Saturday, May 14, 2016

Can you really make them wear that in America?

I was reading and only took in a bit of it on the news this afternoon on local KSL 5, that a large company in London, requires their women employees to wear high heels. If you don't and don't follow that dress code, your given the boot. Then I was catching some side news from Canada that two major firms in Vancouver and Ottawa Canada also required that in wearing heels for a dress code for their women employees. Which made me ask the obvious could that be required simply for eye candy in the office, in America ? Now in days gone by, it was not that uncommon, that women who wore skirts and dresses in such vocations as food server/service wear nylons, as it was on a sanitary element . Outside of that could a business or company in America, require its women employees, to wear or adhere to a dress code comprised of nylons, skirts, and yes heels? Or could that be considered sexual Harassment on the job? Could it be deemed descriminitory if you indeed required such a dress code , or would it be considered just a part of that particular company's option? 
Now for me of course, I love nylons on any woman, I associate with, I think nylons especially a piece of attire, that looks more polished and upscale. But can you really require it? 
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Now before I part tonight, need to say, I wasn't able to get all my production done for RodeWolfFM, so we wont air at 10AM, but will be on with that, at 5:00PM this evening. So too, I want to make this absolutely clear because I've heard some noises.
People have been rumoring here in our podunk town here, that I have a thing for our property associate Pam. Now Pam is that first, but has become a good friend as well as a involuntary life coach at least as far as running this company. But that's all of it, there is nothing ROMANTIC going on between her and I. Thing is I'd feel the same way and do many who have stepped in to grab me by my boot straps and say, that is not proper. Charles Legg of A1 Towing in Twin Falls Idaho did that, and so too, so has Pam. Now true, Pam is a Lady, not just a woman, but a Lady, who has been kind and helpful to me, but that's all it is. Kindness and respect, is reciprocated , by respect and kindness. There's not many people especially here in Evanston that has been that way with me and the Knytes/AyreWolvez. 
Just wanted to clear that up. Finalizing here. Word from Bad Hat Productions, original production company that brought you the old TV medical series House, is looking to rekindle that fire, with a recast, of and bringing to light an entirely news series, called HOUSE. Now if they could do a new recasted version of B.J. & The Bear, and as well redoux the Dukes-of-Hazzard. 
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