Saturday, May 7, 2016

Does Facebook ever make you pissed? Do you wish there a way to give the real team at Facebook the middle finger?

Does Facebook ever really piss you off? Do you wish you could grab one of those little college failures that work at Facebook by the collar and kick their scranny little ass's? Or at least give em the middle finger? Did this, I get this thing saying I have notifications on a comment made on a page, but go to click the notification tab with that bright red flag showing, yet the prickly thing wont load. Go to the help desk, but find nothing, reload the damn thing still nothing. Makes one wonder is no one in Palo Alto California monitoring this shit on a Saturday night? Or are they out in near by San Francisco, downing urban style cocktails? 
Again I have to ask the question and it comes to this, are the Knytes and our media firm the only ones doing it right? Are we the only one up 24/7/365 really monitoring our systems and making sure YOU get the 411 you need? And yet we only have 10 employees in SouthernSteele Media, and yet we get the job done, all the time. 
Been having a good Saturday, even caught the reruns of HeeHaw, and was really crooning on some movies on LMN. Too girly you say to be watching LMN? Dig this; when there is nothing worth watching on TV be it cable, broadcast or any other form of TV except for Hulu, what else do you do? Disney Channel is good up to a point, but their missing the ship, on Disney After Dark, who wants to watch age old reruns of programs whose stars have outgrown the series' that air there. Disney had a good idea in launching Disney XD and such shows as LabRats. But after awhile, you really don't want to see the same crap. Course you could say that about HeeHaw or even the Dukes, trouble is at least they had some rib sticking content. This new junk hasn't any glue to it. It just does not stick , more like stink. 
The bitch from Florida I think got the message, lets see how long that lasts now.
Trouble is she keeps invading all of MY groups and Pages on FB. So that means I have to go to each one, 86 her out of them all, and block her from every one. Then I got this response earlier on a thing called LDS Singles of kissing on your first date. First, seems as though that page is more geared towards women, and the comments and postings are not, repeat ARE NOT, of church standards to put it mildly.
I'd like to know though, do you ever think that a show , with the same rural basics of HeeHaw could be produced today? Was or is HeeHaw so politically incorrect, from the short shorts in nylons and no heels, gals in the background to the rural humor so bad? Or could we get away with that today? 
In closing, Does Facebook ever make you pissed Do you wish you could give the system fuzz on FB the middle finger? And do you ever get so upset that you think of just deleting everything off of FB and deleting your FB account? It's time for something better than FB.