Wednesday, October 22, 2014

After it all, couldn’t we have done this in Twin Falls?


The questions have been coming in faster than a stallion peeing. There is a long, hard road taking the vast majority of what was re-created in 2008 as the Knytes-of-Anarchy, back into the Rode Knytes Association.

The questions though were based on the situation of being online. The fact is no we couldn’t have done in Twin Falls what we have been albeit by clawing and scratching, but what we have achieved here in Metro-Utah.

Yes the initial hurry was to meet the requirements to get connected to Comcast. Something, now looking back, we should not have done. I do not fault Laura of the Colorado Springs Colorado office of Comcast. She did a grand job, But she is but one person who exceeds the needs of her clients. She no more could prevent the disconnect we are going through from Comcast than I do. The chain of process goes to accounts receivable and collections to a bunch of people that do not see the bigger picture, is the problem.

The fact of moving from Twin Falls was not a complete blow out, we now have an office/studio that while not cheap, is manageable. The fact that I was to finally get the personal funds I get from DoD unclutched from trustees , I couldn’t have done without coming to Utah. That’s important, since the funds of the Knytes gets deposited in my account each month so I CAN pay the monthly bills. The shove off from Comcast is simply a full breech of contracted services by Comcast itself. If their clerical staff, would have some how sent paper rather than a email bill, which even that I never got, and how often did I tell Comcast what the email was and where to send it.

But they never did. As a result the account went delinquent and they expect us to cough up $1,200.00 bullshit

So Could we have done this in Twin Falls? Yes on one part, no on the other.

Good Numbers To Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Wherever you are -- be there.
Proverbs 15:23“A person finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word!”

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Comcast messed up and lost an account

HazzardAyre PhooteNotesAT THE END OF THE DAY

We not only got our old number , but saving REAL money.

First it was a nail biter coming to the office this afternoon. With low fuel and all I barely got into the office, only to find the cord between us and the Internet via Comcast was cut, yep they did a soft disconnect. So I did some fast talking, got us up , but decided that $800.00 bill was just too much. So called up CenturyLink, got us set up there for October 30th between 13:00 Hours and 17:00 hours.

Dig this, CenturyLink was able to get us our original phone number back yess 801-292-9653 or 1-801-292-WOLF will work again. CenturyLink can guarantee us 60 Megs down , 20 up on our own digital line. And should we add new offices in Idaho and Wyoming, CenturyLink can connect us there as well.

CenturyLink came through, when Comcast couldn’t. Comcast has promised at minimum of 30 megs up but we rarely get 20. As far as a download bandwidth, if we’re lucky if we get 80, even though we have been paying for 100mbps plus. The fact that we never got a paper bill from Comcast even though Comcast says they sent them, I know damn sure that John over in I4 Solutions always puts our mail if we get it, under my door. So for just over 3 months, no paper bill, no phone call, and they wanted me to cough up $1,200.00 of which $800.00 is due now, because of their mess up, when it should be $300.00? Really, so I ditched Comcast.

At home I’ll keep em for TV, but I’ll be damned if I’ll ever use Comcast for anything else. Including HazzardAyre, or the AyreWolvez. Will not happen.

Didn’t get in to see the crew for KSL this morning , I truly wanted to, but the Club’s High Council met last night as we do every Tuesday right after Sons-of-Anarchy, in Ogden.

Various things were discussed, and a overhaul on the club is coming, I’ll share more on that next week. The Knytes-of-Anarchy moniker however will change to The RODE KNYTES Association, The AyreWolvez will remain as we are. Second a rework to more being a trucker/towing organization rather than an MC , third get the knowledge out about who we are, what we do, and get some real club awareness out there.

One of people at CH4 said that just the Knytes-of-Anarchy sounded racist, and had white supremacy tones to it so that was their excuse to not take us on as clients to advertise on METV, really? After 5 months reading the blog and all they couldn’t get that just because we are here preserving Southern heritage and fly our rebel flag, that we welcome everybody including ethnic groups. We have even asked many times through talent agencies to send us cute and pretty Hispanic and African talent. Yet nobody ever does. If you think a Hispanic can’t be hot, think Selena Gomez. But its that and other facades that prevent us from advancing, so some reworking of the club is required.

The final here with the club overhaul, the club nationally and through our parent organization, has pledged just under $3,million dollars for this next year to be deposited in our charters bank account, for the project of the overhaul and education project. That includes hiring more model talent, acting talent, and the rest, so looks like I’m going to remain on station for the next 8 months, so gotta scramble to find quarters, to house my butt for the next half of the year.

There’s more, but LexiBelle is secure, Communications restored, and a big humungous overhaul to the club is going to be on the organizations HUD for the year of 2015.

Did I say, a full on ToewBabes Calendar, video and promotion project is in the works as well.

TTYLY On October 30th 2014.


Quote of the Day:
Confidence and enthusiasm are the greatest sales producers in any kind of economy.
--O. B. Smith
Proverbs 15:23“A person finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word!”

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Harder to get out than to get in

HazzardAyre PhooteNotes

From the very second I entered this dimension of existence, I was of the LDS faith. I truly think Mom had more to do with that than Dad did. Dad would have had me be Southern Methodist or of that area. Any way I was Mormon.

I walked the steps, from Primary to a so called High Priest, in the Melkezdick Priesthood. Only symbolic, however never ordained. Oh yes I did my missionary duty and all, but even through that my mission partner, was caught doing the feel it up to one of the Jap families we were teaching. The church just swept it under the rug and nothing further mentioned.

My mission was cut short, as my number to the UCSMC came up so I went to military duty.

I remember several times I questioned the denomination. Its more a self appointed dominion over the west. Including the church reaching over the border of Idaho, and making those not of the denomination fear those in some measure of power that are of the LDS denomination.

I can remember this at the time I thought anyway, one gal of one of the well to do families in Hazzard, of the Hazzard Ward, there was only one, one evening at Mutual going out back of the church for a smoke, yet earlier that evening, me being chastised by the mother of the same girl, for having a pinch between cheek and gum.

There is a list a mile long and 4 miles wide, of my grievances with the LDS Church, not too mention, the dishonesty of it. But the fact is, I Googled how to get excommunicated from the Church, yet its all about how Bishops and all can excommunicate you, but how does one resign by choice, remove all records of ever being a member of said church and completely step out of it? There is none, yet that’s exactly what I’m doing and working towards as the last of the things on my bucket list of being in Utah.

Reason? When I get a heated response like I got from the so called loving and holier than though Bishop, just because I asked for a tank of fuel, albeit yes they did help on the rent and such one more time, but damn, I’ve had it.

Just like Utah itself, its harder to get out of than to get in. Any suggestions?


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Quote of the Day:
Men achieve a certain greatness unawares, when working to another aim.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
Psalm 51:12“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

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Urban invasion

hazzardayre poster boardAW Lawg

As it was in 2005, I see , as I drive down the big highway from Centerville Utah to just near Kaysville Utah more houses, more asphalt and less farm ground.

Out against the great Salt Lake one sees not lush farm ground or a farmer tilling the soil, but another Wal-Mart or Smith Food Center being built. Oh they soon will need those food stores since Utahn’s like other areas will have to import their food.

I caught this commentary last weekend on This Week In Agribusiness on RFDTV, about the lack of qualified or even willing teachers willing to teach agriculture to young students.

Today as I was chatting with my second seat here at the studio, the lack of FFA, 4-H and other similar classes were being offered. Did America or at least Utah give up on production farming? Or even farming to begin with? Few realize or remember that the organization that created HazzardAyre Radio started as a 4-H Truck Transportation Club. That’s right a 4-H Club. Simply called the TeenAge Truckers Association.

Teaching youth driving farm trucks and equipment how to do just that drive properly the rigs moving agriculture. As for me after I got along going towing, during summer months, few tows, but lots of farm ground to be fertilized, and enhanced through nutrients, so Dad being the business guy he was, brought myself and cousin Gordon, in and created Eagle Starr Flying Service. With two helicopters two air tractors. Over the years Eagle Star Flying Service became AyreWolf Aviation in 2006, be that as it may, farming and agriculture has always been a foundation for my life and I know how important it is to everyone, since everyone needs to do this one thing every day or you die, its called EAT. And its sad to see the land giving way to homes, interstates, roads, and shopping centers.

I want to see more farms, more kids out working the land. The complaint by many is the rush over the borders of Mexican workers. True it has became a problem, but dig this, how many kids or even Anglo men are out in those fields in a hot sun, hoeing sugar beets, or even driving a potato truck? How many teens, not of a farm family are in a barn helping to milk cows? How many are out on a July day moving hand lines Sprinkler pipes? Get the kids, teens , etc out from in front of a computer screen, away from that cell phone and away from the cable TV and put em in the fields. That’s how you reduce the need of farmers having to bring in Mexican farm labor.

There’s a thrill, of satisfaction of coming in from a long day in the fields working on a farm, bringing in a crop of hay, sitting down to a REAL home made meal, with cold buttermilk, mashed taters, thick gravy and a side of pork, then going in reading the Bible and getting a nights sleep. Taking a line from the Jim Carrey movie , Bruce Almighty, when God was telling Bruce, “ Some of the happiest people in the world come in at night smelling like high Heaven” I believe that.

Get our youth back on the farm, lets educate our youth in agriculture, lets encourage new teachers, to specialize in agricultural education.

Beth Ann from CSC Talk Radio , now on at 08:00 AM Monday through Friday, on HazzardAyre, asked this evening, if you could ask a few questions to President Obama, and  Romney in this election season, what would they be?

I’d ask, Mr. President, what are you doing to encourage farm agricultural education in our schools?

Of course both Ray, of Dixie Broadcasting and I agree on this, and I wish Beth Ann would expand on this, but few know that there is a third political party out there, carrying the God fearing attitudes and messages of the old South, that ought to be applied now, that political party is called , “ The Confederate National Part” and is valid in all 50 states. Yet you hear little buzz on the mainstream media beit TV or Radio, except on HazzardAyre or Dixie Broadcasting. 



Quote of the Day:
Men achieve a certain greatness unawares, when working to another aim.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
Psalm 51:12“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

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Finishing up here

hazzardayre poster boardCOLONELS PHOOTENOTES

So getting ready to head out on the dusty trail to the house.

Just when I thought I had a friend in the Church, I get turned down for ca refuel, that in truth was not just for me for pleasure but rather so I could finish out my work detail in exchange for what they already gave me. Would $40.00 really break the church? Guess so.

In reply the Padre said that when and if I get to the Temple , he wanted to come. The day I go through the LDS Temple will happen within days of the second coming, in fact you’d do better and gain more buying a Wyoming lottery ticket.

It’s not that going through the motions of the going to the Temple is bad or really going, something I once thought was important, but I’m loosing my affection for things LDS. Yes I thank em for helping me through a situation over the last 9 months and all, and as such I don’t feel the least bit ashamed, since the way I look at it, the church fired me from Deseret Industries in Burley when I blew the whistle about the dangerous working conditions next to a cruncher there, that when it crushed the junk, it blew glass, and metal all over the place.

Then I was let go from Deseret Transportation, because of a encouraged pursuit of romance to a gal who worked there in the office’ niece. Like its my fault? Really, wasn’t Mr. Petersen saying the church had no policy against it, told me to get her flowers? But I get pushed out. So again does the Church owe me, bet your next tank of diesel it does, but what do you do?

So where do I go to church now? The Amalgamated Church of Dixie. That gets its messages from the Bible, and the Bible only. That meets on the required Saturday that is the proclaimed day of rest that God said, not Sunday which is a political thing set out during the days of Cesar.

It’s been said, when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do, in Utah, ride the magic carpet of the LDS church, I choose to march to my own tune, which might be one of my money generation problems.

Before I get out of here for two weeks, I need to say this; One of my ex roomy’s took the Church especially my Ward on a ride, yet not only did and still do to help them further, but gave him a job at Deseret Industries. And yet I get told no, on $40.00 of go juice, so I could carry out the requirements of the gifts the Ward gave me, since I’ve been here.

Once again Idaho/Wyoming looking brighter all the time.



Quote of the Day:
The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.
Psalm 51:12“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

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That’s what I thought, but had to ask

hazzardayre poster boardWOLF PHOOTENOTES

Okay so I missed church Sunday. Not something I had in mind , in fact had my alarm set to go.

However with the junk of the previous week, I just curled up with my church books and read. Plus you might say I’m between

Wards. So the Padre saying no, is not something I was surprised to read, but you’d think as a send off good luck gesture, putting some go fluid in the Wolf-Pup, even on a loan basis , to be repaid on the first, would have been okay, but nope. Oh well.

However it stems back to the first note played here in Metro-Utah, even having to bumb a few gift cards to get a blanket and a pillow and a bit of food, from Target stores since I was between checks like now should have been a red flare. But the mission of the club was important. So I persevered. Understand, I do not want or am not in the habit of begging, much less the Padre for a bite to eat, or paying rent. Previous to this, the only time I had to ask the superficial Church anything was when my step daughter had a appendix attack in Paul Idaho and after paying for that on my own, we needed food.

So we move on.

I knew going back to the Well, was a big if, but had to try, but I knew even when I asked it would be know you can only go to the Well so many times.

Idaho/Wyoming looking better everyday.

The chances of me dropping anchor in anywhere Metro-Utah is a crap shoot. You’d have better luck playing the Wyoming lottery.

I do plan on being at Church this Sunday, that is if my truck will start to venture up there.

Much to do between now and Wednesday, but will see ya’ll then, I’m going to the RoadHouse, eat and hit the bed I’m through for one day. Got everything communications wise extended to Friday.



Quote of the Day:
Your heart often knows things before your mind does.
--Polly (Pearl) Adler
Psalm 51:12“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

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Scrub it their loss not ours.

hazzardayre poster boardHazzardAyre PhooteNotes

Just across from me out my back door rests Hill Air Force Base, just down the road sits a Air Guard Base, and the entire picture is what would seem to be military friendly.

Turn on the TV any given evening to watch the news, all the stations run with just a slight diversion , the same stories, and are hungry for ad dollars. Content is nearly identical. You don’t need to be favorite with one station as the rest will carry the same TV news , with nearly the same video.

The Television landscape is rapidly changing. No longer are you tethered to a set top box and a TV in your home. Streaming content, On Demand news as well as programming abounds all over. Can ANY TV station be so smug?

I got a reply from our former account rep at KTVX, who was saying something about us being slanderous. To which I replied, phooey, its not slander if it’s the truth.

Having us on eternal hold for 5 months and even the last two, since our ears and eyes perked up hearing METV would be running Black Sheep Squadron, we reached out again. Our former account guy said he’d assign the account to someone else. Great, so I get a call Thursday of him and a producer showing up today, to get things going.

No response, no nothing while I sat here waiting.

If KTVX wasn’t interested why did they keep us on hold, until today since June?

Since we could have had a few ads produced and running nationwide on METV the Network. But no.

Idaho had the same attitude, the constant barking from the mongrel pen, was buy local, keep your money local. Yet you try to do that and find no takers.

But we’re not just talking TV advertising here.

Got an email from Digis. Their belching was they can’t service us from this location. Bullsbreath. If they can’t hit the tower across the highway when I can see it out of my front window, then maybe they need to sell out to a REAL communications company. Thing is by Digis not even being willing to try it just cost them 250,000 customers nationwide. When you cut off the Knytes/AyreWolvez, you cut yourself off from the entire membership. Bet Digis doesn’t reach much into Idaho.

When it comes to firms in the Internet carriage business, few are of a level of SpeedConnect. When I signed up with them, albeit not always in gear, but I had at least 78% or better service, and if there was a problem it was cured the next day, all, by the way at $50.00 a month.

Then one has to look over the mountain. Over in Kamas Utah sits a great company called AllWest. Who has the most up to date, great rate, and excellent customer service of any IP Carrier. From cable TV to Internet these people are top drawer, yet I can’t figure out why they don’t scale the Wasatch Mountains and come over into the Salt Lake Basin.

Imagine Comcast catching their rear ends if that happened.

Now I’m not saying everyone out at KTVX are jackass’s , nor any of the other TV/Radio stations. Heck once upon a time all broadcasters helped each other. Yet it seems just like my other vocation towing, once we all helped each other, today the fight for a bone is to slim that helping another is not always something one should count on.

So what’s the next step?

Go national.

More Wednesday.


stinky truth toew notesrebel sig

Quote of the Day:
I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
Psalm 51:12“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

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It’s not This is the place, more like You sure this is it?

hazzardayre poster boardHazzardAyre PhooteNotes

Years and years ago, a group of fleeing refuges and pioneers crested the big mountain. A so called leader said This is the Place, or so its been said.

I truly believe that it was more like , are you sure this is it?

A vast wasteland of a receding lake, high desert that could not sustain a crop. Yet these people persevered and prospered. Oh how the centuries have changed and the people that created this area.

Today its more of the well to do’s and have’s between the have nots, and there is little if any in between.

Today I received notice from KTVX 4, that they for some odd known reason couldn’t accommodate us at this time. Great so now have to shop for a venue, to get the word out about HazzardAyre. I suppose that KTVX does not realize it just lost 25,000 viewers of METV, and most of KTVX. Maybe the FCC at renewal, as well as ABC should learn of this refusal. ABC is part of Disney, HazzardAyre has been a radio partner of Disney for 10 years now, so yes there will be noise made.

Does anybody watch METV any more? If they do, all they are watching is repeats of old shows that few if anyone wants to watch twice let alone constantly.

Same ring I heard from RFDTV.

So what to do? Here comes HazzardAyre TV. A full on local LPTV station that will show the shows, including hits , from the Dukes-of-Hazzard to B.J. & The Bear. Yes we have it.

But you’d think KTVX would have had better sense than to piss off the Wolf. But they didn’t. Okay so lets go find a new venue. Likewise do what we need to , to get out in the marketplace with a product that even the have nots or near have not SMB owners can get their word out.

Both TV as well as radio.

Call it media wars, the Yankees against the the southern brethren, call it what you will.

The thing is, you’d think the jerks at KTVX would have at least honored us as a group, of aviators who flew with and still fly with the legendary VMF-214/VMA-214 BlackSheep. After all if the network is going to run and it be seen locally the albeit dramatized bio loosely taken from Boyington’s book, that you could get the stuck up’s to sit up and get involved.

Now do I think that if one of the other crew here called and created a stink that KTVX would give some attention to us, yes. After all if I’m told no or the club, both the AyreWolvez as well as the Knytes, we’ll find a way. But even with that the common courtesy of further explaining why they said no, after keeping us on hold since June, would be well common courtesy.

But Courtesy is not something common in Metro-Utah.

In closing, when the words were spoken beit This is the place, or if in fact and I think it was, you sure this is it, I firmly believe it was not that any body in the Wasatch basin then would be of the mindset of what is, today’s Utah.

What does this mean?

That after noon.



Quote of the Day:
I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
Psalm 51:12“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A few days off helps

hazzardayre poster boardAYREWOLFBLOGHEADER

A few days of rest without a phone or computer helps. Such was the case from Friday night on. Yes I had every intention of being inside the cockpit of HazzardAyre, but I slept through a day into mid early morning Sunday.

I had every intention as well of going to Church, Priesthood and all Sunday morning, but I really scared of getting to attached to the Ward I’m currently in and although my Bishop and Home teacher are now very good dear friends or at least I consider them in that way, but right now getting attached to the Ward, knowing in two weeks the likely hood of my going home to Idaho, is very real. Leaving Antwanette in charge of the daily grind here at the studio/office.

My next door neighbor Dave, was jawing last night about how thinking that me going toewing here in Metro-Utah was at best a long reach. I fully agree with him. Understand, I did not relocate to Metro-Utah to go toew. Its just stupid to try to take our although able, antiquated equipment and go against or in competition with the near show trucks of the Wasatch front. Sure over in Tooele or very far west Tooele County Utah, near Wendover where there is no toew truck for 60 miles might work, likewise, through Morgan , Morgan County, Hennifer, and to Echo Junction might work as well, but realize, I came to Utah, for two things, the bigger pipeline of Comcast to bring HazzardAyre to at least simmering temperature was number one and two to upgrade, my flight ratings at Upper Limit Aviation. Of the two, Upper Limit from what I understand moved to Cedar City, Utah. Plus I still need to loose 60 more pounds to qualify to fly. So I’m still in the hangar rather than in the cockpit.

HazzardAyre Radio and all that it is and will be further, with the next phase of advancing to a LPTV station next year, but our location is set.

Right here in Woods Cross, Utah. That said , I still need to be making twice what I’m making income wise, to be able to even think of remaining fully in Utah.

With Wolf-Pup>GREETINGSneeding to renew license plates and knowing that to bring it to Utah standards being TOO expensive, when I roll up to Idaho in two weeks to renew my tags, I’ll also be looking at finding winter quarters. Only coming down two times a month as weather allows. So laying in a bunch of voice tracks and such, but come mid November this old wolf is back in Idaho.

This requires, Antwanette to nearly be glued to my heels over the next few weeks, to learn the in’s and out’s of how and who we do business with.

My neighbor Dave asked me last night, just what it would take to get me to remain in Utah, I told him, that to get me to pull my self up by my boot straps and ROS in metro Utah, it would take a hot redhead , my age, that looked like Gretchen Wilson>gretchen-wilsongretchen-wilson-picture-1

MTE5NDg0MDU0NzE3MDQwMTQz that for once have money of her own and a kountry will and rebel personality, then I might consider it.

Now that said why is this so important. While it may not look like it, and its not too difficult to rectify my living arrangements, still going home to any home, and just having 4 walls an Comcast TV to keep me company has gotten way too old. Add to that, I haven't touched a woman in nearly a year, and just the other day when one of our interns here, at HazzardAyre touched me innocently on the shoulder, it was as if somebody took a wire and plugged it into an outlet. It’s having no human contact, and yet having to remain purrfectly professional with female interns. I’d be so scared if just one got serious, about getting serious.

That all said, I need the interaction, I need to have Charlie and the A1 family around me again, and even with the butt maggots out of MHI, I still miss my Idaho. I miss farm kountry, I miss the morning doves cooing out my door, and window. I miss open country haulin, and I miss my LexiBelle. So the push is to get my tush moved back home.

But while I had every intention of being on air and all this past weekend, I decided to preserve my mind and remain home.

I will be on air on Monday for our last show for 2014 on HazzardAyre. It’s the last show, since we’ll have to wait for Digis to get installed the microwave Internet, since the club has decided to go that way. In 4 months we’ll have Comcast paid up again and we’ll use Comcast as a backup. But this may take a few months with weather and all on the horizon, so we’ll be pulling the cord on Tuesday for a few months.

All this next week from Tuesday on, I’ll be doing my duty to the Church for their help, plus doing a once more recon, here for some sort of low cost but suitable housing.



Quote of the Day:
Your heart often knows things before your mind does.
--Polly (Pearl) Adler
Psalm 37:4“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

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