Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So you question my Southern Integrity ?

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So I got back here to the office. I want to personally thank our mc brethren and wolf-pack brethren for your kind words during this time for me.

When I got the call that my son in Oregon had just went into a coma I was in the middle of giving the boot to the last roomy I’ll ever have. Not only did the roomy not pay his half of rent but only paid a portion of the full power bill. Talk about failure to completion.

So the last two weeks have not been kind to the old wolf. Now then I get this email from the my Bishop, questioning my southern integrity. First it has to do with going to the store house to work off the financial aid they have gave, but I had until this morning no gas. How was I going to go to the storehouse? Walk? That’d kill me or near so. Then there is the point of even going to church, last Friday as I was waiting on a call from Marla my xyl mother of my son in Irrigon Oregon , Leroy. Leroy was born with a birth defect and contracted spinal bifida. As such him going into a coma is very serious. But one of the 1st counselors of the ward I’m in stopped by with a missionary. Then last Sunday had every intention of going to church, but the downpour of rain, no fuel, couldn’t go. Did any of the church people think, “ Hey I’ll go get Pat and give him a ride to church” nope. I discussed at length, with the Bishop keys to going through the Temple, tithing and all , still intend to do so, but my son is takes priority. The only reason I’m here right now is trying to complete paperwork, and catch up on club duties, so I can go up on Friday to bury my son, who passed away Tuesday night at 23:30 Hours MST.

But there’s more to this than just my son, or my not going to church. Right now I’m pinching every nickel so tight the buffalo pees. I’ve got a mini truck that is very much on its last legs, I’ve got my tow truck still in Idaho, that needs to be paid for, my Subaru still at 1st Stop Auto in Layton. But outside of rent on the house which I can barely pay this month, and yet the Bishop, can’t be bothered to even swing by the house, to offer a bit of help on paying the heat gas so I can take a bath and keep warm, or offer to help on my steel horses so I can get around including going to the storehouse to work off hours, nor has he sent over anybody to suggest any solutions even if it is a ride to see the Bishop concerning these things.

Then of course there is the situation of me getting to Oregon to at least bury my son, I can swing it if I hold off on Comcast for a few weeks.

There are priorities in ones life. Of course renewing our promises and all with our Father in Heaven, as well as his son Jesus Christ. There is the sacred promises I made with the mc,(motorcycle Club) that are important, then there are those priorities such as LexiBelle, my car and being able to even get here to the office.

Of those pretty much in order , If our Heavenly Father wanted me in church last Sunday he’d have turned off the rain or sent someone by to give me a ride. My health does not allow for long walking. Between my heart, and DVT, walking is not recommended for long stretches. And yet does anyone come by from the church and suggest giving me a ride?

Don’t ever question my integrity or my resolve. Quite frankly the mood I’m in anyway, I’m looking very serious at moving to either the extreme southeast corner of Idaho or southwestern Wyoming.


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