Sunday, October 12, 2014

Despite popular and common displaced thinking!

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Despite popular beliefs and displaced thinking, the toe smooch and all is not , repeat, NOT, a fast, lets get chummy path to taking advantage and having my way with the ladies.

The simple fact these are the main focus bits , that many have said can’t be done here in LDS dominated Utah.

Things like the toe smooch or the Bobby sox, kiss to do a pic, of a babe and all alah Fonzi thing. These are only a short and very seldom done bits here on HazzardAyre, or on our soon to premier TV network and series.

The thing is both the Knytes and the AyreWolvez, have been sitting on visual, bot still pic, pin-up as well as TV ads for the website, and the website itself, cover photo.

Additionally projects from photo business cards, to a set of calendars and merchandising , products, just because few if any feature model talent that knows how to act exists at least from mainstream agencies.

But I want to take this a bit further, and learning from personal historical happenings, its best to keep any serious fraternizing on the job from happening.

Yes , keep it a cheerful place to work, rehearse and all, but I do NOT WANT A personal SHEWOLF here.

I have learned that sex before marriage, brings the wrath of our Heavenly Father into the picture, and makes what could be good and solid, to becoming a real nightmare.

Sure , I try to get a natural rhythm going with all my talent auditions, especially the toe thing. Gentle feet and toe massage and all, so she gets used to someone else besides her signif other, touching her and especially her feet. Likewise kissing her toes. Beyond that little personal displays of any kind of touching between myself and the talent is kept at a minimum.

But it’s not to gain a honey for myself, rather one for the club, to entice the nearly 70% male corpuscles that would tune in to our streaming radio station and our TV network, to do just that, tune into us.

So yes I lean a lot on eye candy.

That said, all too many publications from EasyRiders, to Mini Truckin, also overdue the blonde blue eyed, g-string bikini shots. We want to show a gal can be featured with a hot ride, without being naked or nearly such.

To close this, and I hope both our two new hires for the SheWolvez, hubbys read this, its part of the job, I do not and will not try to do the bad and nasty, here. Your gals are safe with me and the club.

Which brings up another subject. The circling guy pals and by some of the new hires and all, whether here at the studio or on a photo shoot, greatly impairs the ability of both myself and or a camera/videographer. It’s just not professional, and it limits the ability to create.

Leave the old man at home, trust in us and lets get busy, enriching HazzardAyre, and the Knytes as well and especially the AyreWolvez.


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