Monday, March 28, 2016

Together and yet so far, but still hanging in there praying for an answer.

It's Monday morning, FoX 13 news weather guy said its going to snow again so it'll be greasy out there.
Last night into early morning was something that had to be felt to gain a grip on. See I started working on some photo research photos for the show that will kick off the new season of HazzardAYre Radio in another week. And in so doing started watching the Women's segment of LDS Conference. I tried to get my lady to come and sit down and watch it with me, but she didn't care to . Most of the night prior I was watching the stage version of Grease Live, which in my opinion was poorly done. Oh the script was adhered to okay, most of the musical numbers were by the book, but with the attempt to mix in some ethnic racial elements and all it just did not have the zing that the film had. The race at the near end was all to fake and phony. Not the best effort, but hey they tried. I started hatching an idea of doing the thing a bit more spicy and a bit more racy than what I had seen, in hopes of combining that into the film that is both a drama film as well as a docudrama of the formation of The Hazzard Knytes and how we finally came together as the powerful organization we are today. Going all the way back to the point at Mrs. Jacobsen's Cub Scout troop pack 303 of Layton Utah when we customized our Hot Wheels cars to our bycicles to our powered mini bikes and so on. Through the TTA(TeenAge Truckers Association 4-H Truckers Club) through the RoadMasters all the way to that fateful day at the Polish Palace in Hagerman-aka- Hazzard Idaho when we formed the club. The reason simply is the story needs to be told and two Kurt Sutter is working on two projects, one a movie version of the Son's and a TV run of pre Son's as the First-9 . Every part of the Hazzard Knytes from the start of the Radio station to our shops to the start of our brother organization the AyreWolvez, all of it will be in the film. It's a huge task, and getting everything in place, the right people cast for the club members, the girls we knew, the music all of it. We'll be filming about the time the Son's movie starts showing late this year. So then with Mama SexyWolf off in her la-la land, and not thinking of what it takes to be my SheWolf, being converted to the LDS Church and all, which is a must. I'm not marrying this time out of lust or simple companionship. This marriage if it happens at all is for keeps for here on Earth and in eternity, I don't think she completely understands what that means. So then I started watching the movie the Hollywood Knights, which of course is part of the foundation for the Hazzard Knytes(Knights) , and she wanted no part of that. It's like we are residing together , not living together, and it has me wondering should I take both a financial , as well as emotional hit, and send her back to Florida? I began wondering this even more this past Saturday. With fetching food from Wally's Burgers, and wanting some sodas to go with it I stopped into one of the Maverick stores here. There's a new gal that started working there, that I just can't stop thinking about. This young honey barely scratching if she is at all of 22 maybe 23 has more in common and more chemistry with me and what I want in someone to cast into our movie, than just about anyone I have seen in a many moons. Lady SexyWolf needs to know and I've tried to be very kind in telling her this, but unless she gets her act together, and or if this Brit gal at the Maverick store showed any kind of personal feelings for me beyond being a feature talent for the film or club, Brit has me in a Hazzard County second. 
The way I look at it right now, is this; there is a week now until the next go round for money coming into the Lair, if SexyWolf don't get it together and shows a bit more attention and interest in me and my world, and gets off Facebook and out of her little phone world and looks at mine, she's outta here. I'd rather live alone and be allowed the freedom to explore those women who compliments me and my life, rather than reside or try to live with someone that makes feel alone anyway. Any way. Lets look at some more here. It wasn't being under the cloud of coughing and suppression of that backwashed snot in my throat that kept me from going to church this Easter Sunday, heck I forgot it was Easter. Nope it was another flip out fight with Shelly. It seems that's just about all we have been doing since she got here. God teaches we should try to be of service to those not too tightly wrapped or who don't have our abilities or blessings. In my life it's Shelly. She got bonked on the head, quite severely as a youth as well as just a few years ago, much prior abuse and mental trauma and while not retarded still not too much ahead of that and quite developementaly challenged. The fact that I rescued her from her Aunt & Uncles back yard essentially off the street and brought her out here, was not enough. Yet outside of just after the first few days, even a week , its been fight and disagreement after another. Beyond the fact that I'm keeping my carnal needs in check much of that having to do with superficial eye candy, and not much desire, there is no emotional, or real love bond. I wanted her to go see the Bishop here to discuss this, but although she only partly agreed, still her heart is not into it. As many of you can understand here, this is not a situation that is sustainable, for the long haul, unless something steps in here. I think it'll end up with her going back to Florida a week from now, if she does stay it'll be through the Bishop, and the Church finding employment at WalMart, and living elsewhere. But there's still a week to decide.
AnyWay much to do today, need to catch some sleep. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Honestly honey I just read this for the articles

How many times have you said that? , "honey I really only read the articles" To which your lady of desire and loyalty says, something along the lines of and assumes YOU to be visually if not telepathicly cheating says, you just love those women with those perfect bodies. Oh you just love comparing them to me or some other none intelligent back talk. But you were just reading the articles. It's not just that, I remember back about 10 years ago, this one gal, that I will give the screen name : Wingsofadove after months of online chatting when that was a social things, somehow showed up at my door one night, and sweet talked her way in the door. Once we made whoopie for the 12th time, we went off to Hooters. Now I had discovered that aside from the fat ass'd women who work at Hooters much of which is constrained inside of some serious support control nylons , that Hooters makes a damn good grilled ham and cheese sandwhich. With the beer batter curly fries in cheese, and a few brews is a great meal. However no amount of convincing as to the fact I went there for the food would do, her thought was he loves the women. Even those women smell foul in the morning. They too fart, and as much as I seriously hunger for the musky aroma of women's small feet in nylons, those working women at Hooters after 12 hours in sneakers oh they smell rotten. I also think that those guys at TV networks want to start fights in the home. Example, the other night, last night, as I watched the Flash , and Thor and that series about OJ Simpson on FX, that about every other ad break had an ad for Victoria's Secret on there. Of course I howled, Victoria's models are great visual stimulants, but then the comparrison thing enters in. Oh you think she's prettier than me" thing comes in, even if you think or say to your lady your thinking of buying that for your lady, She knows (and so do you) that your 2 kid wife can't ever fit in such a thing, even if she did, she'd look like a muffin. Then after several hours of fighting and nearly throwing her out or sending her back to Florida, you get to talking into the wee hours of the morning, with her admitting , "I can't cook" , my mental response is, " Hey if you can't cook, can you at least clean up the house?" Then came the big thing of, " I just can't stand a man that really sweats" Excuse me? I remember and I truly believe this, there was the scene on the movie called Bruce Almighty, where God was mopping a floor, The response was, There's many a person that is satisfied in life that goes home smelling like a stock yard. I truly believe, that physical labor, where a few patches of skin, and smelling like a 5k run is good for you. Breaking off of a damn keyboard, getting away for even a few hours from Facebook, and all the made up junk, from thereof including the backbiting and fighting, and marveling at God's creations, smelling clean air and just letting your mind unwind, is better than any chemical dependent cure. Be that as it may, one of my Mom's greatest gifts to me, was teaching me to read at a very early age. I remember this mini porta potty we had. Although doing your duty in the living room in front of the TV might not be best practices, still Mom bought me a subscription to an ancient magazine called Humpty Dumpty magazine. I'd sit , shit and read. Ever since then I read anything and everything I can get my hands on. I especially like some of these women's magazines. At first I started reading many of them, to gain some sort of insight into just how women think. But over time I have learned , many of those writing those articles , have no idea of just how us male corpuscles think. So I saw in this months edition of Women's Health magazine an article on student debt, and that women still today think, that they do not make the same pay level as a man. The fact is many women don't do the amount of work, in either a physical or mental brainiac level of work that men do. Sorry but its the truth. How many times have you heard the noise from a woman, " Sorry, but I need to ask my husband if he thinks that's too much to pay for that auto repair?" In reality, all too many men who say they wear the pants in their homes are lieing coon dogs. Most financial expenses are dictated by the woman. Which is why many men find and build our Man caves. So we can just be ourselves. Eat our cheese burgers, belch , fart, drink our Coors or Budweiser's , watch the race or the game, and unbuckle our pants and feel at peace. I have the next response to the next udderence, " Hey honey , you take out the trash this time, maybe getting out of the house, might make you not so damn bitchy." In reality, Honestly, Honey I was just reading the articles.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I have always wanted to take a trip to Mountain View California and the HQ of Google.

I have always wanted to take a trip to Mountain View California and the HQ of Google. I'd like to go in and praise Google for my near no problem Gmail, YouTube, and so on, and up to about a month ago, my Blogger account that hosts these blogs of Hazzard County Tymez. as well as RodeWolf Gazzette, and 63 other blogs that are on my list. Of course the collapse of negotiations between Google and Microsoft has prevented posting from my Windows LiveWriter, utility, but over all its been near goof proof. But then middle of February, these posts did not post to my gmail account, nor alert me through my cell phone, which also meant the posts did not post to the clubs email nor to one of our companies for Highway Hooker Toewing, which btw was just verified on Google my business, listings. Of course you can't call a human to go into the accounts to fix a glitch, nor can you get a direct help from anyone, so you list your problem on the help forums, which will list at least 5 so far people having the same problem. The question needs to be asked here, as I have noticed this was a fix on two other blog services, one being that if you do a paid account, the problems seem to fade away. All of a sudden your postings get posted again, is Google through Blogger telling us something? It seems this situation is not unique. If your bill at your internet service provider gets past due, especially for a few months, what you get is a slightly throttled back upload mbps speed. But once you pay the bill the bandwidth increases. Hmmm , funny huh? 
Mama SheWolf is better this morning. A bit hessitant on going to see a counselor for a few mind hang ups, that is hindering her adult progression. However she is willing to talk to our Bishop. Now on that I want to tell ya'll this. Even with my indescretions on some section 89 D&C items, and even though the Bishop was not keen on me having a live in fiance although she sleeps on the mini couch and I sleep in my bed, still our Bishop is one of the most kind and loving Bishops I have ever been in a Ward with. The only other I can say that of is Bishop Belnap of the Shallow Creek Ward of Ogden Utah. Both reached out and allowed sacred funds to help me when I had no one else to turn to. Although yesterday I can say and I do, say thank you to Dave and Vern of our ward helping me to keep the radio gig online. 
Getting back here, I really do wish I could take a trip to Mountain View California, walk into the HQ of Google, and grab one of those college boys by the collar and say look buttwipe fix my Blogger accounts. But at least they do post to Facebook. Imagine if Facebook started a free blogging site? As well as an email account service. Outside of YouTube, the rest of Google would be nearly wiped out, if Facebook did that. 
HazzardAyre Radio is on again starting Sunday night, and Monday morning RodeWolf FM is back on . 

Monday, March 14, 2016

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there ought to be a marriage or relationship manual cuzz women are squirrly

I've said it before and I'll say it again, women are squirrly and there needs to be a instruction manual. Especially when their hormones are all over the place. There's a big gap between looking over talent resumes for a production and oogling over a potential get together. In all my years working on films, TV series's and all I have had only two that understood that. The finest I ever had was Janice. Not only would she help me select talent candidates, she'd help dress them and do all the follow up work, too bad that went into the toilet when it did. Plus the way it did. Then of course there was Erin, too bad I never connected the dots there until it was too late. Who else would have gave out of her own bank account $700.00 to bail out LexiBelle? She was married at the time, even her husband liked me, so did her kids. Of course the path to the gig, wasn't so easy with Janice, since Robin, Miss Dixie Diesel 1993 was in the picture, and while there was friction there, in time she understood why I did what I did, and that was how we made a living, put bread on the table and the service to the club that is always number one in priorities. 
This new one however is off center to the point, that I'm about to pull the plug. I'm giving it time, but the bitchy , cranky, all over the place moods, comparing me to her xom (Ex Old Man) I mean come on? Shute I'm NOT HIM. I tried to tell her that for this to work, several things needs to take place. She needs to read the Book of Mormon, Get baptised into the church so we can be married and sealed to each other for eternity. She does not yet grasp the idea that there is but one person on earth that truly loves her and wants to be with her, yet if she keeps throwing these anger fits, she's going to be gone, as my nerves can't handle it much. Although I can say this, if there's going to be a break up, over petty things and she's not willing to be understanding with me and what I do when I'm not flying or towing, then it'll be less hurt now than dragging it out, only this time, I ain't paying for another bus ticket. I'm already up to my ass in bills, keeping the radio station operational, paying shop bills as well as back rent to Mr. Voss, and all. Oh and yes thanks to Dave, for the help on the cable/internet bill, but there is trouble ahead. 
The morning I used money to buy that bus ticket, I was a bit gun shy, and wanted to stay in bed, and sleep. But I keep my word and bought the ticket. She came out alright, and its been argument after argument, since. This is not a way to set up and keep a relationship for marriage. If anything she's destroying it. Then we were talking on some of the things I like on a woman and what I like them to wear. Of course you all know my passion for nylon hose. Instantly she said , she wasn't going to wear them. Of course I can make an adjustment, but dang it, could this be the kind of thing that drove her xom to other women? I suggested counseling , she wouldn't hear about that, but I think she should go, get some meds to help balance her out, or at least talk to our Bishop. Nope was the word. So I reset the marriage date to late July, as if things don't work better before then, then there wont be a wedding. 
Some wolves are meant to prowl alone. Maybe I'm just one of them. 
HazzardAyre Radio returns this weekend. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Did you just get ditched by Facebook, did you just get redirected by Blogger?

Have you just get ditched by Facebook? How about rerouted or not fully published by Blogger , by Google if so your not alone. Here's my dilemma, used to be, I'd carve out these by hourly blog posts to share with the members of our clubs or to garner support from our sponsors and financial supporters. When I'd hit the button to publish, the thing would go to my gmail, my phone, and a few other email accounts of club sponsors and supporters. Plus I could post on FB and Twitter. It was automatic. But now those features are no longer able. No matter how many times I refresh my browser or rest who I am supposed to email to in my blogs, Blogger settings. To a certain extent, I have a feeling that it has to be that its a free service that is not making ANYBODY any money, including both FB and Google, so they flat don't care much. Would it be better if it were a paid service? Perhaps and you might get more response if it were from Googles support teams, of course them seeing your content on your computer if they do a screen view, is risky, as well as understanding Indian (and I'm talking Bangladesh not native American) English, but it goes to the old thing and that is , its not YOUR website, nor YOUR WEBPAGE, nope your asking to have Google or Facebook, post your content on their sites for others to read free of charge. Is there an alternative? Yes, buy, build and initiate your own website. Easier said than done, especially if your not a computer geek techy. Even if you aren't that means having a Computer geek build the site, the ability by most site builders is not of the grade to embed such things as a online streaming program such as Livestream, into YOUR website. If you do find someone with those skills, expect to dig deep in your wallet, at minimum of $3,000.00 and it goes up from there. 
Next entry, on the online radio.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

New day dawning and I'm still yawning

I tried to snooze last night but just couldn't get into a proper mindset so been awake most of the night. Had a nice chat with my lady online, but she was loosing touch with mother earth, so she went to dreamland and I'm about to. So went to get some donuts, and some comfort food, in route stopped by the shop. The same stuff on back of LiL Wolf had not been unloaded, so I got out, took maybe 15 minutes and now Monday I can drive LiL Wolf over to Chad's to get what should have been done at our shop, yet all the time Rick and his disfunctional crew could not or did not want to do, nor have any inclination to do. Then Rick wondered why I'm a bit stingy on the money side. Its kinda hard to get ambitious about sacrificing my creature comforts and all when your side is kicked to the curb, and pretty much ran over by the proverbial bus. The basic foundation of it all was he did the wrenching, I did the towing, but I went over my books, and while Rick has paid just about everything since he moved in, we rather I have lost just under $10,000.00 in towing revenue. No effort was made towards LexiBelle, and while the argument was that I could have done the work, in reality there was no room in the shop for me to work. So why pay for something I can't use? Then his Father in Law Roger, wants me to give up my Subaru, for or exchange for work to be done cosmeticly on LexiBelle, yet not one hand was raised on that, same goes for the work that now I have to pay someone else to do on LiL Wolf. Bottom line I'm keeping the Subaru. Much of it now is a moot point now anyway, I say let Rick fuss with Mr. Voss. All I need to do now is move out some things from the office, and I'm out of there come Tuesday. I've had it.
Any mile I'm pooped so I'm headed to bed.

Friday, March 4, 2016

You can spot a phony and a fronter everytime

Good morning ya'll, just had a great breakfast, I made my usual Hazzard County Oats, which is Oreo cookies crumpled up into a bowl of instant oatmeal. Some brown sugar and some fresh pineapple and you have breakfast that's good even in the Duke house. As I ate I watched the morning news, from FoX 13 here. Which I'd rather watch local WYOMING news, but dig this they had this weather guy, part time reporter, go out to the AutoRama. As they closed one segment they were comparing a piss yellow 35 Chevy coupe with ZZ-Tops, 34 Ford 3 window Duce . Really? The two cars are not even close in year, model, color none of it. I just had to laugh. These mainstream people don't even have the slightest idea of hot rods, customs and klassic rides, rods, trucks. Nope they just don't make the mental let alone the emotional connection to these cars and rides, like true gearheads do. But this is not the only time I have ran into this, and why hiring model talent is so tuff for us as a club, let alone me. One year not too long ago, there was the Boise Grand Prix, that had a booth at that years Boise Roadster Show. Now I wasn't trying to be a smart ass, or anything, I was really trying to learn what was under the hood, so I asked one of the cocktail waitress' hired to be eye candy for the booth, what was under the hood? Her answer? " I have no idea, I was just hired to hand out these pamphlets." Some warm up, pre education of their booth hostess's would have been nice. But that was not the only one, few years after at a event for gear heads, in Utah, GM was there, introducing the 502 Big Block Chevy engine as well as its bigger brother. Both the booth hostess as well as the shirt and tie sales guy there, had no idea when I asked, does the new engine have the same bolt pattern that the 454 Big Block has and would it bolt up to an older engine. A little better answer, of, " I don't know, but I can look it up for you" Thing is these people have no idea what makes up rods and customs. They are not auto or truck service tech people or even a hobbiest.  One of the things that we pretty much are adamant about in the Knytes, is that the people hosting a booth at the Hazzard Nationals(aka-Dukes Fest West) is that they know their product and have something intelligent to answer questions, not phonies. Which goes to the old saying of , " if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch." 
FoX 13 needs a more mature bunch of reporters. But I see where the Diva wars has become tamer. KSL hired a hottie, so 13 did the same. Now Channel 4 and 2 have some of the same old stale and not to eye friendly newscasters. Granted in news, it shouldn't matter, Walter Cronkite wasn't a hunk either, but he delivered serious news, not the tabloid junk you watch now days. It's just getting to be a serious matter and Utah's stations are hunting for on air talent as well as those behind the scenes, as FoX and the Utah Broadcasters Association, are hosting a media job fair. I'd like to be there not as a attendee but as a hiring network, but then who of Utah's domestic stations can offer to potential new hires, what HazzardAyre does? 
Mama SheWolf will be home this evening so I'm headed to the bunk house.

Limited vision cuts into a shallow wallet

Good morning, a great over the air experience was us here, but our Livestream connection kept recycling, so many of you tuned in online were not privy to the good vibrations here on the casual radio here. So I'm once again in the mode of thought, maybe its time to look at a paid streaming service. But I'm not completely convinced that its all together Livestream, the origination point and AllWest might be the problem as well. It's a shame that the product heads in companies can't look beyond metro areas. Like CenturyLink. It wouldn't take that much of an investment to roll out some fiber optic to the outback areas of Evanston Wyoming, as well as Randolph Utah. Granted there's not a huge population, but if you build it they will come. Evanston is expanding, sure its slow but its expanding none the less. If the Knytes thought that way, first I wouldn't be here and two, the purchase of the only city FCC license for a over the air radio station, would never have been made. Evanston is slow on economic expansion, but dig this; there's three new business' opening here, two new cafe's two bars, both will be looking to have wifi for their customers, that will need a bigger trunk than whats here now. Then a new RC/Hobby shop is about to find feet here in Evanston, plus two retail clothiers, and finally a music video store, that will also sell musical instraments like drums guitars and sound systems as well as sheet music. People tire of the violence in Metro Utah with Police shooting everyone, and everyone shooting each other, are moving to Evanston and Randolph , looking for a more rural lifestyle, yet will demand the toys and connectivity of Metro Utah. If CenturyLink and AllWest just sits on their butts and don't jump in, somebody else will . Even Google is looking at Evanston to offer 1gig internet. Like Boss Hogg once said, if a business or company doesn't grow it dies. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How one TV show can change one's life and introducing DukesFest West for Evanston Wyoming

Seems all like dejavu as I write this, except for the wrong time of year,and all as back in the era, The Salt Lake City AutoRama,(now the Utah AutoRama) was in November, which made it good since you could go to the Boise Roadster Show in March, and still go to the Salt Lake City AutoRama in the fall. So it was in 1981, for three years prior, my butt was parked in front of the snowy TV with KMVT 11 Twin Falls Idaho and 7:00PM came on the Dukes. At that point it was just another TV show. 
At the time , Jimmy Mac, myself, Alan Culbertson Junior and Karl Kuhn had already opened our shop as Pat & Jims Speed Shop. Fall of 1980 I went on a fact finding trip, that was stopped due to a snow storm. I parked near my room since I couldn't go home in that storm, wouldn't you know it? A local kid had built a pretty good copy of ye old General Lee. Funny how those things happen. So it was that I was determined to find out who owned the car, after I did, gave him my phone number as I had plans on buying the car if he ever wanted to sell it. 
In June of 1981, the crew at our shop then, decided we were going to Utah to the AutoRama and be a exibitor rather than a spectator. We had built a Mini Kenworth out of a VW Rabbit, Diesel. However in finding some props, mainly some white go-go boots for our display or diorama , I noticed ye old General was for sale. Once bought and in my hands my entire life changed. Sure I had hob nobbed with celebrities, writing for some, like Airwolf and two others, but this one discovery changed my entire life. Once the General hit Hagerman, aka Hazzard, Idaho, I got clearance to use the proper name for our shop as the Hazzard County Garage. Of course following that, came the Hazzard County Knytes(knights) Kustmz Association, and in so doing, letters, visiting the set of the show supplying cars, and other vehicles to the show, I became part of the Hazzard County/Dukes family. Once Hazzard County infects you, you become addicted to it, as I always say, Hazzard County is more than just a place on earth, Hazzard County becomes a place in your heart and takes over your soul. It was the Dukes that caused me to look further into my southern roots, and discover I had much more in common with people of the south than I did of those here in Yankee land. So in time, I landed the Lady, bought LexiBelle, and for all intents and purposes I became the living true to life Crazy Cooter, at least in and of the Mountain West. Much of that I still live, and which is at the heart of everything I do. The very heart. Sure Knightrider, the A-Team and others that I wrote a few episodes for, or co wrote, plus four or so episodes of Airwolf, and yes I dealt with much of the cast of those shows, but none of which , made me feel as much of the real family as did the Dukes-of-Hazzard. I love each and every one of them, From Cooter to Daisy, to Cletus to Enos, every member, from Gy Waldron to Paul Picard(God rest him) and Uncle Jessie the entire crew, cast and studio. While I did work for other shows, still not one of those cast members ever came to my Mom's funeral. The entire cast of the Dukes did except for Luke, and only because he had another pressing gig, but he did send flowers and all. The rest were there, if not in person, in spirit, many called the night before including sweet Daisy, and after including Ben(Cooter). That's just one reason my mind might occupy Airwolf at times, but my soul is dedicated to as well as my heart, the cast and families there of, of the Dukes. To many the Dukes-of-Hazzard is a TV show, for me, the Dukes and all of Hazzard County is a way of life. 
This brings me to this, The fall of 2017, Evanston Wyoming will be turned upside down, as the Hazzard Knytes, Hazzard County Choppers, and Cooter's A1 Toewing of Evanston Wyoming, will present DukesFest West. A celebration of all things Dukes-of-Hazzard as well as Southern culture. Food, home grown car,truck, bike show, celebrity autograph signing and Cooter's Garage Band playing good old Kountry music. 
 A 4 day gig, and celebrating Deputy Enos's Birthday right here in Evanston Wyoming, adding some southern charm to the north. If you thought an event couldn't change a place, think again. Take 15,000 people, add 190,000 more and it'll be a southern jamboree in the Mountain West. 
All too often, the lord our Heavenly Father works in ways and uses tools that are obscure to most people , the snow storm that made me connect with a kid with the General Lee, the snow storm, that happened to make me stay put here in Evanston, the night I had to stay in to get online and meet SheWolf. I very important set of circumstances that while not logical, happen because the lord our Heavenly Father wants them too. The meeting of me and Rick my partner at the old shop and all, are about as opposite as two people can be, and even when I was bad mouthing him and all he stuck by me. Even though he is a few years younger than me, I couldn't do this now without him. But when it comes down to everything, its me, my SheWolf, and Hazzard County.
For more information on DukesFest West, give me a call at 307-679-7209 or email me at 

Have you ever noticed that you see things different when your involved with someone? Than when your not?

Simple things that once you just had to view, that now that your all but hooked up, you no longer look at or care about. case for instance, down here in Evanston, at Jodies Diner, one that works in the mornings, that usually has my complete attention, yet here lately since I became involved with SheWolf, I really don't care. The word though does get around, that now that many can't rub their butts in my face to get me to catch a wiff of their jiff to convince to buy something or such, they're damn right onery. The big question within the elite of our town is, just who was it that was able to capture the hearl and mind of ye ole AyreWolf here? After all, i had been one that of the kind that I had nearly become a committed lone wolf. Yet, here she came, and she will soon wear my last name. Once your testesterone level is directed elsewhere, and constantly drained from the main vein, you now can focus on doing business. You no longer walk into an office, or place, and every female in the place thinking your on the make. It's now, get me what the fuck I need, let me pay for it so I can get back to work. Really the only bad thing here if it is in fact bad, is I had to reach out of the region, to our beloved land of Dixie, to Florida, to bird dog, my mate, and pay $300.00 to import her , here to Evanston. which is an insult considering there were a few hundred here that could have linked up with the old Wolf here, plus there are at least a few hundred in Metro Utah, that could have pulled out their stuck up little heads out of their butts, but nope. Oh well , just like I figured, it took a SouthernBelle, to capture ye ole Wolf here. 
More after lunch on the show.