Friday, October 17, 2014

Now if we could just get rid of the weight restrictions

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Of course let’s now turn to the number 2 reason I did a temp relocate to Utah.

Sadly even with everything Twin Falls and greater Magic Valley are of Idaho has, there is not a real helicopter air school.

Now its not that I can’t fly one, but there is no transition from military flying to civilian flying, so to get to fly again I needed to go to air school.

The single school at Joslin Air Field in Twin Falls, has only light weight Robbison 22 helicopters to train in. Nothing larger and at 253 pounds I’m too heavy for little birds. So Upper Limit Aviation here has bigger training equipment. So I elected to relocate to attend the school. Main limitation is funds, although I can get student aid or a student loan for going there, they have not been too responsive in returning phone calls. Secondly I’m hammering the AyreWolvez, to help find me a CFI to help me get my GA, and rotorcraft ratings.

Idaho itself has a long legacy in aviation. It used to be to get a business license in Idaho, one had to have access to or be a pilot. Of course that has changed, but I love to fly, the feeling of getting off the ground, seeing the world from 20,000 feet, humming along at 400mph, getting to a place in an hour or two rather than 4 hours on the road and battling traffic and idiots. Sadly I’m stuck in the hangar turning wrenches while the rest of the Wolf-Pack of the AyreWolvez are flying, simply because I’m 253 pounds and have type 2 diabetes, which should not restrict me to flying, per FAA regs.

Sadly though Upper Limit has ignored me, so I have to look at a school in Boise.

Chock another one up for Idaho. I keep saying I may be in Utah, but this Idaho spud will not be transplanted.


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