Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wolf with a Story A time better remembered


There are friends and times that at the time were considered endless. While the feelings are there in the present, the depth of those feelings and presumed brotherhood, get rather foggy.

Yesterday I took a run with our are President Ricky, to Vernal Utah to take a big payloader there.

We got there, and had to haul the big mammoth ma chine on the back of a truck that while trying real hard was not being acclimated to the task.

Going going to and on our trip home Rick and I talked about many things , including of course the club.

His view of things, is the same thing that I felt in 2008, and why the club regrouped under the Knytes-of-Anarchy rather than the Hazzard County Knytes. Like the TV show that as one half of the clubs core foundation, Hazzard County in fact much of DOH, has little fuel in it any more. While the fan base is still there, even given the fact that the larger club’ President is Ben Jones, the question is, when was the last time the Hazzard Knytes ever gotten a check, from the national organization ? In 2008 we regrouped with the ideas of what the other half of the Hazzard Knytes was based on, a real custom big truck 10,000 GVW and heavier commercial truck custom/classic group. With the basic tag being truckers are bikers with more wheels and steel.

So Rick and I talked. His attitude towards the club are in my mind on two fronts, excommunicate Rick as a member as well as maybe its time to flat consider that the Twin Falls area charter would be best denounced and re-establish the Charter in either Pocatello or Idaho Falls, or at least beef up those two sub charters.

Some of what Rick said yesterday makes sense. Lets face it, many of our projects have come to dead ends, not winners. Aside from the radio station project, the bars, Pin Up Calendar, Videos etc, are projects that if done by anyone else might get off the ground. But not us or at least done by us.

So what do you do? Quit? Maybe but only partly.

Yesterday, going up to Vernal, I took special mental notes of a whole new bunch of territories. Many of which we just barely touched on, and many never before explored.

Now then the Utah promise is no longer a maybe if idea, but a definite lets get the Wolf-Pack up and ready and get out of here.

Now the Knytes itself will live on and prosper , but I don’t see it in western Idaho. But there is the Idea of rolling the Knytes and the AyreWolvez into one organization, and focus on vintage and classic military warbird aircraft, tbka (to-be-known-as) the AyreKnytes Aviation Association. Base the club in Utah and extend packs rather than charters as needed or that demonstrate the need and want of a pack.

Finally I’m pulling all the invites and ads for area help from all listings, retaining those we have , but no more. More over re-interviewing those that are already hired , and finding those that want to remain as well as those that are just kicking the tires.

I did extend the final deadline for Mandy until Tuesday since I was gone all day Friday on the run to Vernal, Utah, but beyond Tuesday, no show its going to have to be a it was nice, glad to know ya, see you around the galaxy.


Quote of the Day:
The happiest couples are those who spell "us" with a capital "you."
--Klare Provine
Isaiah 55:6“Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.”

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take time to praytfi shield

Friday, October 4, 2013

Deadline nears

REAPER CREW REPORTaw phootenotes

Last year this time I vowed that 2013 would be the year, a face and a body would be on TV and in print for the organization as well as Dixie Toewing/AyreWolf Aviation.

I searched over this damn area for talent to model with the trucks, the warbirds and to be a cover on all three websites. Here it is the freezing cold, snow on the horizon, and not one damn frame of film or tape, has been shot.

Added to that so far from having in radio talent for in the studio, that while we’ll do it and all, still its way behind the intended results. But as one much wiser than I said once, its not the shame of failure, that gets you, it’s the shame of never trying. A Marine never just tries we Git-R-Done.

Now two weeks ago, the weather was warm , still in sunshine, and with a posting for a bar tender, got a gal from Hazzard. Thought she’d be keen. After one trip to McDonalds, and maybe it was just hunger, but I’ll bet you your next oil change that she really did not want to be in the Wolf’s Lair, and the meeting more in public. When she said she was going for food, just should have excused her. But no, I went along. I am not one to let people buy meals for me at least not women, but she did. Wanted to reciprocate , but that did not happen. Once was good, then she came over took me for a beer, again she bought. Then finally the last big McDonalds meeting, I was wanting to buy myself a soda, but got pinched in the seat. Blocked path so while everybody else consumed , I got cotton mouth. Thing is I was promised and guaranteed by these women that they were all on board, ready to go the whole thing. If they weren’t, why tell me so? After all, by now I could have gotten in touch with both a modeling agency in Salt Lake City, which it looks like I’m going to have to do, a video crew from salt Lake which I knew we’d need anyway, but now I have to find an inside place that’s dry and warm to do the video. Plus I have missed the appointments of getting LexiBelle into AAA Autobody to get new skin and paint, over to the shop for lettering and mechanicals, and it’ll mean missing out on opening of toew season.

All for what? Being nice and accommodating. Naw this is not for me. In this world you get beauty, or brains and courage, but very rarely do you get both. I think I have that in Mandy and all, but Marine brother or not, If she don’t get in touch and secure her spot in our project by Monday, then I have to Hazzard Up, and say hey gal its been nice, nothing personal, but I have a business to run, and your hindering that business. Not that going toewing here in Tweaker Flatts and the area is all that important, as I plan on seeing this place just on TV in Utah somewhere by this time next year, but it’d been nice to make the $5,000.00 or so during the first few weeks of snow, on the opening of toewing season.

The only slim beams of light I see right now is the finalizing of getting the radio station not only on air but perfected and tuned by June, 2014 , and having Nurse GoodBody, help me secure my funds from SSA and the VA, so I can bow out gracefully as I can from both Charlie as well as Tweaker Flatts. I know that Charlie meant well moving me back here, but this area remains so messed up and here if you do not have the LDS House seal of approval, all you do is spin your wheels and not gain any traction for your action. While yes Utah is the LDS capitol , Utah is albeit not by much, but still is a bit more open minded that our area of Idaho.

Any way Monday is the deadline for Mandy and Bernadette, if they keep putting me off, then I need to say thanks but no thanks. Do the TV stuff and calendar come spring. and go from there.

L8R Ya’ll

aHazzardAyre Short heddersign off

Quote of the Day:
One way to stop a runaway horse is to bet on him.
--Jeffrey Bernard
Proverbs 27:1“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

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A Hcc Super Dash Combo

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When one Sheep jumps they all follow, Welcome to Idaho

AHCG HEDDERaw phootenotes

So got up for nothing and stayed on station waiting for our Mandy, but again the poison of another is leaking into our Mandy’s field of view too.

Seems as though the same image I have as I was a kid watching those Basque sheep herders on highway 30 just north of Hazzard then, is as accurate today as it was then. The thing today its not sheep, but people. And when people start wandering off like sheep following the others, what happens then is one jumps off the cliff the rest follow, and the rest die.

Then there comes folks like my self and the rest of the Wolvez. We get in amongst the sheep , and immediately it’s a circle the wagons to protect the sheep, rather than understand a shake up is just what we need. Back when Obama was elected, although Bush was no prize I said that electing that guy to office was going to be a disaster, my predictions were true. But the entire nation lead by fear of keeping another crook in office followed like sheep to the shearing pen and Shazam you got shaved alright. Headed down the trail of economic collapse. The course then as now, The Confederate National Party, vote in the foot steps of Jefferson Davis, not Abe Lincoln. But did you listen? No. Then when it came to re-elect, faced with virtually no choice you re-elected Obama. You had a choice, again the CNP, but did you step out? No, just like a sheep, you followed the rest of the flock, and now your Government is shut off. What is it going to take for ya’ll to realize, you have only one choice? Vote CNP and join in on the Confederate Party ticket. Be a wolf not a sheep.

So then Mandy, don’t show, which means no Bernadette . No problem, I’m holding their spots open, as these two are good enough to to keep that spot open, but we have a whole new bunch of new recruits coming on board. My new housekeeper is also one heck of a go getter. She understands the club, more importantly accepts me as me, and that is important. She knows there is no hanky panky going on here, it’s a friendship with a job, and a career. Likewise, just like Nurse GoodBody, she applied, lived through the first battle, helped bail LexiBelle out of bondage, has stayed in the loop and while not always active in club business, we keep tabs with each other. As such she is going to work with a good firm attached to the club, and will eventually a PSR. My PSR. And she’ll be here with me for as long as I am in the area.

The main focus of the recruiting hiring efforts this last go round was two fold. One , entertaining a interview hiring process to determine if there enough qualified people to run two bars. One a GP (General-Public) establishment, and one directly for the club  for ones who ride on 2 wheels, as well as have wings(fly) . Out of that the other reason we recruited was to find a person, that could ride herd, on the area operation so I could get my butt out of the area, come May, so that this sub charter is not shut down when I do leave in May. So far on either the bar, nor a club sitter as it is, is not showing much more promise than anything else, but hey, maybe we can get someone out of the next group of recruits.

Then there is the issue of Knyte Guard Payee Services. If you remember I was looking into this, mostly from a self serving point of view, as I was dissatisfied with the one from BlackFoot who could not seem to get my program straight.

I thought and I find I’m not far from the truth , that there is many on Government incomes that are required to have someone else ride herd on their money, as it is determined or decreed that there be a person in charge of their funds.

As it is now, in the entire state of Idaho, there are two firms that do OTC Payee services, one only does it within a clinical environment the other(no longer accepting clients) does it with a limited if any staff, out of Blackfoot. For a whopping $40.00 a month.

Thought is with many military members coming home that will need this kind of service due to like me with PTSD and all that will need a Payee. Then there are those in worse shape that will and do need a dependable Payee. What if there was one? If you consider that roughly in Idaho, there is 75,000 people needing a Payee , and you charged half of what Rebecca in Blackfoot charges to do that, taking out say $200,000.00 for administrative costs, office etc. Your still looking at just over $1,million, 300,000.00 green stamps a month, not year, but a month. For just about two weeks of work. That ain’t too bad of an income. So you get a few stay at home moms, (or Dads) The Government checks come in, the bills get paid for the clients, their rents get paid, and utilities, and you disperse the rest of the money less the $20.00 fee for the service, and you have one heck of a gig. It benefits other people in need, greases the palms of the club in this case, and relief is felt for all.

This is something that the club has been wanting to get in motion, the bars and radio station , is the delivery method here. But did these gals stay on board? Nope just like sheep, one bailed the others while still not out of it, are one by one scampering away like deers in headlights.

When it comes to the Knytes of Anarchy, to learn all about us and what we do, its going to take more than a week and a half, and two McDonalds , one beer, one hot dog and a beer meeting. Its going to take a good month. But what do so many outside the club membership do. Just because I’m not driving something that I do not owe one penny on, and LexiBelle not looking too good right now, which is purely my fault I’ll get into why in another entry, and do not put on a shirt and tie or so called establishment, conformist uniform, I’m seen as some sort of predator , Remember my idea of just putting that on my forehead? Likewise the club is seen as some sort of sinister operation. The fact is, our aim is to improve lives, for our fellow military brethren , as well as champion the southern cause. Yes we are the Wolvez in amongst the sheep, and we’re damn proud of it, because if your going to shake things up, the best way is to get the sheep nervous. Problem is when one Sheep jumps they all jump.

Until next month in the Hazzard Gazzette,

Keep it tween the ditches,

MY SIG{3}a cooter ad

Quote of the Day:
Who in their right mind would ever need more than 640K of RAM!?
--Bill Gates, 1981
Proverbs 29:25“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.”

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hazzardayre tail 2

That just blew me away, thanks Kurt


Whew, just got done watching Son’s for this week. I never thought that Otto, would off that Fed, retired Marshall but stuck his ass, then came the guards and terminated Otto. I never saw that part coming. The question is will Jax’s ex, turn on Tara? I know she’s doing big things to help in the court case, between Tara and Jax that will ultimately end that arrangement, but will Jax’s ex, turn and side with Gemma in the end. This has more turns and twists than Tupper road near Hazzard.

Caught a thing today, that has my brain draining. More than usual. I already told you that Ashley is coming to clean house, but the fact that after nearly 13 years she surfaces back in my environment and has been reading HazzardAyre, all this time. See Joni, some of those that know me do read the publication. Shows how much you know, don’t it? Okay then , but that’s not the spooky side of this. Caught an email about 20:00 hours, although it might have been earlier, put in there, but seems that when Uncle Obamabeenlyin got the Demopublicans, so pissed off, that they pulled the wallet out of DC and shut down the Feds, that everything else went belly up. Google’s been slow, Yahoo, intermittent, and Facebook sketchy, but getting back on point, saw this thing in the email, of mine, from our nurse GoodBody. Seems as though she’s getting specialized training at the same head exam center that I’m going through to certify I’m sane enough to do my own money. Ellie May, could if things go right, Nurse GoodBody would be my PSR. Wouldn’t that melt the frost off the pumpkin ?

Ellie May said she could the call from the outfit, because of my recommendation. See, its good to know me and the club. Things do happen when you are loyal to to the Knytes. We work in the shadows. And oh yes we are everywhere.

Last but not least, saw this thing on the Dixie Wing of the CAF, about a refurbished F4U, which is absolutely beautiful. But here’s the only rubs I have, one the camera guy needs practice, holding the cam steady. Plus being not too good looking, should not look into the cam. Don’t get me wrong, not saying I’m MR GQ or anything, but after all I am on radio, and two when I was on TV in Pocatello, I looked better than that guy did. Now I’m not saying I’m a full blown tech wiz either. Heck I don’t know how to upload to YouTube, that however is going to right itself soon as well. But as Pappy would say, if your not going to do it right stay on the ground, on the porch with the puppy's, Don’t try to mingle with the big dogs.

Speaking of Big Dogs.

Cable-One and I guess Turner Broadcasting had a tiff. Seems as though Cable-One wont pay the high prices Turner wants to run their higher tier programming. So Turner pulled the plug on allowing Cable One to access Turner’ networks, like CNN, CNN Headline news, TruTV, WTBS, TNT, Cartoon Network to name a few. So a bit irked I went to Big Dog satellite. Spent 2-1/2 hours there qualifying for a sat dish. But in the end, the only way Dish would allow me to get their service was to have a debit or credit card. Although there’s a program there for those that don’t have a credit card, the prices were reasonable, but in short I wasted two and a half hours just to be told no, in amongst the guy waiting on me took two 15 minute phone calls, had a bad tooth, so I urge all of you that are members of our club, all 50,000 of you, if you have DISH, drop it, if you don’t, do not subscribe. I’d rather deal with Cable-One as bad as I dislike them, but I’d rather deal with Cable-One than DISH or Big Dog satellite. Here’s the rub though. I can walk into any big truck dealership in three states and drive out with a brand new rig on just a signature, be it a MACK, Peterbilt, KW, or Freightliner. A $80,000.00 rig, but DISH will not grant me a sat dish? What this cost DISH is this, none of our club houses will have DISH. NONE OF THEM. Our bars? NO DISH NETWORK, its now a mandate, no club member will subscribe to DISH.

The question though that I have to Cable-One here in our area. Again if your so strapped money wise and I can’t imagine why, heck your parent company the Washington POST just inked a deal with a new owner not more than a month ago, but if you can’t find a way to keep your networks, At least in our area, sell it off to Comcast.

That was a great Episode Kurt, thank you.

Or as I do it, TY, or TTYLXOX,

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
The quest for riches darkens the sense of right and wrong.
--Antiphanes, ancient Greek dramatist
Proverbs 29:25“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.”

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All JUnk Mail is junk mail Snoozin is loosin,

AHHJ HEDDERsundown turnaround

So took a look in my old junk mail file on the clubs email account. Here was this gal by the name of Ashley who as it turned out is a gal I knew when she was just 15 in Buhl.

She called as it would happen , needs a job, now has one, $75.00 a month to clean the Lair, and eventually the bars and shop office.

What does this mean? Simple, for every applicant that decides that our environment is too sinister for them to get in . There’s at least 4 out there that knows the club, and/or knew of both clubs, and are not spooked just because its ye ole Wolf riding herd here.

Around the club or me, you snooze you loose. Its just that simple. Take the gals I been trying to train. Out of 4, 2, are worth even working with. I thought we’d have four, but she thought it was grand to challenge my authority and integrity. Which backfired on me from the club officers. Doesn’t people realize that there are those out there that are club members that read this publication I hammer out 5 times a day, or tune into as it is now subscription based radio show, HazzardAyre Radio?

When this wolf howls others hear(read), then it snaps back at me when somebody gets greedy, and wants to cause a fuss.

Out of the bunch as I said 2 are worth dealing with, one of which I like as a friend who is a Marine, with some sort of understanding of how things work. The other lives out near Hansen, and she’s got brain power , that is untapped. On the thought of house keeper, I had to sit next to one Thursday that had pit smell so bad I nearly barfed. Even so, where is she? She could have done the job she said she was going to, and already got paid for it, today. Yes some Fed money did get here, so I was able to disperse some money, she could have been one of em. Nope, but hey guess she didn’t really need a job. She snoozed, she lost. That game over.

If one of or both the other two show up in a day or two they have still a shot. If not, We’ll find someone who will. And there are plenty right now that will.

Lets face it and people can blame Obama, the Demopublicans for a bad economy. Sure companies large and small are not bubbling over in income, but there is jobs out there. If one wants to work, are not too picky about it, and don’t read something into something else, that was never intended, people can get not only jobs, but careers. But no, women get a eerie feeling or think that hey it’s a lone male corpuscle in charge or some other odd ball excuse. Rather than work with a project that can gain momentum , that can be rewarding, both in money as well as personal satisfaction in a job well done.

The next time you shut out your inbox , junk or spam folder, look it over there might be something there worth looking into, it might be a contact that you forgot from yesteryear that can make a future much better. For both employer as well as employee.

It’s like eating okra, it may look like crap, feel like slime, but damn when you get under the cover, its damn good eating.

Keep it tween the ditches.

MY SIG{3} 11754766_112978306656

Quote of the Day:
Show me a thoroughly satisfied man, and I will show you a failure.
--Thomas Edison
Matthew 5:11-12““Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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For the disbelievers, news travels fast


The noise from an old gal in Hagerman, that considered the future of the Reaper Club, not going forward, must have had a bit too much to drink.

There is way too much support for the opening of the Reaper to hold it back. People want we’re about to deliver. The fact that I’m running the office from the house pending some P&Z and City squirming, but its on its way. All those young fillies that were shrugging us aside, and the one gal who I thought  was something that reminded me why I still and will sleep alone for years to come and enjoy it, was barking all kinds of things at me, that I thought why even try? Then you get a bolt of lightning like I got this morning at Breakfast and at the store, that all are banking on the opening of the Reaper Club. Hell even the liquor commission is willing to grant us licenses that were all too much lacking in availability. And yet I get called all kinds of nasty things, from one gal in my home town. It’s like , okay, you don’t want to work here, fine , take a hike. Her big belly ache was she hadn’t yet seen anything tangible. What was I to show her? Shyt we had only been working maybe a week total, between lunch’s and a beer meeting. As far as having the club President here, is she kidding, how am I going to convince Ben or John, to fly out here to Idaho, for a sit down? For what? The first thing that came out of Kevin’s mouth was , what thing did I do to piss em off. Just like many other times, and I knew it would, but its my moxy evaluation, the thing of smooching a toe for the tow service, TV ad, was a bit over the top. Okay yes I’ll admit, I was really trying to get to know this gal. But shyt I’m about if things had worked in the right direction turn the bar over to her or at least the operation of it, had her pledged to be a prospect in the club, and entertaining the idea of either her or Mandy be the caretaker of the club finances here. Maybe even my own. As far as Charlie, I like him doing what he is doing the way he’s doing it, although it limits the length of rope I can go. And while he’s not directly involved in funding the club’s radio station or bar. Show him something making real green in 4 to 8 months, and I’ll guarantee you, Charlie will not hesitate to get involved with his weight. What I have now is a bunch of people balling like cows in a pen, fretting their not going to get fed, when its just the loading of the feed stall.

If this first batch of new hires don’t want to be involved, there’s all too many out here that do.

Their loss not ours.

Any mile gotta get back on air here. See ya’ll on the afternoon haul.

aHazzardAyre Short hedder sign off

Quote of the Day:
Patience is the companion of wisdom.
Matthew 5:11-12““Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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a cooter adREAPER CLUB SIGN 2

FCC and Government shut down suspends new licenses and renewals .


He don’t give many gifts, but Obama’s failure to agree with the Rebulinocrats (Republicans/Democrats) on budget, created a system wide shut down of all US Government agencies, not required for human safety or defense.

Bottom line the FCC except for essential operations is taking a nap. For us who have not yet got our stuff together for the October filing window for new licenses as well as resumption of old ones, can take a month or so to get our marbles picked up and done.

If one wanted to run pirate, you could right now as there is no protection at the gate to prevent it. In essence the Wolvez can go into the chicken coop, swipe the eggs because farmer John is not at the door.

Only Social Security Checks, benefit payments, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare , programs will operate as normal. The Post Office will operate as normal. Everything else is taking a Siesta while Congress and Senate officials both sides of aisle get their plans figured out and quit playing politics and govern. Like I have said we have done it, Abe Lincolns way for 153 years. My solution? Lets run Government Jefferson Davis’ way the rest of the existence of this nation on this third rock from the solar sun.

We could elect Sheldon Cooper and have a better person in office. Our candidate? Ben (Cooter) Jones as President, Roscoe as Vice President, and Enos  as Secretary of state. Then we’d have a real nations government.

My thoughts on the subject.

Got a reply from places elsewhere. From one, says she’ll be over Later today, we see. All I want from many of em if anything is the deets Mandy and I got Friday, so I can follow through on what we started, rather the club and I started 2 years ago here. That said, Got a fax from Scaggs, he says that the operation right now is on life support. Meaning if we ain’t got the gig running by mid October and any these new hires plugged in, there ain’t going to be any new hires, the radio station will go forward with the current crew meaning myself, Karl, Rick. No more no less/. We have until October 20th or it’s a no go in Idaho.

Pretty bad when one gal messes it up for the rest, but remember around here many are like sheep, they follow each other which means, even black sheep. But then we all in the Knytes as well as the AyreWolvez are the Wolvez in amongst the sheep, and the sheep are worried.

See ya’ll this afternoon.

L8R Ya’ll

sign offKNYTES WINGS X 2


Quote of the Day:
Light travels faster than sound so some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
--Joe Messmore
Matthew 5:11-12““Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.