Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Post Follow-up Are we really alone?

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So I was in a thought pattern last week that I tried to break out of, and one night actually a week ago today, where I flat could not breathe. My air supply had just stopped. With no hot water in the house I stumbled around, got a sauce dish filled it with water and nuked it for 6 all too long minutes then just breathed in the steam, soon I got the phlegm out of my throat to be able to breathe. Finally my neighbors across the street came over gave me a gin and funny water, to open my bronchial tubes and I was then okay, but I thought, what if I had just flat died? What if due to being totally alone something I tried to cure by getting a roomy, but that went sour on many levels.

While I hear and digest and I’m not making out anyone or anybody to be a bad guy, or anything, my Ward as great as they are, only thinks that I go to the Bishop when I need money for something. Outside of the Bishop, nobody and this is nothing new , but nobody else from the Ward has driven up to see if I’d died or was okay.

Monday nights are of course Family Home Evening. In my view we are our brothers(and sisters) keepers, thus our families. How about someone taking time to invite or go to a home bound person on Mondays, and praying, maybe taking over a stew?

Yet and many would say that drinking alcohol is bad in the churches eyes and it is sort of, beyond financial, my neighbors across the street, come over, invite me over we sing songs jam on tunes, I drink maybe two cocktails, but they have made me feel more welcome than the Ward has.

Okay I have not gone to church. There’s several reasons, one is my former roomy is there. Not wanting to relive that I sit elsewhere, but I get to feeling even lonelier sitting in the chapel and seeing families, and yet I go home only to the four walls I left at 7:00AM for church.

There have been talks from one end of the Churches leadership to the other, of going to those in the Wards and Stakes and saying want to go to a meeting? If someone and I include myself here, but if one is not going to church there’s a reason, its called feeling like an outsider and outside of the Bishop, few saying come sit next to us. Welcome, and not just that cold handshake at the entrance to the chapel doors.

Now thinking here and it has opened my eyes a bit, but dig this, I have been giving a bunch of thought on moving to either Evanston Wyoming or immediate area, or near my kin folk in Grace/Soda Springs Idaho. I did give some thought on Twin Falls, but that’s not doable right now. In all those locations, Charlie at A1 would call, come over, get me and put me to doing something, at his shop, in one of his tow trucks, and I’d get out of there with a $50.00 in my pocket, beyond that Charlie would invite me to his house for dinners, Christmas, New Years. Here, nothing. I celebrated my birthday this past year all by myself. Club member not deployed come by, when I have a phone of course Cousin Claude and 2nd Cousin Gordon will come by or call, as they should, but I say to our Bishop, and others, make going to Church a Welcome experience, not something obligatory. It says in 2nd Paul, on such things as paying tithing which I can’t even spare right now, but allow the person(me) feel comfortable and easy about turning over money, not something your required to do, or are obligated to. My response to many of these things is simply, if the Bishop and all needs me to pay tithing etc, help me get my tow truck here, help me get my car back, help me with the simple things like my gas bill so I can take a shower, and stay warm without having to turn on the oven, for 4 hours a night. Then I can pay tithing. If I’m not going to the storehouse, how hard is it for the Bishop or the whoever to drop by with a gift card from someplace that sells gas, so I can go to the storehouse.

Beyond that, how about someone from the Ward, not the Bishop, just dropping by and chatting and seeing if I’m alive? My view is , if I put out my hand for friendship, and it gets slapped away too many times, I’m not to keen on putting it back out there.


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