Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rebel Coffee

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A grand morning to ya’ll. Remember that nap I wanted to take? Shyt never got there. Had to drop in the studio, and do up a bunch of editing and engineering duties, so forget sleep even a nap.

During a download session I looked up the web site that our Atlanta cousins are running. www.rebelcoffee.com is no longer operational, makes one wonder why Ray keeps running that, don’t it? It’s this not live automation thing, again, nobody in Hotlanta is pushing buttons, and screening programming. Oh well that’s one of a very few things that distinguishes Ray’s operation from ours, we are live all the time except for one 6 hour time block from 13:00 to 17:59 every day.

But guess what? Looking into obtaining the web site and running our own special brew of Rebel Coffee on the site, watch for it in months to come.

Saw where RFDTV is going to do a LIVE(for once) broadcast of George Jones’ funeral Thursday at 12:00 MST, 14:00 est. Now if this is to honor George great, but if it has an under current of making a buck off of George’ death , namely the funeral , shame on RFDTV. TV network for sale anyone?

Then tried to look up just the words to warm kitty that little lullaby that Penny sang to Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. Is that just a piece for Big Bang, or is there a real poem with more words to it somewhere? If so can’t find it, but then nowadays can’t find much of exactly what your looking for online.

Government pay day. My military and SSA comes in on the 5th, but hey the states money is here today. Can you say steak. Fresh Skoal, and a brew for dinner?

Sent a blog post over to this gal I met at Church, named Nancy, who does housekeeping chores thinking she’d give me a call. It’s amazing, one of our members of the Knytes and my connection to A1 , Ricky looks like one of the members of the band Atlantic Rhythm Section, and yet he gets honeys in his house for $100.00 a month to clean and even wash his crusty shorts.

Maybe its because he’s 65 and I’m only 54, meaning I’m more potent than he is, or that and proudly so, somewhat of a predator more so than Ricky. What ever it is, need a honey for money to keep house.

Any mile good morning , I am heading to bed , until after 09:00 MST, see ya’ll on the radio.


Quote of the Day:
An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.
--G.K. Chesterton
Hebrews 11:6“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

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rebel coffee

Ain’t I getting picky

HAZZARD AYRE WINGShazzardayre phootenotes

Still looking for cute toes in hose for graphics, are yours cute? Take a pic and email to ayrewolf@gmail.com .

Okay I must be getting picky or very choosy at the very least here’s why.

During my evening news break, as KDXB is the ONLY , NPR station in this area, I was getting pinged from my Facebook page about some gig that’s mostly Hazzard from Cooter’s wife Alma. Most of the time I love to read her pings, but damn she puts one thing up and its 20 people posting. All going in my inbox, plus the interruptions. Hey I’m all for all things Hazzard, and while I am redirecting my Hazzard diet a bit, I’d love to go to the event. Trouble is; even if I had the time, I just don’t have the cash in my stash. Which is why we in the Knytes are building on the gig of throwing something a bit closer in the west, that folks here can afford to go to.

Let’s face it, loading up the entire famdamnly in the SUV or mini van and heading east to Nashville is a real expense. At least 4 overnight stays, fuel, eating out, and then those stadium prices at the event itself. $2,000.00 is a lot considering feeding those 3.5 kids, paying rent or house payment, on McDonalds wages which is the normal here. Or at least farm wages. With farm markets doing flips even previous farm families that were well to do ain’t doing that well. So outside of love for Hazzard, do you justify going 2500 miles one way, to an event that’s going to cost you $2,000.00 plus admission to the even itself?

Cut that in half, reduce the gate fee to $5.00 a family, cut the eats and drink prices in half, put out not just General Lee’ and include all home grown hot rods, tricked out trucks both OTR as well as sport trucks, add some stock cars , have famous and great music, and some civil war historical gigs, put it on for a week, and you have the Hazzard Nationals aka DukesFest West.

Add such acts as Shooter Jennings, Emma Leigh, and a few others and you have a week of Hazzard fun, at half the price, plus folks from California to Arizona, and from Utah , Wyoming and all can afford to drive to and have a southern culture shindig time.

But I was getting off topic here.

I don’t mind getting pinged but only for something REALLY important.

Must be my getting older , but I just do not have the patience or is that patients that I used to have.

Now then; as I bring this in for a landing, got my CD from Emma’s group, took a second try to get it in the computer, trouble is I was thinking there was supposed to be one from her on gospel music? Any way, Emma, and her manager, are ones I can count on, they deliver, which is just what we do here at HazzardAyre.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
No great advance has ever been made in science, politics, or religion, without controversy.
--Lyman Beecher
Ephesians 4:15“Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.”

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She only Bitches when she breathes,


Remember that Christy Ross bitch that nearly had me to beg her to show to an audition? The one that cost me that $800.00 toew? Well guess what she sends me another damn email crabbing again about listing shit on CL. Guess what I ain’t had anything on CL for months. Go look for trouble elsewhere twit.

Some people get piss’d at others who are getting it done despite their ability to snuff it out. So this Christy thinks or observes other ideological concepts such as just being a damn yankee.

You’d think this puss was a drop dead god looker , shyt, I seen cows in a field that look better. No wonder she’s single and most likely will be for eternity. Hey I forgive, I try forget , but she’s like that hot dog and bad tater salad you eat at lunch, went down okay, but keeps coming up even though you pooped it out much, much earlier.

Guess this is the price of fame, and success, but damn sister go the frack away.

Hell why do I need CL, shyt, with the support staff I have now, and The River Fellowship, Jesus Christ and even to a small degree DOH supporters, why again do I need to list anything on CL?

That Craigs List (CL) is for losers. And Losers hunt there for crack head jobs. No wonder that’s all I get there, with only two exceptions, the people gleaned from there have not been worth a diddly. Especially radio on air personalities.

Ya’ll see with radio, especially us with a destined target on our butt, no matter whose on air, that person during that 6 hour shift, represents the station, myself and the club. More importantly, every gray body that died in that great war tween us and them northern oppressors. So who ever is on is us, and he or she better be near sterling silver if not gold and EXPERIENCED, or she ain’t on our station.

In the words of a song we run frequently, Christy Ross, you only bitch when you breathe, and glad you never did show up.

More L8R ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing for something.
--Wilson Mizner
Ephesians 4:15“Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.”

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Ignorance of modern technology

HAZZARD AYRE WINGShazzardayre phootenotes

B4 I get it on here, want to ask a question, is it blaspheme to be considering romantic gestures towards a gal, that is in your bible study class? Especially if that person, is barely engaged to another.

Example ; there’s a great looking honey that goes to our bible study class that is teetering between patching things up with her so called guy pal, and walking.

I get this nervous feeling that if I were to bust a move to that groove, she’d take me up on the idea, but I’m chicken, on two levels, first getting zapped by a lightning bolt through the roof By God himself, and two, my spot in life right now. I’m so preoccupied with duty to the club, and my own company that if I get the chance to get a meal, sleep and going to the head I’m not proud , I’m amazed. So how could I bring another in, especially with a two year old. I’d be drinking a gallon of Uncle Jessie’s finest daily.

Then another is now all of a sudden willing to be an intern, here at HazzardAyre. Even though going in, it is housed here at the Wolf’s Lair, guess all the Red Ryding hoods aren’t spooked of entering in with this big bawd wolf. Question becomes, where the heck was this gal 6 months ago?

Okay then:

Caught some buzz mail, from our publicist today, about her busy schedule and all, fine. She said making long distance calls is no longer a problem. First of all could ya’ll just imagine if Boss Hogg had the Internet? The Grits Connection and Hazzard County Syndicate would have been much more potent. But I can remember in our Hazzard, when long distance was placed by Miss Mabel at the Hazzard County Phone Exchange Office. Even regular calls were placed that way since direct dial was by a pay phone only. Calls coming from your home was dialed by Mabel. My how technology and the break up of the Baby Bells did.

Cell phones, heck a mobile phone in early Hazzard era, was a big box and was made over two way radio channels. Portables were bulky and you had to tote a big battery box. Then early cell phones weren’t that much different.

Today our cell phones resemble communicators from Star Trek, GPS is a form of more Star Trek tech that’s crept into our world. The one that I fear the most is in human radio. Very few radio stations anywhere in America, southern or others are ran live, only during those times city folk are going to or coming from work. The rest of the time, its some satellite download. And that’s hardly live. Even our beloved Dixie Broadcasting is ran that way. All automated. I have an idea, lets go LIVE!!! That’s exactly what we here at HazzardAyre is, LIVE 24/7, except for 6 hours in the afternoon. Which if and it’s a big if I can recruit, train and get in gear a few bodies that have the extraverted attitude and willingness to learn a new way of thoughts like the preservation of southern culture.

The modern Southern Movement as its called elsewhere, and not in just one place, as some would make you believe, is not just a fad. It’s what is going to save this nation from another great civil war.

The actions of some are demonstrating that need as well as attitude.

Look at the bombings in Boston, the senseless murders at day care schools, High schools and others. Like we say, we’ve tried it Abe Lincolns way for 150 plus years, lets take aim and do it Jefferson Davis’ way for awhile and see the improvement. Lets stop Federal Governments oppression and suppression on our lives, even to trying to make a living.

Example; the long delays on getting KDXB up and running. What if there was no FCC to say no to erecting a radio station where its needed. Those revenuers in DC have no idea what’s needed in the rural south or west. They look at this air map that says, there’s too much interference to be caused in a certain location if a station goes up. Such as Bliss Idaho, just 8 miles north of Hazzard. The only dang broadcast anything is a set of old time TV translators up there on Bell Rapids. Only 10 miles north of KDXB’s tower. But ask if you can move over to Bliss? Where nothing including a competing signal exists the answer is no but hell no. Try to convince the FCC of that and you might as well try putting socks on a rooster. Add to that who says call letters to a station has to be only 3 letters with a K or W as the prefix? How about 5 or 6 letters? Then you could spell something out. The list goes on.

Instead of giving many government checks once a month unless someone is really bad off health wise, how about the government really wanting to help, and giving a one time check for say oh $200k or so. With the stipulation it’s a one time pay out sink or swim. Lets see, people start business’, that creates jobs, that creates municipal money for towns to survive. The only other exception is VA and DOD checks to people who have served in the military. As they have already earned their right to Government money. Am I against taxes? Yes and no, Yes I think local municipalities need money for protection and fires, hospitals and health care. No in the way your mandated to pay all you have or .75 out of every dollar you make to a government that’s wasting it on BS, and telling the DOD and other agencies there’s no money for them to get treatment for PTSD and other afflictions from their military service. See where I’m going here?

The nation was blessed with two things. Our Southern confederate nation, which is the hand of God in action. And two; an organization like the Knytes-of-Anarchy to carry that movement forward.

Any way talking work, gotta get up early, so stay tuned I’m on air.

L8R Ya’ll


Ephesians 4:15“Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.”

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But where do they get these girls?

java break

Must be different elsewhere than here in Hazzard.

Just got the latest offer from Stocking Girl, and the question remains where do they find these hotties?

I am also curious to find out who Trish D is on that ad for that Forever Comfy seat pillow. She’s hot, but where do they hire these gals from?

As it is, I’d fly gals in just to do the promo work for the ultimate Hazzard Nationals here in Idaho, as well as the Fly In for 2015 a reunion of sorts of the infamous VMA214 BlackSheep as well as being the super AyreShow that’ll be. So if any of you web crawler trolls out there, know the source of these talents let me know.

So I woke up just to check out the running dates of the old Crook & Chase show. That’s now ran on RFDTV. Hey they couldn’t get a real day talk show although we pitched on to them, so they get one that I’ll bet costs a bundle yet is near 25 years old. But to get to my destination for 411, on the subject, had to wade through some dumb update of my Adobe FlashPlayer.

Which meant I had to uninstall then go about the research.

So to those other web trolls, know this, If I don’t recognize you or your product I ain’t installing.

So in closing, where does Stockinggirl get those hotties>>560908_519318061416287_726750174_nBlack_Lace_Thigh_Highs_Viv_2couch sugardottie404490_364215110259917_17734752_nhot soxSLGB4_300_180and my ultimate favorite>>>VDAY_F4 I’ll hire em .

L8R Ya’ll

sign offKNYTES WINGS X 2

Quote of the Day:
Even as water carves monuments of stone, so do our thoughts shape our character.
--Hugh B. Brown
Job 19:25“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.”

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Just a maniac Monday.

HAZZARD AYRE WINGShazzardayre phootenotes

I don’t do Monday's, as Monday’s are the only damn day of the week I get to sleep until noon, or so I thought.

So First I’m really pounding zz’s, dreaming of me and Emma Leigh at the Grammy’s, me getting the top radio announcer award, and her taking the top award for best artist of the year, and I get this beating on the door, from the mail delivery person. And what’s in it? My DJ/kit from Emma, a nice pic with an autograph. Which was good, but I was hoping for at least a cd, oh well. Still haven't gotten that one from Pat Burr, guess you find who wants to be a friend or not.

So then get some raisin bran, yes two scoops, watch the morning news from RFDTV, hey if you miss it in the morning no problem they just repeat the same newscast 4 times a day, so you don’t miss much.

So then realize no TP, this is serious, and since I don’t have any leaves to wipe with like I did in the Solomons, I did a bee hive drive to Smiths(Krogers) for their $.88 4 roll pack, and getalong back here to the Wolf’s Lair.

Now here’s a couple of thoughts, first don’t eat raisin bran without TP, as the real end result is not a happy one, and two be careful of what you dream of , that was spooky. Here I’m dreaming of her and I get the DJ pack. Now before ya’ll go having a bubble attack on this, its not some old wolf having thoughts of a mid aged urging.

Emma has the voice and the intelligence I have not seen in any performer of any genre for decades. She can hit note for note right on the last intonation. She sings like someone 4 times her age and with conviction, and that Grammy? I’ll bet she has one in a year or two. I’d even bet my next aircheck, that she’ll have a spot in the Country Music Hall of Fame before long, she’s that good. If HazzardAyre can help that happen I’m there. At least her and her agent does what they say they’ll do, I asked for a call during Emmathon, got it. I asked for a fan pic, I got it. If the rest of that Virginia Dreams Centerstage bunch would send out and do what they promise I might be as hip on them as well. Like HazzardAyre, Emma delivers.

Now then didn’t feel like hearing from Big C, so did not go over to A1, but talked to a former associate of Big C, last night and a friend from Gooding. Seems old Don from Western Towing there is looking to expand and refire, so am entertaining that, however in all cases, its refine the radio gig for ultimate fire for October, build Dixie Toewing for my own refire come February if not before, find a SSI Trustee/Payee or get it in my own hot hands, find a place over near Hazzard Idaho, and get my butt moved.

Just about everything else I’ll worry about later,

Still working on the graphics for our bikini bike. Biggest problem is getting a blonde with free flowing hair in a spiral perm, to pose for the bike. Without letting out the idea and concept I need the graphic to lay out the tubing and build the frame. Watch for the scoot at Daytona Bike Week next year.

Last weekend was the Magic Valley Hot Rod Show, like many years past didn’t have an entry. Not because of Lazy, but more, this show here is just not the show it was when the Early Iron Club here put it on. But dig this, and you knew this was coming, do you realize that the first Hazzard Nationals we held at the Hazzard City Park, was before the first Early Iron Magic Valley Rod & Custom Show? Our member in Bliss explained that to me the other day, kinda makes me feel older than the 54 years I turned this past weekend.

I totaled up what it’ll cost me to replace the equipment some crack addicts had to steal from Big C’s place down here on 5th Ave off of LexiBelle. $200.00 no big whoop, but enough.

Like I said, just another Maniac Monday.

Now gotta go, that Raisin bran is calling.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
You are not what you own.
--Fugazi, American rock band
Job 19:25“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.”

Brought to you by BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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More than the stinky

wolf log

You might as well call this the toew blog and why I spell it that way in a moment as it was mentioned in the show.

These are >>>lickable tootiestoes.  This is a>>HolmesGoldRmackTowCtow truck. Somewhere in the mythology translation the pronunciation of the two words became the same, yet are remarkably different.

Back in the late 1980’s The Knytes through our parent organization the Road Commanders Association, cranked up a tiny, albeit at first pirate or outlaw radio station to serve those going towing.

KTOW was the chosen call letters. Legendary radio personality Bill Mack of WBAP Fort Worth , did some radio promos aka liners for us introducing us as the ONLY station running the Overdrive Top Ten Countdown, and Overdrive Truckers News. Problem was Bill kept pronouncing TOW as

Cow or rhymed it with>>cow So a public image builder began. I had no idea that it would cause so much of a fuss.

The idea was at the end of my TV ads I would do a romantic kiss of the toe of a very classy dressed gal, like the Prince putting the slipper on Cinderella. Trouble is some area TV stations had trouble with that.

Of course I sort of can understand why.

Long before I went cold turkey Hazzard and all the handle I used to light the candle of the toew service was >>HHT SLICK 1_thumb why that name? Okay this is a >>>hookerHooker or what some traditionally call a Hooker. However truckers on the CB called this>>>A HOT LEXI 

a hooker. So not having luck with the media, thought was, do up a name nobody could forget and yet did not need a lot of advertising. Of course the name can get some religious types really nervous as I found in CokeVille Wyoming. 504 people, 4 not LDS(Mormon) 500 Mormon. So there was a change and I’ll fill ya’ll in on that another time.

So any mile, thought went back to the as we call it toew smooch, but finding someone with really tiny toes that didn’t look like those scuba diving flippers was a real task. Nobody was able to go out and do the talent scouting, or was willing to, and many TV station execs around here thought I was a real goof ball. Hey it was a gig for a simple purpose, get people to call the radio station like it was spelled, and two boost my companies awareness and what we did.

Several years later during what I call my own reconstruction after being bit by the Hazzard fever, and still have that, the idea last October was to do that up again in Hazzard style. A daisy Duke lookalike contest at the mall here, find the best . But here’s a pot calling the kettle black. Local TV exec of KMVT, said no way, something to do with exploiting women. Yet not one month after since KMVT also swallowed up the local CW(that stands for CBS/Warner Brothers-in case ya’ll didn’t know) Did up a local talent gig for Americas Next Top Model. That’s one of many times, and reasons some local media types here flat don’t like me, or the Knytes. One went so far as calling sweet Daisy inappropriate for younger viewers and indecent. Daisy indecent? 481699_10151124963871818_1413012991_n (1) Who could or would say that, but I fought but tragically lost that battle. Its just one reason we refired up our radio operation, and are looking into TV.

So no matter who tells you different, that’s why the media credit on the Knytes, and/or Dixie Toewing, the REAL, Hazzard County Garage etc is poor.

Amazing folks don’t look beyond their small noses.

But its why I became a sort of observer and coneesuer of female toes. The mashing together of the words TOW and TOE came from my dear intern Emme Lee, she was getting ready to do her show at our station in Gooding in 2009, and said why not just put the words together, that’d be an eye opener. I did and so it went.

Anyway time for sleep.

L8R Ya’ll

nyte ya'll

Quote of the Day:
Happiness is not a reward — it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment — it is a result.
--Robert Green Ingersoll
Job 19:25“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.”

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