duty, but a pleasure. I love curling up on my delapadated sofa, and allowing the warmth of scripture pour over me like syrup over hotcakes. 
Any mile hope Mark reads this and gets in touch with my Bishop here and gets my Ward here in Wendell to help me with the rent problem. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

New Idaho start up's don't fail just because of the economy most fail because of a poorly educated work force

I read with great interest an article that appeared in the Times News of Twin Falls Idaho early in the week, and wanted to shed some light of and on the fact that HazzardAyre Radio, and 5 other affiliated companies not only survived but continue to thrive in Idaho and extend into 10 other states. Even the Knytes(knights) ourselves not only thrived but survive as the if not thee premier rural gearheads organization with 300,000 plus members around the globe. If there is a fan of the old hit TV show , The Dukes-of-Hazzard anywhere on earth , bet your next tank of 100 octane fuel that , that person IS: a member of the Hazzard County Knytes as well as involved in the many subsidiary organizations attached to thereof. 
Back in 2012 when the concept of re-establishing the radio station gig was conceived many in Cassia County considered it a farce and did little to give it any kind of push. No matter how much we begged and pleaded neither the Times News or any mainstream press would give us ink, let alone sell us an ad to get people's attention. 
But tiny HazzardAyre which is Hazzard County Radio combined with military aviation enthusiasts radio hence Air only spelled a bit quirky, got started with a gift of gear from the then Radio Shack of the Magic Valley Mall and a nice local manager Amber Humpfries. By October 2013 we wanted to not only be a powerhouse over the air but on line. A TV guru from California, turned us onto a outfit called , we currently have 9 channels there. Then got in with an outfit called which is our primary carrier on line. Thing is, we never gave up and continue to grow. In fact we are making a move to Buhl, soon to create a super radio/tv media center there, that will excell over many of our kind and then some.
Now then; When it comes to failure. In Idaho, at least this part of Idaho, you have to constantly reinvent yourself, there is no room for complacency. If you just hover on your company and not market out of the area you will surely die. The other half, unless the business is directly connected to production agriculture, you will stumble but again look beyond our borders. The main hurdle ? Finding suitable, trainable and energetic people that want to expand their horizons. Example; Go on Facebook. There you will see ads for on air employees, from us on AyreWolfFM, to HazzardAyre to Talking Toew(a show for tow truck owner operators) . The few and damn few responses We have gotten from most especially women, has been lackluster. Most are willing to learn , but have never been on air or in a radio studio at least behind the console. Most of the reluctance comes from our studio currently residing in our organization's Rode House(Club-House) in Wendell. Even so I have yet to see more than 4 people even drive over for a meet and greet, let alone get hired.
In response to Heather's article in the Times News on 1 in 5 Idaho start ups fails, A poorly educated work force for careers outside of farming or health care, Two a timid work force, that has a problem with working at a in home business environment, and three, a local news paper and Television station that would rather overlook a company rather than give a start up some ink, in fear that by doing so that company might outdo them . 
A Wendell Idaho, is about to get a 40/40 fibre connection and the rebirth of everything HazzardAyre.
Next time.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Just get over it, I have and lets move on; Search for new HQ still going on

So going thru computer hell finally got online and saw a comment from some obviously heckler on our Hazzard Knytes fb page. Asking what did I get stabbed with a few weeks ago? For those not into automotive nor tools there is a screw driver called a torx driver, about the size of a very small ice pick. Which was on the side of my roll back when I responded to the toew call, that got me impaled. Thank God it wasn't bigger and thank God above that the wound wasn't worse than it was, but it was such that a quick trip to the hospital in Twin Falls, a big bandaid and some mushy cream, and two bottles of antibiotics and I muddled home. Taking Old school road to 2+ Plus Road then to the Bob Barton, got the truck to our port near Hazzard then home in the General . It's still damn sore, and no its not my belly button, 
 Still that cream stuff  stings like hell, the court is doing its job, the hearing is next week and so it goes. Yes now for a while I have to wear two T-shirts to keep my belt buckle from rubbing on the wound, yes I have to soak the wound in the tub twice a day, then reapply the stingy cream, but I'm still alive. Shit it's thank God again that it wasn't worse so lets move the hell on. What is anyone going to do, the perp, is in the jail, the wound little by little is healing sort of, and yes I have an irritation there, but so what at least I lived through it. 
Okay must everyone keep heckling me over simple shit? While you may not agree with my methods, still I'm working to better my world, or at least my half of Dixie Nation. I don't do what I do, to get laid, since if all I needed to do to get laid is take a few hundred bucks, and a trip to Miss Donna's or the Sugar Shack in Wells Nevada. Its only a 175 miles one way there. Plus I have my Shelly, and I'm keeping myself clean for her. The reason I recruit women for second chair in the studio here is that women look at things different than us male corpuscles, two; many guys would rather listen to a southern belle's voice on air, and three what works for Stern with Robin Quivers should work for us, and in those times that I have had one in studio things ran like silk. If it were not for that and the fact that still to date 70% of our membership is still deployed in parts of the World that I can't say here, but if there were more Knytes in the area, they'd be on air rather than me. Truly I would love to have the time off, to do my own thing, take a ride on my bike and get away from civilization. Thing is, who else is going to step in and do what I do on air? Male or female? More over someone I can trust. As far as a formal studio, we had one, in Gooding, and if I hadn't gotten conned we had a great one in Woods Cross Utah. But I got talked into a deal in Wyoming, spent 4 years getting out of there although any more I wish'd I'd had stayed put, but its just life. If only 10% of those that give me crap, and want to take a part and criticize what I and us at HazzardAyre radio does, likewise the Knytes, would contribute and in a good way participate in what we do, as an organization and all the hecklers, much of these pressing issues to low employment, DACA, and others could be solved. No you have to give me a load of shit all the time. 
That all said, and I am not sure where yet, but the search for a new media HQ is going on, until this spring when we as an organization can begin construction on the new Super media center near Buhl Idaho. Much of the hindrence is due to a bad head gasket on ye old General, and an inflected wound on ye ole Mini Wolf. See someone taking target practice near where I live decided to aim in the wrong way, which hit the front left tire of the Mini-Wolf. Now its been said that it was the age of the tire, nope brand new tire, some said it was the heat, naw the rest survived, someone shot the tire, and wont fess up. No biggy, in time I'll scrape up a few bucks, and go snag a new tire. But with me limited in locating new quarters and such is due to limitations on durable transportation. With all that has happened in Etown, outside of once, this kinda crap never happened there. For the most part most left me the heck alone. And for the answer to the next question, why don't I move back? Why? This end of Idaho is where I was born, went to school here, why should I move just because some folks can't understand simple kindness? Any way like I said the search is on.
HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Radio is on at 08:00 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Yea but your finger still stinks really bad

Sorry for not getting on the air overnight, we had a torrential amount of computer problems. While I love a lot streaming radio and all , the quality of a show, is determined usually of the amount of bandwidth, and a big enough pipe to get those little packets of information including music through that pipeline. Solution? pick times that kids are not at home, and most folks are at their jobs. Reason, less people on the wire the better to get through what your trying to pump over the web. About the only time and even it had its problems, but I had less troubles in Woods Cross Utah than just about anywhere. Why? I had near 300mbps coming down and about half that going up. Meaning near instant contact, with little reduntacy . In other words no lag between the studio to transmission site and to you. The same can't be said for here at Cable-One, and certainly AllWest. Although even at half the bit rate, still AllWest gave me better stability, and oh yes less cost. It's easy for Goliath outfits like Cable-One to say this is good, since they judge what's good from a near fiber optic connected system in Arizona. The same can't be said for a small town say like Wendell Idaho, with much of it still on coax. So yes a search is on for a better but less expensive pipeline, which might mean mid month September we'll go off air until I research and put into place what can or can't be had here in Wendell as an alternative. 
There are those that already have chimed in about my barking of old Zeb. Understand while our philosephies are very different at times, his approach and mine are nearly identical. However on the subject of this about stopping someone from advancing their(my) careers. Dig this; back in 2011/12 somewhere, KBAR AM 1230's ceo owner Kim Lee approached me about buying the lone AM, there in the Mini Cassia area. The price of that was inline, and paperwork being carved out. Trustee's of both the Montgomery Foundation and the Knytes were putting together the funds, looked like a damn near done deal. A new location for the studios, new announcers, and a new program director in place. A little racy, and certainly much different than that what KBAR was at the time. About mid game, Kim decided to withdraw on the offer. Why? Zeb Bell, Gina Jameson, and a few others said they were in protest of a change and thus the project was stopped. Or at least hit by a phazer set on stun. I got egg on my face from networks, as well as the organization and the Hazzard Syndicate. It's easy to sit there in your house barking about being self sufficient and all, but when someone is about to take a big slice out of his or another's pie that's an entire different thing.
Even so, HazzardAyre Radio, and all that's connected to it has prospered, and elevated itself above anything we in the Knytes ever planned. With an annual billing of $13,million and expanding nationwide and world wide, with two of our programs establishing their own respective networks on XM/Sirius, Highway Hooker Radio including Tawkin and Talking Toew as well as the groove that we got to move on in the first place Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, which will have as part of it , HazzardAyre Radio. So Zeb and others, don't sit there and say your hands are clean, when many of the rest of us, knows that at least one of your fingers stinks really bad.
On air at 8:00PM
Let's hope Chandra is one that can make the grade of being Miss HazzardAyre?