Sunday, September 25, 2011

May I please be excused?

cooters phootenotes Despite the fact that mankind, like it or not, was created from the template of the Apes, Hey Kahless(God) had to have something to work from, and despite that we all were imported from other continents of Mother Earth, we are all underneath, the same beings. With only slightly variations of mind patterns, thoughts and emotions. We are still biped Humans.

So why can’t we just get along as people?

Even though much of my upbringing and ancestors came from the deep Confederate states of America, and while much of my thought patterns generate from that culture, I also never judge from just skin color or ethnic backgrounds. I judge from who the person under the skin is. How they conduct themselves , more over how the person interacts with me.

Sure I have a bit of animosity towards, some of the Latino community getting jobs, that I’m willing to work for the same wage, sure, I get flustered over Latino’s getting benefits that those truly born on American soil should have priority for. But beyond that, again I just want to ask, Can we all just get along and be kind to each other? Can we share in the bounty that Kahless has provided for all of mankind? If not , May I please be excused from having to bare this burden? May I please be excused from being in this dimension , may I please be excused from being human and living on Mother Earth?

More over, may I please be excused from living in a pre warp civilization?

Just boggles the mind , that supposedly , Kahless allowed man, to rule over the entire planet, to have as it says in Genesis , have dominion over all creatures, yet it is in fact man has pretty much screwed the pooch when it comes to himself and the planet he lives on.

Shoot, the apes from which we were patterned out of, have more brains that humans do.

I have a family canine, that would rather spend time with me, in my home than live and undergo the noise, from next door. Not that I’m anywhere near perfect, but just like the young children, that live there, both the toddlers and canine, see there is much more stability in my home, than in the one they live in, and yet the parents can’t see the problems they are creating? Young children and yes canines may not be able to put into words what they feel, or even understand, but can unite and run to something much more solid than and less abusive than their current environment. So how does one tell others , “ Hey pal, your situation needs fixing”?

The Complex I lived in , is for sale. Under the current situation, nobody in their right mind with what’s there and all would buy the mouse infected, cardboard built houses, stapled together to be an apartment complex. But then, perhaps, the property owners need to be informed.

In the meantime, May I please be excused?

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the day:
As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. - Albert Einstein
Revelation 3:14,20“[To the Church in Laodicea] “To the angel of the church in Laodicea write: These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Don’t blame me if you over did your credit card


So don’t blame me if you overdid your credit card.

Cry as they did, the Hector famdamnly that I used to live by, bought several new things that are high cost not needed for basic survival things, then came pissing and moaning to me over a shared $44.00 Internet bill. Really? Not saying that I shouldn’t pay the damn thing, but the real clincher here? They were pissing at me over a $44.00 bill? Maybe that new car, new bedroom set, and new albeit leased from Aarons still might be rerouted to saving the money and paying the bills first, might have been a better choice.

awl logo2  AWOLF EYES

So , since that debacle , I moved into a satisfactory single wide trailer house, in a good neighborhood. Been driving Tater truck to generate money to build the eventual BlackSheep Toewing of Mini Cassia Idaho. That’s right friends , Dixie Towing of Idaho will be kaput by next year. BlackSheep Toewing for those who missed it, is honoring those I flew with in the modern VMA214 BlackSheep Squadron, as well as honoring the man who created the unit , Pappy Boyington. BlackSheep Toewing also holds hands better with AyreWolf Aviation . So that’s the reason for the changes.

The connection however with all things Hazzard County remains, with the establishment of Hazzard County Choppers, HCC, is what happens when you give a southern bred high octane kaynyne , a welder and plasma cutter and tell me to build custom bikes(Harley’s).

HCC also keeps me and my crew in the groove of all things Knytes-of-Anarchy, aka The Hazzard County Knytes.

Finally will be off line, for a few weeks as I do my duty in the fields, as well as getting my trusty computer a needed tune up.

Get me on my cell,>>> MY CELL # <<<<<<<<

Until then, set a gig in one of the local newspapers here to find honey for money, to give our TV and newspaper ads for BST a kick, and some spice. See if it works.

airwolf_logo_by_bagera3005 4by2_new_hero_un_07_12

Honey I'm here

I'm here inside once again. Been awhile, but here I am.

Been driving a tater truck for a local firm here, and anyone that thinks this is an easy job, I have news for you.

Driving tater truck is hard work.

Any way will be back online full time in two weeks, but doing tater truck duty has kept me and will keep me busy for another month.

Keep it trucking