Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Comcast messed up and lost an account

HazzardAyre PhooteNotesAT THE END OF THE DAY

We not only got our old number , but saving REAL money.

First it was a nail biter coming to the office this afternoon. With low fuel and all I barely got into the office, only to find the cord between us and the Internet via Comcast was cut, yep they did a soft disconnect. So I did some fast talking, got us up , but decided that $800.00 bill was just too much. So called up CenturyLink, got us set up there for October 30th between 13:00 Hours and 17:00 hours.

Dig this, CenturyLink was able to get us our original phone number back yess 801-292-9653 or 1-801-292-WOLF will work again. CenturyLink can guarantee us 60 Megs down , 20 up on our own digital line. And should we add new offices in Idaho and Wyoming, CenturyLink can connect us there as well.

CenturyLink came through, when Comcast couldn’t. Comcast has promised at minimum of 30 megs up but we rarely get 20. As far as a download bandwidth, if we’re lucky if we get 80, even though we have been paying for 100mbps plus. The fact that we never got a paper bill from Comcast even though Comcast says they sent them, I know damn sure that John over in I4 Solutions always puts our mail if we get it, under my door. So for just over 3 months, no paper bill, no phone call, and they wanted me to cough up $1,200.00 of which $800.00 is due now, because of their mess up, when it should be $300.00? Really, so I ditched Comcast.

At home I’ll keep em for TV, but I’ll be damned if I’ll ever use Comcast for anything else. Including HazzardAyre, or the AyreWolvez. Will not happen.

Didn’t get in to see the crew for KSL this morning , I truly wanted to, but the Club’s High Council met last night as we do every Tuesday right after Sons-of-Anarchy, in Ogden.

Various things were discussed, and a overhaul on the club is coming, I’ll share more on that next week. The Knytes-of-Anarchy moniker however will change to The RODE KNYTES Association, The AyreWolvez will remain as we are. Second a rework to more being a trucker/towing organization rather than an MC , third get the knowledge out about who we are, what we do, and get some real club awareness out there.

One of people at CH4 said that just the Knytes-of-Anarchy sounded racist, and had white supremacy tones to it so that was their excuse to not take us on as clients to advertise on METV, really? After 5 months reading the blog and all they couldn’t get that just because we are here preserving Southern heritage and fly our rebel flag, that we welcome everybody including ethnic groups. We have even asked many times through talent agencies to send us cute and pretty Hispanic and African talent. Yet nobody ever does. If you think a Hispanic can’t be hot, think Selena Gomez. But its that and other facades that prevent us from advancing, so some reworking of the club is required.

The final here with the club overhaul, the club nationally and through our parent organization, has pledged just under $3,million dollars for this next year to be deposited in our charters bank account, for the project of the overhaul and education project. That includes hiring more model talent, acting talent, and the rest, so looks like I’m going to remain on station for the next 8 months, so gotta scramble to find quarters, to house my butt for the next half of the year.

There’s more, but LexiBelle is secure, Communications restored, and a big humungous overhaul to the club is going to be on the organizations HUD for the year of 2015.

Did I say, a full on ToewBabes Calendar, video and promotion project is in the works as well.

TTYLY On October 30th 2014.


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Confidence and enthusiasm are the greatest sales producers in any kind of economy.
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