Friday, October 17, 2014

I’m pretty much tired of NASCAR

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Now this is going to sound bad from my Southern upbringing but hear me out.

I have gotten to the point I just can’t hardly stand NASCAR any more. One can’t keep up on the changing rules, the drivers all act like a bunch of spoiled brats with some serious play money, that are not of the roots of the sport were nor care to be. Fewer still have any kind of southern ancestry. Every week it’s a fight over being bumped, or moved over. The cars are from being anything like Stock cars. In the origination of the sport we even had convertables , there was the pioneers, Cale, Richard , Dale senior, DE senior, and so on. Today it’s a bunch of snot nosed , wannabees that get their ass kicked on the track then cry like a baby to NASCAR officials. Schute, suck it up, take the loss, go back to the shop , build a better car see you next week.

Feminazi’s want more women in the sport. I agree, here in the greater Twin Falls Idaho area we have Mirinda, who by the way is one of only 5 voting members of the Knytes, but runs a team called Rebel Racing. I’d love to see Mirinda out on a major track, she’s got moxy and could kick Danica Patrick’s mini skirt tail all over the major and short tracks.

Now over in the NHRA Drag Racing series, you see women all over the place, John Force’ daughter, and others. Going against a clock in 5 seconds, at near 300 mph, that’s action.

In drag racing we can still get to and talk to the super stars and look at the cars, unlike NASCAR today. Today you can’t even get in the pit area unless you suck a NASCAR officials prick.

Yes I’m southern, but I’ve lost my lust for NASCAR, and while some of our southern traditions are worth holding onto and honoring their past, perhaps NASCAR until it fixes itself is one we should forget.

We love NHRA.


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