Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I have always wanted to take a trip to Mountain View California and the HQ of Google.

I have always wanted to take a trip to Mountain View California and the HQ of Google. I'd like to go in and praise Google for my near no problem Gmail, YouTube, and so on, and up to about a month ago, my Blogger account that hosts these blogs of Hazzard County Tymez. as well as RodeWolf Gazzette, and 63 other blogs that are on my list. Of course the collapse of negotiations between Google and Microsoft has prevented posting from my Windows LiveWriter, utility, but over all its been near goof proof. But then middle of February, these posts did not post to my gmail account, nor alert me through my cell phone, which also meant the posts did not post to the clubs email knytesofanarchy@yahoo.com nor to one of our companies hwyhooker@hotmail.com for Highway Hooker Toewing, which btw was just verified on Google my business, listings. Of course you can't call a human to go into the accounts to fix a glitch, nor can you get a direct help from anyone, so you list your problem on the help forums, which will list at least 5 so far people having the same problem. The question needs to be asked here, as I have noticed this was a fix on two other blog services, one being Webs.com that if you do a paid account, the problems seem to fade away. All of a sudden your postings get posted again, is Google through Blogger telling us something? It seems this situation is not unique. If your bill at your internet service provider gets past due, especially for a few months, what you get is a slightly throttled back upload mbps speed. But once you pay the bill the bandwidth increases. Hmmm , funny huh? 
Mama SheWolf is better this morning. A bit hessitant on going to see a counselor for a few mind hang ups, that is hindering her adult progression. However she is willing to talk to our Bishop. Now on that I want to tell ya'll this. Even with my indescretions on some section 89 D&C items, and even though the Bishop was not keen on me having a live in fiance although she sleeps on the mini couch and I sleep in my bed, still our Bishop is one of the most kind and loving Bishops I have ever been in a Ward with. The only other I can say that of is Bishop Belnap of the Shallow Creek Ward of Ogden Utah. Both reached out and allowed sacred funds to help me when I had no one else to turn to. Although yesterday I can say and I do, say thank you to Dave and Vern of our ward helping me to keep the radio gig online. 
Getting back here, I really do wish I could take a trip to Mountain View California, walk into the HQ of Google, and grab one of those college boys by the collar and say look buttwipe fix my Blogger accounts. But at least they do post to Facebook. Imagine if Facebook started a free blogging site? As well as an email account service. Outside of YouTube, the rest of Google would be nearly wiped out, if Facebook did that. 
HazzardAyre Radio is on again starting Sunday night, and Monday morning RodeWolf FM is back on .