Monday, October 13, 2014

Just what makes HazzardAyre Radio special, and why the others are pissed

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The other day at Church one of our practitioners there, asked me , just what makes HazzardAyre so special?

Simply put we are what rural radio used to be. In some areas still is, but if you go back just a few years, Over the Road Trucker radio that now hails from a satellite, is heard online in Utah and Over The Air in Western and Eastern Idaho , western Wyoming, and Northern Nevada on HazzardAyre, on our club owned radio stations, but our special-ality is more.

HazzardAyre, as well sister radio show AyreWolfFM, also brings you and is absolutely committed to delivering D-o-D information, more over the only place in the civilian world, airing Armed Forces Radio, News. We are the only source in the region for USO/Radio , We are the only military centric radio group, period.

Of course I’d be completely lax in my information here if I didn’t mention we are the only OTA(over the air) source for information on and the rebroadcast of major Sons of Confederate Veterans news and lectures. More over the central Mountain West source of true Confederate Southern historical education. We truly deliver.

And of course what started it all and why of the toe smooch, and its other renditions. HazzardAyre Radio, is home to Highway Hooker Radio, the only show on radio for us who Toew(toe-Tow) . We are bringing information to you through radio and soon to be XM Satellite, Highway Hooker Radio is here helping all who are trying hard to not only make a buck driving a toew truck, but keeping that buck.

Its not the human interaction exploring human, male-female sensualities , or bodily functions, but too delivering real time news that you on the highway, on the farm and those who fly can use.

That is what makes HazzardAyre Radio special, and the dog here does hunt. That is why the rest of the radio stations here as well as quite a few TV stations will not give us any ink or do feature reports. Quite frankly most immediate area TV outlets treat us like we’re exhaling garlic, but they do read and do report on and about what we cover, just rarely give us credit for it.

That’s what makes HazzardAyre Radio special and one of a kind.

Stay tuned.



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