Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The stupid Cassia area elections and press

One must always be patient and understanding of those less intelligent or just those who choose to keep their heads buried in the sand, to ignore situations that might be to wyld for them.
Of course there was the last elections , which I voted , but as a none declared voter meaning not choosing either Republican nor Democrat, as I choose the Confederate Party, I could only vote for the judges races. The rest I was excluded from. This is a condition that should be corrected.
During the election, I saw tons of letters to the editor in both our Mini Cassia Newspapers, that were nothing more than ads for candidates , masked as letters to the editor.
Then , I think, weren't we as the Knytes-of-Anarchy excluded from getting our letters to the editor, etc published because ours were considered ads, rather than letters? The list goes on. But I saw in this weeks Weely Mailer something from editor Jay, who really should move his ass and famdamnly out of our area back to conservative Logan Utah, and allow those with more southern ways of thinking to voice our views. Of course the Voice is the same.
But each week I see both newspapers that are mailed to my address, 811 21st street Heyburn, 83336 that I have asked not be mailed to me as both papers, are crappy.
But each week, its the same thing, same un-needed junk, and yet millions of times I have requested a column for us, but the request falls on deaf ears. As being racist or such. Did I not see a letter not too long ago there about Mini Cassia area being Mini Mexico? (More like tiny Tijiuana) but that was published. ours? Not. There is a fix, its coming but damn oh and by the way. You all have heard that the butt wipe that conned me into moving over here to Mini Cassia from Buhl, got thumped in the head and stuck. Wont say it is, wont say it ain't , but there are consequences to pissing off the Knytes-of-Anarchy or one of the members(me).
More another time.