Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 AIRWOLF Tribute NEW

I am Their Flag

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire (Official Video)

Be careful, your YouTube and blog account is next

If it has our battle flag on it, or anything counter culture like honoring those in our fight against Northern Aggression(Civil-War) watch it be screened and removed. 
Case-n-point, just posted a entry here on CB Radio's, it posted but no emailed to those it needed to , in the Sharing department. It posted to FaceBook, but nothing else. Now I can also see and mind me if I ain't right, but you'll soon see anything of southern culture, especially if it has a rebel flag on it being banned and music being removed. Ain't happened yet, but I'll buy you a root beer , if the PC people and college kids that work at all areas of Google, Facebook, Pinterest and others pulling anything and everything that has a rebel flag or has to do with anything Hazzard County, off their services. As it is, I'm looking to move to Canada.

What's Next the good old CB Radio The Duke Boys had that too in the General Lee

What's next? The Good old CB radio After all they have banned everything from the Dukes and of Hazzard County. Remember the General Lee and all of Hazzard County communicated via the Hazzard County Net, aka everybody that had their ears on as it was said. Although I did see once inawhile a Motorola hand held FM radio on there, most did what truckers did for years, use the old CB. Now that TVLand banned the Dukes off their network, the Confederate flag from being shown in public(try taking that off my shops facade and watch how fast your ass get filled with buckshot) of course there's the idea of getting rid of lead based fuels, for EPA sake, not the environment, hell those white gas motors smell like rotten eggs or a lady squeezing off a queef , so that makes no sense. Then the ATF and other revenuers banned shine(but we all still make it and drink it.) So what's left. Watch the FCC come back in saying we need to license them little black boxes from Japan, and ban the use of the Good old CB, worse yet regulate the FREE speech, that we use over it. You'll need a Radio License with broadcast endorsement to yap on your CB. Give it to Gloria Stienman and all those women's right fashists for starting this political correctness, in the first place. This illst must be dealt with and dealt swiftly. Sure you could go the impeachment of Obama, and that'd be a start. Oh sure he's not going to play the race card, he said so in the speeches he gave during his election and re-election bids, but that would only prolong the malady. What needs to happen, is for many states to just sucede from the union. Take away all but a few Senate and House seats, stop the bull, and then watch this political correctness stuff from going on. Now I'm not running for office, although I have been giving thought to running for Mayor of Evanston here, someone has to step up for small business's in this town. But as I see it our nation needs a overhaul, and a cleansing. Not racial or ethnic cleansing, but a cleansing of its moral compass'. 
HazzardAyre Radio,(I promise) will return Sunday night. Still doing some program editing and engineering here.

Friday, July 3, 2015

There's always something more to Hazzard County than the Dukes

So our dear Dukes are once again not on the TV. Due to yankee stupid, and political Correctness, more like the rest of the sheep following the rest of the flock over the next cliff. Okay, again, I'll say this, and the Knytes agree, the fact that all of those people were gunned down, by some youthful jerk, that most likely never watched the Dukes, who wore or showed off our battle flag. So in step, the African/American community get's all in a rush to get our battle flag removed from everything, including a icon, of American life the Dukes car the General Lee. So many who had the flag on their car are painting over it. Talk about deserters. There are 50,000 members of the Knytes-of Anarchy, all of which have that battle flag on their bikes, trucks, cars, and yes even aircraft. Agree or not, the sacrifices that our southern ancestors made in defending our nation from threats and corruption, and Northern oppression, was admiral. So why take away from us something that was good. I've always said Hazzard County is not just a place on earth but a place in the heart and soul. Once infected that loyal community, which are way over 30,million fans around the globe, who watched and still do, the Dukes, will triumph over those that threaten our love for a TV show , but more a really simple way of life, that calls on Biblical principals as in love your neighbor as thyself. If you hate yourself, you hate all that is around you. Many days something from the Dukes will get in my brain that is directly in front of me in dealing with a problem. Uncle Jessie was more than just a farmer and old man, he was a philosepher , and a statesman. Too bad he didn't live long enough to be President. Even he would put away common, bitterness to comfort a dear friend. Many episodes that were told like when Boss Hogg was thinking he was dying, had a shot with Uncle Jessie of a bottle of Shine. Even Boss Hogg as crooked as he was somehow did the right thing. Sure the old General was a car with personality, with a rebel flag, on its roof, but the Dukes was so much more. 
I was so impressed with the show and 50,000 others who today have on their cuts that same rebel flag, that in 1979 what had been Pat & Jim's Speed Shop of then Hagerman Idaho, reopened with the studios approval, the original off TV real life Hazzard County Garage. It made sense, Cooter on TV drove a tow truck, I in real life drove(still do) a tow truck. Even my invoices for the business even today have the original signage or typeset showing off the rebel flag and name Hazzard County Garage. Oh yes, Hagerman still calls itself on the fly, Hazzard Idaho. I can even show you pics of the original Boars Nest in near by West-Point Idaho. Still in what is still called Hazzard County Idaho. With that said, and this will fall on the deaf as well as shallow pockets, but hear me. If all of our fans, from coast to coast, wanted to preserve the Dukes and get it back on TV, then lets pool our financial resources, establish a cable/satellite TV channel, and run reruns of the Dukes and era focused TV. This is something that we as the Knytes have been working on for nearly 3 decades since CBS took the Dukes off TV in 1985. The only thing running on national media Dukes based is still HazzardAyre Radio. overnight from 11:00PM to 04:30 AM Mountain Standard time, the cry of our southern ancestors and howls of our southern Wolf Pack, is heard. Yet I walk to my mail box here at 96 East Hayden #C202, Evanston Wyoming 82930, everyday and do not see a check or money order of any kind from anybody else except the Knytes in there. If all 30,million plus fans coughed up the price of having a gas hazzardly good time at the Boars Nest, of say $100.00 and sent it to us, we would have enough to buy the rights to the Dukes, put up the only Hazzard County cable/satellite channel-network and there'd be Dukes all the time with never again a threat of removal. Will we see that, probably not just yet, but the Knytes have Hazzard County tenacity and Hazzard County Enginuity and at least on radio there is Hazzard County, and the rebel flag she still do fly at least on our radio networks front page. Our group will always be all Hazzard County, and will continue to champion that cause. 
L8R Ya'll

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Wolf still prowls alone, and a stranger from the west

Well looks as though I got skunked again, guess , I was just meant to prowl the woods of life alone. Thought Victoria was it, but she decided to bail over some stupid shit told to her about me by someone that should have known better and should have kept his mouth shut. Oh well been here, done this before so what's new? Federal pay day later today, gotta get Forever Angel legal, plus tire on LiL Wolf's tire changed plus, rents and all, added to that a inspection on the place by the VA to get a housing voucher, so all going to be a busy person. But the main reason I was not on air, is simply, I'm nursing a shredded heart. Guess gotta quit thinking that's ever going to happen and just focus on living each day, with the prayer today will be my last so I can go be with Mom and Dad. Success and all which I have in abundance here, is no good if you can't share it with anybody, especially her. Victoria was the ultimate in women, her beauty was exceeding, only shrouding an inner spirit, that was tarnished by someone that should have kept his mouth shut. Some easing in would have been the key. What's said in the shop, stays in the shop. It's good it was me and not a member of the club this Brandon kid opened his mouth about. As if it would have been a club member, there would not be a Brandon. 
Spent most of the day in the shop, tooling on Forever Angel, came home to eat, got into some music production for Wednesday's show, plus getting ready to go to Twin Falls Thursday to fetch LexiBelle. Was at the place where KNAK will be housed. Dig this the property owner's name is Mr. Bliss, I told him I was raised near a town called Bliss, in Idaho. The guy was born and raised there in nearby Gooding. Some remembering old times. Dig this he rapidly knew who the Knytes are, so guess who has office/studio for dirt cheap? Reason for the revision on Studio/Office is two fold, one AllWest says it'll take $10k to stretch wire to the shop for Internet/TV, so rather than do that, its up town. Two; depending on what goes with my new partner on paying rent and all with the shop, means I might be going to the moove groove rather than relocate LexiBelle, here, me relocates back to where HazzardAyre was created and where LexiBelle is now. Idaho.
Mostly the break was Victoria, she smashed my heart so bad, the idea of living where she does is not too appealing. Broken heart, hammered soul. Guess I should have went to church last Sunday. Too bad the Ward can't point me in the direction of an available Churchy lady . Being solo on the highway of life, is really painful.
It's not about just sex , although I could use some, what it really is about, is having a warm body in the house to be a companion, not just a sex toy.