Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mixed emotions from yesterday and a more important reason there needs to be HazzardAyre Radio.

Yesterday as I stood at the rear of the Evanston Wyoming old Union Pacific Railroad Roundhouse, and had to utter the song Star Spangled Banner, I had to force myself to sing. Then came the point to say the Pledge of Allegence I was doing so with a swollen tounge. My hear just was not in it. While I wore the uniform and proudly so of our nations Marine Corps, my blood runs Confederate Gray, so thick, that it takes nurses several trys to to extract it for study. I wanted to smack the guy reading the history of the holiday, that is so called Memorial Day. The thought that the day of rememberance was built by a Yankee is just that Yankee bs. Then I read with some utter discust that now them damn idioted bigots, and racists, racist against us the Confederates and southern people, that now in so called Government funded, and as they say controlled grave yards, that now one can't have placed on, or about our places of final rest a Confederate Flag. I then heard Beth Ann's CSC Talk Radio show about the Union stripping away our southern culture, and all. She was on one and I thank her for saying the exact same things , I have been saying for some 25 years or more. It's just now getting worse. What it gets down to is this, we are on a slippery road down to Communism, and all becoming Slaves to the Government. If Paul Ryan, has his way, we will watch the TV that the Government dictates we watch, Radio Free Europe, will become Radio Free America, since no radio or media will be silenced and we'll hear what them politicians say we are to hear and listen to. We will eat what they say we must eat, hell they'll get so damn power hungry, that the Government will issue a wife for each male in this nation, not caring if its a woman wife or man wife. They'll tell you where to sleep, when to sleep, even when and where you go poop, and demand you use their brand and style of asswipe. 
When the DC Occupiers, are given any more power, when THEY say, you can't fly and be loyal to the flag of YOUR choice, what other freedoms and liberties will you retain? If and I think there is, time. Lets get a candidate for and of the United Confederate States Party. Lets stand up for our southern heritage, history, and our southern future. Several Facebook pages come up asking about seperation from the union. Asking how many would support that, my question also asks, are you willing to die, be jailed, and give up not only your time, but property and any money, to fight for today's Confederacy? I will and so will 100% of the Knytes-of-Dixie, question , will you. Will you shoot, and take up arms to defend Dixie? Could you point a rifle or pistol at another American who said he was against Dixie, and pull the trigger? Even if he was a fellow church member, Bishop, or some other? I will with a smile on my face, because once they silence Dixie, they kill America, and that USMC Uniform I wore still stands, for standing up for this nation, and defending Dixie as well. 
One of the reasons, HazzardAyre Radio was built is to give today's Confederacy a voice, not only teaching the real history and preservation of our Southern heritage, but to make sure our children and children's children have a southern future. The militia of Today's Confederacy is the Knytes-of-Dixie.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Before you condemn or bad mouth me or the Club(s), better get your facts straight or just shut up.

Don't get me wrong there's certain, times living in small rural towns and such that is all so charming. Then there are all times, hearing about certain people that you trusted or once trusted bad mouthing you or spreading rumors or talking rumors and falsehoods. 
As you might know the Knytes acting on my suggestions was in the throws of buying outright a small hole in the road pub, just outside of Evanston here. Thing is we got tangled up in with a gal who I thought was a friend of mine, the Club(s) as well as an associate. Find out tonite that all she's been doing is telling people here that in short I and the club are full of manure and short changing what could be. 
So that's where, Mo, Jullietee  , and a few more went including Andrea. Fine, like the sign says,
The club does not play well with people or firms that bad mouth members or the club. This is not the first time this has taken place.
I can remember a little fartknocker bikini bar bouncer who did this mostly on line because he was shitless afraid of me and the club had he said anything he wrote online directly to us. One reason, I moved from Pocatello to Glenn's Ferry Idaho when I did. All the time I was on TV, and all the phone calls, to the program and all, It was this ain't so, and so on. He kept saying there was no tow truck and so on. Why because LexiBelle was in Rupert. That year it was bitter cold the snow was constant, and I just never had time to venture over to Rupert, to go mess with my old girl. Even when I shot video the few times I did get over there this little jerk that looked like an elf, from some stupid Disney movie, kept saying that ain't your truck. Bet me ass hole. Finally after I had been residing in Glenn's Ferry some asshole that we were having a turff war with came down, and eventually had to retract his writing. More over the few times he was going to throw down with me in Mountain Home, I was there, but he wasn't. 
I'm getting off topic, well sort of. Don't believe what I say, get off your ass, away from that damn keyboard and go fucking look. 
As a result, Tuesday morning, I'm walking into Uinta Realty, tell the guy who owns the place what has happened, and I'll be damned if I'll ever buy a blade of grass or a stick of a weed from that lady or that Realty agency. Neither will any member of the Club(s) and there ARE many who do wear shirts and tie's and have wads of cash. As far as the other place, that is a go, the lady and her husband are fine people and dear friends, but Uinta Realty ain't going to be part of that deal, no how, no way.
My Mom, said it best, its one thing to let people think your an idiot, its another to open your mouth and remove all doubt. One here did, problem is after what I have heard around town, the door is going to come down very hard through the defamation of character and slander on certain others so hard, they will be finding a U-Haul. 
See you on the cyber radio in the morning, on www.livestream.com/highwayhookerradio 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Forgive them Yankees Lord for they know not what they do

Before I get into my usual Rant here, I say, Forgive them Yankees Lord for they know not what they do. 
So it's now Friday, last Wednesday, our associate Mo, was all hip, on the idea of sliding into a side pocket here at HazzardAyre Radio. Guess what, no return phone call, no further consultation of who to contact on the office/studio place so I could negotiate a rental, or such from either Mo nor Pam. Oh well. It's like I have always said, and I'll say it again, and I'm thinking its either a combination or one of a singular piece, but the cold, and gloom here in Evanston , must enter their minds and their brain fluid, slows as they don't stop to think, it's one thing to piss me off, but piss off a Knyte, or a member of the WolfPack of the AyreWolvez, and you just done gone and pissed off 49,999 other members who in loyalty will now no longer do business with you. 500 of those live in and near here in Evanston. Those have gorown or near grown son's daughters who, have daughters and husbands that have independent business's and families that now also will not do business with that person, who just pissed me off. The Knytes/AyreWolvez are that loyal, and close knit enough . Again, I say to Mo, Pam and anybody else, be nice to me and the Reaper Crew or see any business that might have come your way evaporate. 
Okay then, the brief story about the AyreWolvez. I was asked once asked to define or describe the AyreWolvez in a short sentence with few words. The AyreWolvez are bikers with wings that fly. That may sound simplistic, but that is us in a very short burst. Back in 1999 I was residing in a complex in Jerome Idaho. After binge watching the hit TV show based loosely on the squadron from which I served in, I heard overhead two F4U Corsairs                                    

 thinking I had watched too much BlackSheep Squadron on TV thought I was just dreaming, but the two came back over on their final to Jerome County's airport. So I went out turned my aviation radio in my truck and call in to the tower there, so I put down my idea of breakfast in town, and followed those birds to their perch . Once I got there and figured out where those birds were roosting, went inside that hangar, and saw, not one, not two, but 4 F4U Corsairs sitting inside, ready to fly and do battle with two others in reconstruction. So I asked the owner of the restoration company how much one went for, he replied about a half million bucks and up. Mostly from very well off collectors. All of a sudden a bell went off inside my crainium measuring against my turning a wrench for $50k, or so against a million bucks or close to on restoring military aircraft. Just as the Knytes was organized to enhance and support the Hazzard Garage, I thought what about bringing a few of us wingnuts together, and open a facility to restore military warbird aircraft. Since many of us either flew or still fly for mostly Marine and Navy air combat squadrons,. This is something I told that meeting that following night in 2000, since the Knytes had conqured everything on land how about snagging some air? So in 2001 the Black Sheep Aviation Association was formed as a part of or kin organization to The Knytes, -of-Dixie, aka Hazzard County Knytes(Knights) . In 2003 when the new leadership of the Knytes was sworn in and on the threshold of founding of AyreWolf Aviation Repair and Restoration, in Woods Cross Utah and Twin Falls Idaho, that the name of our air unit was changed to reflect my company's name and the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association was born, nobody has looked back since. This is the reason that in most if not all things related to both organizations, that Golden pilots wings are displayed somehow. The Knytes are parented by the AyreWolvez, and that's why it takes so long to get things okayed and processed. Which can be costly delays, but those delays, can make you stand back and say are you sure you want to do this or that? Just like a new groom, might look at his new bride after the night before and ask himself, are you sure you want to live with that person for the rest of your life? 
Whether its civilians or Yankees we ask the question as Jesus did on the cross when his eyes rose, and asked Heavenly Father, Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. For this and I will close, Why is it that certain people just be honest, and just say, I'm no longer interested? Or make a phone call and say the same thing. Honesty contains the word honor, and if you have none or very little of that, neither the Knytes nor the AyreWolvez have little to nothing to do with you. 
L8R Aviators

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Aren't You glad you don't have these college grads working for you & Stupid is as Stupid does and you can't fix stupid

I am worried, the money spent to educate youth and the policy makers and industry shakers is being put rather to parties and narcotics than it is to education. Doesn't people proofread any more, or verify phone numbers and such? Case-n-Point, got the latest edition of the Legacy phone book that's still published out of Orem Utah, that might indicate the amount of forward thinking. Looked in there, yes Hazzard County Choppers is listed, 3 problems, 1 Hazzard in our case is spelled with two, that's(2) ZZ's. Second the number is wrong, and no listing for Highway Hooker Toewing, 3rd the address is wrong. Certainly one would think, that the researchers who print this phone book, would at least verify the numbers listed, as to accuracy. But alas no listing for HazzardAyre, Aviation nor radio, no listing as I said for Highway Hooker Toewing, but then what do you expect from an out of area phone book publisher. Its not just here in Wyoming either, we used to have to bend the ear of these idiots 12 times prior to the production of each years phone book in Idaho. See these things are published all over the area, in all of our mountain west states, and most if not all who make up these goof ball phone books, have never left the immediate area of from which these researchers live and work. What they do is near by sheer duplication of the Dex Pages, just copy and print. What they need to do is put these kids on a damn bus haul em around to the areas these researchers are putting theses books from plus certify each number, especially business listings. 
Okay then. Was on our other cyber highway radio carrier overnight Spreaker.com . The more I use that, the more I like it, I just have one drawback you can't easily post it to where audience can grip where to find, you. But that's a simple thing. Unlike Liverstream.com where we are now, I can be on air and still navigate on my computer, even go online and go harvest news and info without it overpowering my computer that Livestream.com does. Granted it is expensive at $2,k a year but who cares? It works and they at Spreaker.com will really bill you $200.00 a month, even paper invoice style. No extra or special needs to contact tech support, and there's someone at Spreaker 24/7/365. Livestream.com really needs to take a look, Spreaker.com is soon going to biting if not already the heels of Livestream.
Later today, going to take a kick the tires of a place Mo thinks will be good for the radio operation here. I just wish I could see Mo in a skirt with stockings and heels just once, lol. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

I'm always reminded this isn't Metro Utah, or even western Idaho that's why I do my radio thing overnight

Seems much of the time, I get a raised eyebrow as to why I do this cyber radio thing overnight. The easiest answer is, overnight at least Sunday into Monday, as well as most days of the week, the locals here are in bed, and OFFLINE, so my bandwidth and uplink speed increases overnight. I'm always reminded when it comes to these things as well as the limited number of channels on our local cable system, that this damn well ain't Metro Utah nor even western Idaho. Try as you might your not going to get an upload speed over 4mbps and I'm lucky if I touch the threshold of 3.20 mbps up. Most of the time though and its consistent, I get download speed at 100mbps. Makes one wonder if I can go down fast why AllWest here, could get me an upload of near 20mbps, or at least symetrical . When we refired in Woods Cross Utah just prior to me stupidly moving here in 2014, I was getting 60mbps, up, 150mbps down. That was over coax too, so why can't that be here, then we as a radio service albeit on line, but we could be on the air 24/7/365. As it is I'm lucky if I can do 5 hours overnight. Which explains the inability for us as a company to earn money fast enough to pay our bill to AllWest. It's like telling someone to remove and replace a Cat diesel in a big rig truck with pliers and a screw driver. It just don't work. However I must say that Mindy Broadhead down in Kamas Utah at AllWest is another one of those super troopers, that has kept us online some months when the green was too lean.
Okay then, mentioned this earlier and no its not involving my fetish either. Thing is two of our brothers In the 214 who are also Knytes' and AyreWolvez members, wants a full sized quilt, made out of well feminin scented pantyhose. I guess , I'm not the only guy that digs these on women. Any flyte, these two members of the WolfPack currently deployed in the Med, could we help do this. Guess these two Wolvez want to be able to smell a lady when they cover their crainiums at night. So being as we are champions of the weird and strange things, we are going to attempt to make this happen. Being as most of us are wrenches not seamstress's our Ladies-of--The Knytes which is our womens auxilliary unit will do the construction of the quilts. Thing is because of the extreme delicacy of nylons they tend to destroy themselves, so supply on our end is a bit limited. So we are reaching out to our friends, supporters and associates that happen to be lady's and asking if you have some throw away nylons or pantyhose that are not washed, and that you were just going to toss in the trash, instead, send them to us. Deets on where to send on the air in the early morning.
Finally; we killed one bar location, but are aiming our sites on another, that while a bit hefty, would suit us better. Not that the old Hornets Nest was bad , but the location would make it really difficult to cultivate employees as well as customers. This all hinges on the dedication of a prospect named Mo. If she pans out and delivers what she says then we are in gear here. If not, September 1st , the Knytes and the WolfPack are headed home to Idaho.
Now if we could just get more oomph on our Internet. Hey Phil, at AllWest, see what you and Mindy can do about that will ya?

Pretty good when its the middle of May and you still need a space heater to stay Warm yet spend big money on natural gas for heat but your still cold

Before I get into my rant here, by now most of you know that the main officers of the Founding charter of the Knytes, has pending a vote to not continue with the buy of what was to be the Boars Nest here.
Reasons for the withdrawl of that buy are many, but much of it has to do with the lack of prebuy local support, and the limited if any, lady eye candy prospective employees. So rather than me kill myself for a community that would just asoon, see me vacate, I and President Rick, said might be time for me to look to going home back to Hazzard Idaho. And I'm pretty much decided on that. Although I'd like to finish up the radio thing first and of course getting my rigs and rides ready for such a trip. Both will take a couple of months.
Which leads me to my main topic. I'm not one for sub zero weather. Although Idaho has some of that, it usually does not last long, and I've never, even when I lived in a shop near Burley, Idaho, had to run a space heater along with the gas furnace just to stay warm. Turn it off and its freeze city. I think if somebody would buy the Wentworth here, put some serious green into it, it would be a great little place to hold up for awhile. But the people who own this, as well as like I when I brought the idea to buy that fracking bar, buy land for a bunch of money, sink a bunch of money into it, but in the end, your going to be lucky if you break even, if that. Face it friends Evanston Wyoming is not a place to drop anchor, its more of a place to take a piss, buy gas , then get outta town. Tammy did it, many others I know have done it. Now its my turn. 
Just got done burning the music tracks for tonights show, but I have that long haul to Hazzard in the morning, so I'm off to dream land. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lack of progress makes wheels stop

I knew the news of a probable withdrawl of the buy of the property that could be the Boars Nest/Reaper Club , would get Pam's attention. As far as Pam is concerned she is a super trooper. It's the town more like the village we live in. To get a proper view here. The entire reason that I pulled the plug from the radio op's central HQ in Woods Cross Utah, with near 1gig Internet broadband speed and bandwidth, was to relocate same to Evanston Wyoming. I was blinded by a sense that with near 8% unemployment here, that it'd be a no brainer to find, recruit, train and employ and deploy, a satisfactory amount of both good looking as well as able lady eye candy to run the radio station operation. The idea was move that here, get somebody to run it, then me move back home to Hazzard Idaho. Set up the main HQ in Buhl, and go from there. Of course that was in the threshold of 2014/15. There was no idea then , to do a bar, nor me set up shop. But then came last year this month, a friend of my property managers husband said if I could find a suitable place close in to town he'd go in half. That of course, fell through. Then Joey came into the game, he flew the coupe in July, Then Nathen, in August and then of course came in little Rick, here that wormed its way until March. By the time we got the truck here and constant delays of refurbishing LexiBelle, the winter tow season was over. Nobody was willing outside of us was willing to come over and help do the heavy lifting. All through the time frame, the radio op, was number 1 on the priority list. Seems as though there is an hidden only seen by women on the outside of the Wolf's Lair, that says girls don't go in there. So that on air, ad sales and so on people never came much less called to inquire., I was in the idea just in March after the disintegration of Shelly and my relationship, to just pull the plug and get me and my WolfPack out of here. All through this, things like the Evanston Small Business Network, Chamber-of-Commerce and so on never called, never came over, didn't do anything. Now when it comes to a bikers/gearhead themed bar-grill, our first idea was the old Lotty's here. Yes where Tammy worked.(Wish she was still here) so I talked to this one gal who worked at Smokers Friendly, a smoke shop here, who sent over her teen daughter. Not something I felt comfortable with. But all I ever heard of and saw a cheer about was a damn bar, yet, the cry was out there for a resident radio station. After months and millions of phone calls we got a license. Not the old KEVA's but one of our own, with the suspension of that other license due to none air violations. That was doable just on my own since that whole thing only took $2,000.00 . Yet still no one was willing to train to be on air talent more over ladies to be on air talent. Nor ad sales, nor a resident engineer. Hell we couldn't even get an article about the club, nor the station in the local news rag. 
So where does that leave us? The observations of our Prezz, last night and mid week, when he came through, was , where is the babes on the station? Have we got a place for the station that's not in the Wolf's Lair? Have we got ladies that are able and willing to be on TV ads? Finally is there enough true eye candy to work the bar, not half sized gorillas in jeans about ready to split open. If I can get enough of that assembled here at the Lair, and a place for the station, Rick said on the phone that he'd table the meeting for Sunday, Tomarrow night, until next Sunday. In essence whether it be through Pam or whomever I can get not just cover, but committed ladies here in the Lair, by Sunday afternoon, so I can honestly say that through Pam, that we recruited people for our station and all, then there is a smidge of a chance to save this bar buy. If we can cement in the location out of the Lair for the station, then we are in gear. If not , the clubs legal eagles are primed for battle. I might remind many, that last week, I told Pam, that the club was already bracing for and was ready to say no to the whole thing of this bar deal. 
If I had been able to entertain Rick, a bit when he was here, plus showed him a running radio station, with eye candy doing the on air duties, the attitude of Rick would have been much better. It would have been an easier sell, but with things not any better than the last time Rick was here, last June, Rick is of the idea, of moving the Reaper to Montpelier Idaho, as well as the place in Bliss. 
On a personal note, With this radio thing and all and my personal financial loss's , I'm about to loose my shop. If that happens, you can bet your next tank of diesel, that my but will be in motion to relocation to Hazzard , faster than Boss Hogg eating maple bars. 
Will be on air at 07:00AM www.livestream.com/samcroradio 

Just a place to take a piss

Last night, I had the honor of entertaining our Club's President, here in Evanston. That was a grand honor to be sure until we went to the Legal Tender Lounge to grab something to eat. 
Now in life there are things you just don't do. You don't tug at Superman's cape, you don't take the mask off the Lone Ranger, you don't pit in the wind, and you damn well don't tell the founding Charter's President he can't have a steak. I don't care if its closing time in the resturant, I don't care if the Chef is about to go off shift, when the Knytes President wants a steak, you make a accomodating special effort and make the man a steak. Although there's a new shortcake there at the Legal that Big Rick likes and that sort of cooled down his fury. Otherwise that might have turned a bit ugly. 
Rick went on as he observed the lack of any sort of crowd on a Friday night here, saying, there's more excitement on the main street of Wendell Idaho than there was here. So we ventured out to the new bar of ours. Not only was the place closed, but dark and creepy. Bottom line I had to talk like a Dutch Uncle just to get Rick the want to proceed on the deal, and even then, when it goes to the meeting table Sunday night, they might vote to suspend if not withdraw the offer on the place. Rick said he'd hate the club should buy the place, then in a month or two have to resell or unload the place. I certainly got put in my place. I was often reminded by Rick, that I'm only the VP, not the Prezz, and as such some decisions especially when it comes to big purchases and buy's like the $300,000.00 that the Boars Nest is going to cost, plus the total remodel, considering that a similar place in Bliss can be had for $350k, that's turnkey with a grander patron numbers. I hate to think this, but I might have to tell our lady Pam, come Tuesday, that the club revoted and has to now decline on the purchase. Rick also suggested that I may want to look into relocating in a few months back to Hazzard or immediate area of Idaho. Considering we can sell our radio station license here, use the money to file for a Class A allocation in Buhl, Idaho and fire up all things HazzardAyre Radio right there. 
I think if I had been able to find some local female eye candy here, to at least entertain Rick, and a few other things the deal for the Boars Nest deal might not be on such thin ice, as it is, I'm near sure, Ricks Recon mission report from here isn't going to be good enough to save the buy. We see.
So how was your day?

Friday, May 20, 2016

So the Club now owns a bar , So now What?

So the Club Now owns a bar, so Now what? At 13:00 hours this day, I for the behalf of the Knytes, signed a purchase agreement for a podunk bar that will soon become The Boars Nest/Reaper Club. Question is so now what? If we can't even get people to go on air and play in the sand box together peacefully, how the hell are we going to run a up tempo bar and grill , just outside of city limits? 
Okay then , finally Mo came over to visit, and I think that has a promise, but the lady computer geek, isn't yet ready to jump in the pond just yet. Must be that I don't wear a suit and tie, and pre programmed ideas of what a media chief should look like. Just what the hell do they think that a radio station owner looks like? Not everybody behind a mic is in a suit and tie. 
The sale will proceed on the bar, but the question of just how open it will be to the public is not so clear. More than likely, the Reaper will be open to club members and supporters only and anyone else being allowed in, will be by invitation only.
My crainium is a bit better today, took a box of Goody's in the past 24 hours, and while I may be killing my liver, at least my head feels a bit better.
Like I said, Mo came over, she seems nice and all, but I'm not so sure she's the southern lady rebel type we're looking for, and maybe that too is one of those things that we went after here in Evanston, but could not complete due to a way too much of head in the sand, lets not do this here attitude. 
President Rick is on his way back , left Chyenne at 13:00 so should be sliding in here soon. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

My what a day, and oh how that transmission hurt

So I got up this morning,Went out to the shop. In comes an oil rig with a bad tranny, think the guy was looking for Nates, place, but found us instead. I'm no longer passing work off to Nate, if its a service/repair job, I'm taking it on. So started dropping this RTO125-13 out of this truck, and the jack slipped, down on my cranium it came. After some very choice adjectives, one of my bunch took me to the hospital, and as of an hour ago its on its way, money in the bank, and I feel a bit better.
Although the hospital told me to take it easy for a few hours, so I swung into the Wolf's Lair, here, took 4 Goody's and was scraffing down some Hungry Mans soup, when Pam calls. Again wanting the financial pedigree of the club. I simply said no. Then she wanted to talk to the President(Rick) who is right now in Nebraska and should be in here tonight or early morning Saturday. Now amongst the many reasons, I really didn't want to refer the business with Pam to Rick, is that I need both Rick, and the Club to know I still can swing these projects, or I might loose my spot as VP, and I'm not wanting to do that. Anything that challenges my authority, is near a death sentence in more ways than one. So I simply was ready to drop the whole damn sale, and stay on the course of finishing things up and move the whole Club's sub office to Pocatello or that area of Idaho. It didn't take long for that whole thing to be turned over and now its slated that noon today I sign for the Club, for the new brew spot. 
Now then, is there some point where the American male lost his testies, in this nation? Has it always been to where if you get more than one woman and a few girls together in one place, that any man there gets shoved to the rear? Of course this time Pam was buying, which I think fair, since the MC is about to hand her one helluva commission, I deserve at least one stiff drink. And it was a small one at that. Oh well, but here I'm trying to think of what to ask, so my mind is clear on the questions that will be asked at the table, when the check is carved. Yet twice I had to say, I'm VP, my turn. Seems as two potential bar servers there, don't like each other. One who says she's stepping up to be my civilian 1st officer here, and another. Both seem to be kind and all, but where is the telecom conversations? I understand women and all have lives of their own, with children, husbands and all, but I don't see daylight and seldom unless I have to be before noon. Some guy riding some bike that I don't know what it is was there telling me he was a candidate to being some sort of resident engineer for the station. The 1st officer candidate doesn't like another gal I met the other night at the ESBN meeting, who wants to open some sort of health food place out where consideration of planting the front of HazzardAyre Radio. My thoughts are push Mo out of the idea, Julie and I move into the same space, split the rent, as what Julie does compliments what we do in HazzardAyre and both could be of service to the other. But all that was going off is too much I don't know if they want to jump into our pool. Noon yesterday, my mind was starting to unwind. Simply because the bar thing and stress was removed all for about an hour. I wanted Julie and I even if it was in a public place to sit the hell down and discuss turkey. $5,000.00 to build our Club's site isn't bad, and that's in the works, but if there's a consideration of Julie to my exec officer, shouldn't there be a sit down? But I kept getting shoved back, and it was not a place I like to be. Guess the old adage of squaw walk in rear, Chief in front, has melted away. 
See ya'll on the radio , www.livestream.com/samcroradio 
I'll be on at noon today, going to try and get rid of this headache.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Next week is a big day for this club, and my passion of and for its voice.

Overnight I was not on the air due to my voice not working. In essence my vocal chords were not working. However dig this on that. Next week is the birthday of the Knytes's radio network and all that is now part of our Club. It was on the 23rd of May 1983, in that big farm house on the hill overlooking all of Hazzard Idaho, that tiny KTOW FM 89.1 at the time, signed on the air. We were then, the only NBC Radio affiliate in Idaho, that carried all of NBC Radio's programming. Heavy Hooker Radio was the only overnight heavy haul toewers radio show, that was ever on the radio then and since, and of course evenings we were the Hazzard County Radio. We didn't change out call letters of the home station until 2012 in the attempt to buy out KBAR AM 1230 out of Rupert Idaho, we sold KTOW to a station in Colorado in exchange for what we have today KDXZ. That being that, over the years the stations, the network and its programming has covered every thing that burns fuel, and has tires or wings on it. We have seen the good with the bad. In 2012, Hazzard County Radio and AyreWolf Radio combined to create HazzardAyre and nobody here has looked back since. We have been ridiculed, bombed, shot at , held by the law in Cokeville Wyoming, due to a term that was completely mis understood, the saw the name Hooker as meaning lot lizards, we saw and see the word Hooker meaning tow truck, and we are not alone in that view. We are now just a month or so, hopefully less if the people that I met with previous evening at the ESBN, meeting and others of flipping the switch to the flame of KDXZ AM 1240 Evanston Wyoming, but this is not all about that. Its about the thing and things and all that have led up to that. To get the perfect vision , I'll get into that later today, but know this. 
Our regionally and expanding nationally, beyond the Mountain West as a network, and entering TV, and all is a story of success. With 3 Emmy's , 2 Grammy's and 2 Oscars, HazzardAyre is a rags to riches story. 
My eyelids are getting heavy so I'm off to bed, these meds I took for my vocal chords, is putting me to sleep, but I'll be on air, if all goes right, at 13:00 Hours(1:00PM) Mountain Standard Time.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Your content is not yours its that of the social networks you place it on, and oh why did I even wake up this afternoon?

So you've just written the best blog post or commented on a subject on a topic you feel passionate about on a social network like Blogger or Facebook. Now your getting edited. Did you ever stop and read the TOS or Terms-of-Service you agreed to? 
Facebook is under fire for supposedly being biased in relation to the election amongst other things. The reality, Facebook is the property of Mark Zuckerburg and he can belch and bark about all he wants on his network all he wants to, why? It's HIS network. Same goes for Blogger, sure Google's network fuzz don't stick their nose in your blogs often, nor do they tell you always upfront if their stopping operational support on a piece of Chrome their browzer navigation platform. Like Google is kicking in the head, Adobe's Flash program, which means if you want to hear your fave podcast, best be retaining a browzer like Internet Explorer. But the end game here is this, its their product, its part of the subject to change without notice clause, that's in your TOS. 
The so called web, is ripping itself up internally. Sure its great and we here at HazzardAyre Radio depend on it, to get you the none Mountain west resident listener the content you want to hear from us, as we are on air or over the air here as well. That being said these mammoth companies can do what they want to, its like the question of why does the male canine lick his balls? Because he can, they are his and he can lick them if he wants to. 
Okay then, after a long night on air, I was expecting a gal, here to aid in the creation of our website, for the club, station and so on. She was to be here at 14:00 (2:00PM) guess what? Yep calls says she's got another immediate paying gig. No problem, But here's the rub, I get to thinking and I've said this many times, I ought to just have a tattoo on my forehead that simply says Predator . Now there is and has never been anything transpiring here at the Wolf's Lair that was inappropriate . Yet it seems that every time its a woman involved in a consultation on anything involving the Club, or me, none want to be by themselves in tight quarters, with this old Wolf. Trust me Red Riding Hoods, this big old Wolf will not eat you. 
For all the feminists and feminist attitudes out there that gripe about equal pay for equal work, here's a suggestion; If you want to make equal pay as us male corpuscles, take the same equal risks we males take. If its business, go to the business appointment at the clients place of business, even if that clients place of business just happens to be in that clients home. The reasons we still are here inside the Wolf's Lair, is that I haven't been able to find a place that's reasonable in costs as I do here at the Wolf's Lair. We had one on the fifth floor, of the Wells Fargo building here, the $300.00 a month was amiable , but the $500.00 to put up a small tower and Yagi on top of the structure was a bit much. But looking back, should have taken it. As the guy at the Green Horn has been toying with us, which we scrubbed due to very poor follow through. 
Which culminates to , are we really in the right place to do this? That question comes up often, are we trying to force feed something into a village that cannot eat any more, and is about to choke? The end of June is the crowning. If we are not moving forward by then, its radio op moving to Idaho, and eventually me. But I wonder, Why did I wake up this afternoon? 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Secret to Our success? It's called Hazzard County tenacity and Enginuity

You might not have really liked him, but the bottom line is Boss Hogg always kept trying. Even dealing with bafoons that challenged his efforts and patience he still went after his goals and objectives no matter what. 
Since we're on that line of thinking here Understand while the objectives of the Knytes as well as the AyreWolvez are not directly against the law, our methods sometimes are just a side step over the line of what is accepted and what is totally off center of accepted procedure. As such we as a club are always targeted as the EVIL of the community , while in reality we are more the fight the system anti-establishment crew. Be that as it may, our attitude is to never quit. While our goals and agendas might be hard for outsiders to grasp, although there are many that wish they had the conoles to do what we do, still even with that, sure we might get stumped, sure we might to regroup, rethink, and re-engineer, but we never give up. On the front of my dear sweet LexiBelle, on a license plate frame it reads, " It Happens in Hazzard County" The line comes from a Dukes episode where the tale of A Christmas story was told Hazzard Style. At the end of the episode, as a reindeer flew over with the bells jingling, Waylon said, " Hey , don't laugh, if it could happen anywhere it will happen in Hazzard County" That tag has been one of the core teachings and sayings of the Knytes since the club was formed in 1982. Many people always call our club a MC or Motorcycle Club, but that is so far from the core of our organization. The Knytes are based on a split of a rural hot rodders gearhead group and a Dukes-of-Hazzard fan club. Our original meeting was held in mid 1981 at a small hamburger place that just so happened to serve food from Poland . Hence the name at the time , the Polish Palace, now known as the Snake River Grill. 15 rural motornuts and gear heads got together, and decided to put together a little club, to enable to stage our own custom shows as well as be of service to the communities we were in. Supervized by the United American Independent Truckers Association, the group was formed. The name of the club then was known as the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association . Hazzard County for Dukes-of-Hazzard and Knytes taken from a hit movie at the time called the Hollywood Knights
One of the better of the nostalgia films at the time far exceeding the box office revenue of American Graffitti . The Hollywood Knights was something we as a club or group could identify with. Because we accepted rides and all of all kinds, from muscle cars to bikes, to restored John Deere classic tractors, to long haul big rig and medium sized trucks, we grew, and grew. For us then at the Real Hazzard County Garage, the Knytes were a no thinking brainer. We support the club, the club supports the shop. The first economic collapse hit in 1989, and the club needed to make green, so we started muling weed and shine. Until one of our members got caught with the weed, the club looked for ways to be legit, although we still ran shine. When the grand Times News give us the thumbs down, and NO or very few media outlets both radio and TV said not on our station, the club said, BS. We'll do up our own station. That started in May of 1983. Two months after my Mom passed away. Although Dixie Diesel, and Long Haul Trucker radio had been our clubs project going back to 1975, through the Knytes the original KTOW or Kay-Tow(e) signed on the air. We ushered in every kind of syndicated show we could find from TalkNet a program hatched by NBC Radio to Dr. Ruth, another NBC syndicated radio show. Thought became instead of just one mini radio station in Hazzard aka Hagerman Idaho, why not a bunch of mini stations tied together by microwave link. From Emmett Idaho to Blackfoot Idaho from Bancroft Idaho to Montpelier, Idaho from northwestern Utah, back to Hazzard Idaho There was Hazzard County Radio/KTOW FM&AM . The crux of all that? No matter who or where we were told no, we held up our middle finger and said BS, we're going to do it anyway, our way. When we were told that the only way you could get hot female flesh to pose with a hot rod, of the club, or a members ride was to hire models from California, we again said no. Surly we can recruit sweet hiney from our local communities. Back in the mid 1980's to mid 1990's that wasn't such a hard thing to do, but then we all heard about the goofballs that would go into medium sized and small towns pick up on young girls promising modeling careers and then going out and whacking them. This has been a real problem for us because we don't look like the usual , whatever that look is, but we're not the limo riding talent scouts, our suits are coveralls and patched vests(cuts) and when you begin to recruit honeys in a medium sized town your going to get the resistance of the local male bodies in town. Not my girl friend, wife, daughter etc. Even though our career opening is as real and legit, maybe more so than the so called area agencies, still if your not sporting a dress three piece suit, in a ride that's owned by the bank, and spending wads of cash, your looked on as sinister at the very least. But we still keep trying. And eventually we do get there, even if we do end up having to import talent from California. 
On our bar, and a recent event is an example . Friday night, our sweet associate gal-pal, Pam says they're having a 50's party at the Legal. Okay, I punched up the request to Pam can we come to this? Pam's response? Sold out. True meaning? You might be a bit to aggressive for the crowd attending so its safer that you don't come over. At our place , there would be no, tickets sold out or excuse for someone not to attend, no matter how you looked. Or dressed or what you drove. What turned the idea of the Reaper/Boars Nest to go forward, is that old bar and go juice station, will be opened strictly for the club. As both a bikers/ gearhead bar & Grill. Outside of the very few open public events the place will be open to club members and friends of members only , and only on weekends. 
Bottom line we in the club, don't give up. The secret to our Success and all, is simple; its called Hazzard County Tenacity and Hazzard County Enginuity.