Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Queen of Hazzard


On TV in the series it was all Jessie Duke the patriarch of Hazzard, in the real Hazzard, My mom was the Queen Mother of Hazzard.

There was NO charity or person in true need that My mom didn’t help, somehow. Beit money, food or deed , my mom was the one that those who were in bat situations with no other choice from traditional resources, Mom stepped in.

Next week its Mothers Day, and pardon me if I get a bit teary eyed here, but MY , MoM was the true Queen more like Guardian Angel of our community, both Hazzard, as well as much of Idaho and northern Utah.

Many of my kin folk are upset as MoM made it to where I got the Wolf’s share of the Montgomery Foundation at her passing,  but long before, none were too proud but to ask, makes me kinda mad now that I need their help I get a cold shoulder, while MoM was alive, she gave not in loans, but just gifts of heart some rather large sums of funds, sometimes with many zeros behind the numbers.

MoM was born in Confederate kountry, Gilmer Texas, on May 28th. She became one of a few lady Vice Admiral’s in the United States Navy, SIU. But Mom was the true kountry gal. She could make water run uphill. Which she did shovel and plastic dam irrigation of a 1000 acre ranch just outside of Hazzard Idaho, even being able to barn break a set of dairy cows. Unless there was a stranger in the barn at milking, those cows never pooped in that barn.

MoM taught a prize Herford bull weighing several tons, to be able to baby sit me in my buggy, as a mere toddler, in a big field, at times rocking my buggy with that heavy hoof.

With a swipe of a pen on the pages of a checkbook, a phone call, or a visit , my MoM could perform miracles for others as well as for me. Many that I feel have been forgotten by many ungrateful people in both Hazzard County Idaho, my kin folk, and many even here in northern Utah.

The song by CW McCall Roses for Mama says it best, I now honor my MoM every year twice in the same month, of May my MoM, by delivering flowers to her grave in the cemetery just south of Grace Idaho. That’s where my MoM sleeps, although I’m working to get her relocated from there to Utah.

In all true angelic definitions, my MoM was and is the Queen of Hazzard.



Quote of the Day:
The degree of one's emotion varies inversely with one's knowledge of the facts - the less you know the hotter you get.
--Bertrand Russell
Ephesians 4:15“Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.”

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I hate when this happens, but it does


So there I was asleep dreaming of the quiet sounds of Hazzard Creek, when at first the little girls of the folks living above me here at the Wolf’s Lair, started their whimpering. WahWah booga booga wah. So they started , finally after a bit their folks came and quieted them down a taste.

Then AirMed flew over, that’s not noise but music, but it seemed to linger. So I had a call and then it was pill and then bed time. All together, I was too pooped to be on air. But will be on about noon today to make up for it.

I don’t know about kids these days nor parents. My Mom & Dad although strict were not mean in any way, but lights out , was that, lights out. You went to sleep or you got a sock in your mouth, (maybe that’s why I got a taste for toes) any mile it was that or, if you kept up that big black razor strap. Most of the times it was just the slapping that together sound that made you just cower down and go silent. It was nearly that in church. you started fussing in church, the glare would bring you to your senses, but the sock in mouth, was even worse. Can’t do that today, today its abuse, we called it discipline.

Any way again I’m dead to the world some maybe a possible source of relief, more on air at noon.



Quote of the Day:
Sharing money is what gives it its value.
--Elvis Presley, singer
Ephesians 4:15“Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.”

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What one has to remember is, this ain’t Hollywood, nor Nashville

rcj 1

Even with the advancements there are in Utah, one still has to remember that , metro Salt Lake City and immediate surrounding area, is still not as open minded as say Hollywood nor Nashville. If it’s not the LDS Church’s beliefs eating you up, it’s the fear that if you do something against that grain you’ll be eaten up. Example, thought McCarty's talent was going to help us gather some beauties for the website and visuals for the streaming TV/Radio site. Guess what? I mentioned in a previous blog entry just a few descriptions of gals body parts, and got a fast, go away letter. Upon a phone call now Suzi is considering us again, but I’m not going to beg. However we are talking to other agencies, both in and way out of Utah. But I’m not the only one here, anything you say in print, without the inflexion of voice, as I do on the air can be taken out of context. Same as that basketball owner getting blackballed by the NBA for saying something off key about the African American community.

Casting for projects especially the female gender is really tough in any location. Some producers go two years finding just the right person, some have to settle and hope the rest of the cast or project upholds the story line enough to where the talent they had to settle for doesn’t fuggleitup too bad.

While it’s a true statement, that Howard Stern, and even BoB & Tom could go live from Salt Lake City, or even Ogden here, while aggressive, and rebellious I never have taken myself to being at minimum rated PG17 or even R , but it would seem so.

The audience that tunes me in on syndicated Radio, as well live over the air, is you the Confederate American long haul over the road trucker,toewer, aviator, biker. A Dukes-of-Hazzard, unpoliticly uncorrect independent thinking redneck, that like cold beer, Dale Earnhardt , Tanya Tucker, Waylon Jennings, his pick up truck, and good grub. That’s who you are and I cater your every wish except one and I don’t do that. Ain’t one of those, its not natural. But you can’t say anything, because that agency says its too risky. Heard that elsewhere , haven’t you? I have also always said, its too bad there isn’t an agency that recruits and trains hotties to be involved in a bad or at least none introverted all ethnic agency. A sort of Bad Girls agency if you will.

Certain films and series could not be filmed or produced here. B.J. & The Bear couldn’t be even today, HeeHaw, even today , forget it. And especially something along the lines of SOA(Son’s of Anarchy) just could not be produced here. The church censors would shut you down.

Any mile see ya’ll tonight on HazzardAyre, on starting at 01:00AM.



Quote of the Day:
You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.
--Liz Smith
Job 19:25“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.”

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But does she have pretty feet and toes and do they smell


So you are about to meet the beauty of your dreams, Her torso is so curvy, her breasts not big, not small , just right, her nipples just perky, her legs are ultra grand then you get to her feet, are they free of blemishes, corns, hammertoes ? Do they smell like roses or lilacs or are they so dry , patchy and smell like someone just opened a bag of corn chips?

One of the most important parts of a lady that I look at, and admire and is key in my screening for TV talent for HazzardAyre and especially Cooter’s Toewing is the gals feet. In nylons or not, I think, are they the delicate little gems with toes so sweet you could just lap em up in hot chocolate, if so the gal has a plus in our auditions, and in my personal searches. If not, I usually pass.

The feet are a view into a gals self esteem. If a woman cares enough to moisten and take care of their feet and toes they care enough to make themselves unforgettable, and that’s important. If a gal remembers to wear good looking leggings, nylons etc, they are the kind of woman that cares about going the distant and giving attention to detail. The gal or model that doesn’t care about her peds and all , is the gal or model talent that doesn’t care about themselves much or has something to hide. This means She’ll not be good details in a production or remembering . And this can create havoc on a days shoot.

Let me outline this in three examples.

1st and of course there is Robin, Miss Dixie-Diesel 1993. Her name was Robin, she applied at our Rupert Idaho shop/studio in 1992. She read a two maybe three lined ad, she called I told her what was needed, she came in, of course in a skirt, heels, nylons. Her feet were manicured, sweet smelling and it was very easy to work with her. Then there was the ad to welcome The Dukes, in their first reunion movie on CBS. We booked air time , thought we had one talent from one agency , the agency opted out, so we in desperation I found a gal at Barbizon Models in Salt Lake City. The gal was the owners daughter. The day of the shoot, she shows, but it was snowing. So she came in, in tennis shoes, cotton socks covering her nyloned feet and toes. Needless to say her feet were pew. After take 35 and me throwing up, we had the scene in can and aired, but no way would I work with her again.

Then there is our Miss Nurse GoodBody, Erin. She answered an ad from us in Gooding Idaho. She called to set an interview/audition, when I mentioned toes in hose, her only two questions were stockings or Pantyhose? But when she got there, her feet and all were clean, sweet and a treat. She was not offended by her feet or toes. She became our main foot person>IJUSTLOVETOEWS  happytoesoopsme and Ellie Mayrestin toesI worked with her and still do from time to time although these days she’s busy with school, and children and medical career. But She did what was required, she showed she cared about the project, and I knew she would because she took care of her feet, toes and wasn’t stuck up about allowing someone to touch them, or interact with her feet/toes. That meant to me most anything else was easy for her to get into and I knew she was not introverted.

So next time your looking at that special lady ask the question to yourself, does she have pretty feet and toes, and/or do they smell ? If good you have a good lady, if not stay away from her.

Until we see each other on air tonight overnight, the afternoon show has been cancelled due to some tech glitches, but we’ll be in the cab of your truck and your computer and Iphone, starting at 11:00PM.


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Quote of the Day:
ARH!! I found it!
Job 19:25“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.”

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knyte headhazzardayre overnyte

Last eve into just a short time ago, the SAC Council of the Wolf-Pack met, at Denny’s here and the grand decision is, that the AyreWolvez name will stay. The minor disputed noises of that being too self serving to my company AyreWolf Aviation to put it, Commander Stott’s words, Absurd. With me about to take over as area Commander and all , plus what the Wolf-Pack is, in being the teeth of the Knytes, and with the Knytes-of-Anarchy being reborn as the Hazzard County Knytes, to change everything to many of us sits as well as a bad hot dog you had at breakfast.

Many of the Wolf-Pack are in the thoughts of too many outsiders is calling shots or suggesting things that is not in their realm. Both clubs have busted butts for 7 years bringing things to where we are at and if we keep chipping away at our images and foundation the whole organization is going to crack up. That’s a crash course nobody wants. So again the Ayre Knytes thing was voted down and the AyreWolvez stays.

In that same vein, another suggestion and while a degree may and I say maybe, don’t push the maybe baby, our graphics are too busy, is something to chew on, however the gals on the covers and all are us. The theory our friend has is that the show HazzardAyre and its adjoined network, is being tuned into by mostly women, I say not so.

HazzardAyre is aimed at 80%male gearheads, truckers,toewers and yes properly discharged and active duty Marine and Naval aviators. Showing some female skin on visuals is one thing most genuine male corpuscles want to view. This comes around more than Flash chasing her tail. hot bodies of the female gender with rides of all kinds is as American and natural as the darn mechanical things themselves.

From Henry Ford, to EasyRiders, and in between, from the original Overdrive Magazine, to TowBabes off of Facebook, babes and rigs, byrds, and rides, look better with a hot gal enhancing the images. Whether its Courtney Hansen giving some eye candy to PowerNation(PowerBlock) on Spike to the former Michelle Smith of American Thunder putting on the frosting, if its got a gal involved a real He man is going to give the whatever attention to it.

Last here this morning b4 I head to bed so I can get you up in the AM on Wyld Ayre Radio, SAC, has given a cautionary green light to investigating the concept of doing up a bunch of TV ads and publication ads for both shows. We will be working with our webmaster to create another channel and site strictly for WyldAyre, that said, I notice that only myself are tuning into the HazzardAyre channel on Livestream. {} As such we need to reach out and draw more of you in to tuning in. So a media blitz is about to roll out. I have enlisted the help of one of our associate members Grant Anderson, for his help in the effort and the talent agency he is part of.

Untyl L8R TTYL


Quote of the Day:
If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?
--Steven Wright
Job 19:25“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.”

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

KnyteMare on Monroe Street in Ogden

a good hazzardayrehazzardayre overknyte

So we get near to Monday a afternoon where I am to audition talent for the website and TV ads, and eventually movie, at 15:00 hours. When I looked at my tasks reminded me hey you have a flyover for a funeral to do. OOps, so sent out an email to McCarty's on the situation to reschedule so hope that filters out okay. Let you know Tuesday morning. Which is why the radio show this preve eve into morning was shorter than normal, as I need sleep.

It’s one thing when we loose one of the Knytes, like Douggy a last week, but when one of the Wolf-Pack is in need that takes precedent over everything else.

So needing sleep to fly, I caught bed early.

Now then of all the talent I’m auditioning is a guy at Suzi’s agency, the one I’m banking on is Grant Anderson. Grant and I spent a bunch of personal time together when I lived in the same complex in Bountiful. I can work with the guy, plus he’s a great advisor, and can tell me when I’m getting a bit over the top.

Now then , friend of mine next door arrives home early from his churchy thing, so he invites me to dinner. Salmon. I’m not a big fish fan , but hey its grub and brew time.

Now B4 any body starts thinking I hang with too many guys and not enuff gals, understand I’m in no way queer, but thing is the stuck up super churchy chics they have in both Utah and Idaho are well too stuck up. They act like their ass don’t stink, and they should be worshiped. I’m not into that, plus I have one gal that I pattern all the gals I would even get personally involved with that being Gretchen Wilson country music star. She’s into guy things, chews Skoal, and has a heart. Her shoes or someone identical could park their Justin boots under my bed any time, any gal not meeting Gretchen’s standards need not look at me with going past a friend or business. The prissy types don’t cut it, the preppies don’t deliver, and the super hotties are all show no go, kinda like a hot rod Honda, paint and body look good, but no muscle under the hood.

So a meal three brews , which I’m enjoying more here, and it was show time on HazzardAyre.

So with that I’m outta here, as I said on last nights show as well as here in HazzardAyre Gazzette, my focus as it stands is Cooter’s A1 Toewing, AyreWolf Aviation, and radio including HazzardAyre Radio as well as the movie by the same name going into production in July, are all secondary. I toew, I fly, and radio-media as more of a professional hobby.



Quote of the Day:
I haven't spoken to my mother-in-law for eighteen months—I don't like to interrupt her.
--Ken Dodd
Philippians 2:5-8“In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death— even death on a cross!”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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Half a Century plus 5

knyte headRyders Blues Hedder

As I roll down Spurlock Drive in Layton Utah, I see little has changed. Oh new people in three of the homes here, our old place still looks as it did, the little pine tree Dad and I planted oh so many years ago. The mounts on that chimney that Dad and I put up to support the Santa Clause we put up every year. The street goes though to a cardboard house subdivision yet it feels oddly enough , no different. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit here.

On the 27th day of April of the year Buddy Holly died, at 01:05 hours in the single space sleeper cab of a 1956 Peterbilt COE just outside of Jerome Idaho, I was born. I came out at the behest of Dr. V.V. Telford of Twin Falls Idaho, just as we hit the parking lot of St. Benedicts Hospital, Dr. Telford spanked my feet, I opened my mouth and haven’t shut it very long since. I guess being born in a truck has meaning after all.

In 1962, with our families domestic cash flow on a string , my Dad took on a joint mission between the USMC and the USAF at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. The commute was very long for our family, so mom with her Navy career history got a Intel job at base, so we moved to Layton in 1962. We moved into a house on Gentile Blvd, where I used to publicly display that I had the right to go pee anywhere I pleased even into the mini pool on our front lawn.

With me enrolled at a mini preschool called Candy Campus, and me already figuring out that there was a real difference between male/female , Mom & Dad rented a house in Kaysville Utah. It was an older home, but it was more on the idea of a farm house in a town that was a farm town. My the development since. Where there were once farms full of beef cattle now has cardboard homes and multi family apartments on it now. Asphalt and concrete has replaced farm ground, and those bike trails we rode as kids.

I was in 2nd grade at Layton Elementary the old one, in 1964 in was a October day, kinda nice, but windy. At 09:30 hours Mom came to school, early. I thought now what? Mom took me to Crestview Elementary School and to Mrs. Alex's class and that’s where I saw her. She sat in a reading circle on the smallest chair in the room, her name? Peggy Follett. For the next few years she was the centerpoint of my life. Everything I did, was, aspired to, was to impress her.

In 1967, I read a ad on the back of a box of Fruit Loops Cereal, that granted as a prize for a one page essay on some new technology a guest appearance on what was called the Fireman Frank Show on KCPX(KTVX) Channel 4. The Tv show was an early morning thing that featured local happenings for kids, plus ran Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Mom was on the design team of the then just in testing and design mode of the C5-A Galaxy Cargo aircraft, that was being built in part at HAFB. So I took what I knew about that, put it in my essay and for the whopping fee of $1.50 and two box tops, I won the contest.

The visit to the TV station was a visit that would be the basis for me in broadcasting. The top 40 radio station in Utah KCPX AM 1320, was in the same building as the TV station. 130 Social Hall Avenue 84111. Right before and shortly after the bit on TV, which I took command, I stopped at an open door to the main on air studio. All those machines, switches, buttons, lights and music. The DJ had went for a drink, so I stepped in, there I was sitting there just awe inspired.

Program Director Wooly Waldron came by and saw me and asked if I wanted to try doing a show reading ad and news copy. Hey I read real good, perhaps because of my Mom in my early years due to a undeveloped immune system, I’d run fevers of 108 without much warning, so Mom kept me by her side until age 6. Mom would read to me, I’d read back to her. Its been told to me although I didn’t look at it special that I could read an entire dictionary by age 4.

So there I was in radio. I loved the hell out of it. I met all kinds of people, from new performers to local celebrities, like the Osmond's. I got a crush on a very young Marie Osmond, who would go on dates, with mom dad and me to the local Davis Drive Inn after a meal at the pancake house in Clearfield Utah in the back of a 56 Merc.

I had thought media was my career, but then the love of flying entered. Dad used to go to the base to observe repairs on aircraft of the Air Force. I’d run all around that hangar , climbing in and out of everything from F4 Phantoms, to Cargo planes. I saw the X-15 long before it was on display for the public on Air Force Days that HAFB threw for the public every May. In 1968 inside that hangar the base General’s T-39 a military version of the Lear Jet>OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         was in the back of the hangar. Much of the time inside the hangar many of these birds were not powered up that is no electrical. This day was different. The General was set to go to Wright Patterson that Monday the bird was hot. That means fully operational. Previous times I played inside this bird with nothing to worry about. This day everything worked. With no training whatsoever except TV shows, I had never flew, today I got a near crash course on flying, out those hangar doors into wyld ayre I went. I was just shy of Idaho Falls’ Flanning field when two F4’s escorted me back to HAFB. Surprisingly enuff neither Dad nor I got into any trouble. The base commander thought I was gifted as I flew the bird without any help. With my bicycle taken away for two weeks I started basic junior CAP studies. I had thought being in aviation was my career path, with broadcasting as a secondary.

The NASA Apollo Space program had just started heating up, and my 6th grade Science fair project was a mock up of the Lunar Module. It was an early morning on May 5th that year when in class Mrs. Sturgeon, got an intercom alert that two air force airman with a mid sized truck was there to deliver some rather large boxes. Except the boxes were not empty. They contained, simulators from NASA for said Lunar Module. Needless to say I won the science fair.

In 1969 I went to Space Camp, and thought this could be fun, so I buckled down thinking I was going to space.

But my flying ambitions would be put on hold for many years into the future.

More on this later, but suffice to say, in the half century and 5 that I have walked, drove, rode, and flown this third rock from the Solar sun, I have done things, met people, been places and experienced more than any one person could, or dream of. But it was on my 17th Birthday that my life would take a drastic turn around. That in my next installment.


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Quote of the Day:
A man who lives right, and is right, has more power in his silence than another has by his words.
--Phillips Brooks
Luke 19:10“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.””

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