Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This sucks but what do you do?

Its been said by many and it remains that way, unless you own it, you can't really fix it. Example, have had blogs on Google's Blogger for nearly ten years now. Never had a problem, but here lately, HazzardAyre gets hammered.

Okay great, SAMCRO takes HazzardAyre to its own url, and in short order, HazzardAyre, is OUR site, Our content, managed and patroled BY SAMCRO MC , not Google,' hardly dry behind the ears 30 younger geeks. So if you can't find us on Blogger , find us at



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Forget Domestic Bliss I want zoom

I'm a pretty easy going guy for the most part, but here lately when it comes to being online, I'm finding it easier to go old skool, and print & publish and snail mail.

Blogger loads slower than a 7 years itch, if it loads at all, and forget Yahoo. Seems one can't snag them from a public connection like ya'll get at say McDonalds.

Whether its a public connection or one that you have connected by wire, it may say 50 mps but, in reality while speed may be there bandwidth ain't.

Some say patience is a gift, but to hell with patience, or domestic bliss, I want zoom. I want speed and bandwidth equal to or better than 50 mps, maybe 100mps?

Course ye old computer needs a new drive and that may be part of it, but dang it, if I can get online to begin with why not give me the ooph that I deserve.

Just makes one wonder, do we REALLY need the web at all?

Oh and hey there GOOGLE fix my blogger site so it works right like its supposed to.

Going the other direction, our site to be the gateway for all SAMCRO MC Idaho, should be up any day now.



Still in construction

It's been awhile, since I got online, but here I is. Shortly after the middle of November, I should be fully operational here in Mini Cassia area of Idaho.

Could not load up HazzardAyre, here until I did a turn around, however the condition is short lived, since Surff the Snake is in just days of launching HazzardAyre as its own web site, and the gateway site for SAMCRO MC Idaho.

Met with Kim Lee of Lee Radio earlier the buy of KBAR is on.

Until L8R