Thursday, October 9, 2014

Punctionality and being on time a requirement , not an option

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One of the gifts of both Miss Dixie-Diesel 1993 and our Miss Nurse GoodBody had that I treasured was being punctional. In essence right on time without being too far off time.

In radio as well as a curtain call, be it for a Broadway opening or the filming of a movie or TV series is essential. There are people waiting on the other end to view and in our case both listen to as well as view, HazzardAyre.

Thus even being more than 15 to 30 minutes late to the first audition or interview is not allowed or tolerated. If you can’t be there on time, call. If you get lost and can’t find the office/studio, and in our case how can you miss? A big two storied building, with I4 Solutions on the top. But if your going to be late etc, the phone does work.

Was I in for eye candy and mind wine the other night. Here came BrandiWine through the door, in a part leotard and knit top. She had my outermost Wolf-Senses at top level, was I to be treated to another grand discovery. BrandiWine was also intelligent, none of the usual blonde/California Valley girl junk. BrandiWine had the package, was on time and in the kind of eye capturing threads that could make some nations go to war over her. He demeanor , her sweet tenor notes of her voice, when she was leaving with a bad back and after she got wet here with her ice pack melting, she is now thee SheWolf on HazzardAyre and AyreWolfFM Radio.

So tonight waiting for a couple who dropped in last week, but who I can’t see past being a pin up girl, and the guy being a I dunno what. See and even BrandiWine agreed that on an audition when the primary person to be both auditioned or even a meet and greet, bringing hubby/boy-pal/other is very unprofessional. The gal can’t be free to act naturally, the production firm gets microscoped more than it wanted to, and makes a very serious uncomfortable experience. Anybody in this business or has been in the business does not send the guy of her life to snoop it out first, nor does he show up during a work session. It just makes everything awkward.

The saying that be careful of anything that’s exactly what you want it or her to be is a wise one. I have had two that were like this, but were plants by the fuzz to take a none invasive closer look at HazzardAyre operations.

Somehow I did not find that with BrandiWine. There’s chemistry there and ability. She’s real, and check this out;BrandiHSphoto1acould any , I mean any red blooded GENUINE southern bred male corpuscle say NO to her>BrandiHSphoto5? I can’t.

Any mile waiting still on the couple, but two bits they don’t show.

At least we have BrandiWine and that’s just fine with me, BrandiWine shows up.


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