Saturday, December 31, 2016

Some days you get the bear some days it gets you, Today is one of those days

Cooter said it best; Some days you can't get it in second gear, even if you double clutch it, I say, " Some days you get the bear, some days it gets you". Today the bear is getting me. 
Last evening at 4:00PM here Brother Deen calls to remind me about church janitorial duties at 17:30, but at 17:00 tow call that took until mid 21:00 Hours. No early departure to head to Provo Utah for the Knytes honoring Coach Edwards. So came home. Here came and hauled me to the private Reaper Club, to reel in the New Year. Which resulted in a early morning of me holding my head saying, " I'll never do that again" So been holding my brain and killing the pain with Goody's Powders and bottles of DewShine
 but did get in a Chitland calzone and tater salad. 
Then started trying to look up the jingle of the new Infinity Q60 TV ad with little results. Hey it took 3 years to get in touch with the GMC jingle which is Eminence Front by the Who. Then tried to check in with SheWolf without any response. Two reasons, A; she's upset at me for something, who knows, she's always pee-oweed at me. If you think things are not stable here at the Wolf's Lair, you'd be right. If things were different, and things in Waco was a bit more MC friendly a different conversation might be taking place. At least I'd be warm more than freezing at only 20 degrees outside. Then went out to fire one of the trucks I needed for a specialty recovery, and found that in the cold weather, couldn't move it with tires froze to the ground, blew the tire, so went on the call with another truck, but damn wish I would have thought that further. So been watching the Velocity Channel, most of the day, can't Velocity show episodes that are current, rather than all the reruns? Watch on there though next year this time, I'm working on something with our sweet sister Sarah, on a thing we'll be calling Southern Steele. Any mile, my brain needs to be in a bucket, so I'm off to taking a nap, see ya'll on the radio.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

What we have here is a failure to communicate

What we have here is a failure to communicate. The powers that are, and even the ones that will soon, germinate like a bad weed after the Don is sworn in, wont address some issues that few talked about or were covered over during the election by both the candidates as well as main press media. During the election, there was little to no talk about issues relating to rural America, including farm policy. You did not hear much in the way of highway bills, transportation infrastructure including trucking and regulations. Nobody cares about where their food is raised and or processed , or how it gets to that Shelf at Walmart. Nope you did not hear that. You also did not hear about the spectrum auction for TV called the incentive auction, asking TV station owners to sell out or some of their side channels from the digital conversion. Whose buying that? The Feds are doing a spectrum land grab, so that your cell phone works better and in more places. Okay now you may say well I can watch it on line. Really? In October President Obama turned over the majority of control to the United Nations. Meaning committees in foreign nations can now control what you see and have access to online. They will regulate content, and website ownership. The full impact of this will not be felt for at least a year, but hold onto to diapers , cause it'll happen. Then we heard how upset Obama was about the hacking of the DNC election files. Thing is, Obama handed over the domestic authority to the UN so who can regulate? 
I saw on one of the FB pages I subscribe to about about the teaching of the history and all of the war of Northern aggression. By Yankees. However there are only two online as well as only one over the air source of information teaching the history of both sides of the Dixie line. The first is Dixie Broadcasting, at there are speeches and lessons there that few partake of and few contribute real money to, thus Dixie Broadcasting is barely on life support. The other is us, here at HazzardAyre Radio/TV. Launched in 2011 with a slightly more aggressive stance and style HazzardAyre Radio is on, both Livestream at and on . Likewise throughout the Mountain West, on Knytes owned radio stations and nation wide in syndication. More over we have renewed our contract with the Armed Forces Radio Television Service as well as will launch in April a channel on XM/Sirius Satellite. When I read the posts by so many except that of two, of people who are barking at changing the minds of Yankees towards our southern brethren, likewise educating even Yankees of the history of Southern culture and changing the mind thoughts of those who who think that just because you speak with a southern accent that your not dealing with a full deck, in fact say ya'll , or you'ns which is ya'll plus 5, to most northeners and the automaticly deduct at least 3 IQ points. Yet ask for a donation request from any body and its awe can't do that, yet even with people on Social Security who got what a $3.00 boost? Still have at least $50.00 to $100.00 left over each month and many will spend that on a weekend out at the bar . $100.00 may not seem like much, but if 20 or 30 so called Confederate supporters sent in a $100.00 a piece, that'd be half of our operational expenses. The bottom line its like paying tithing at church. Are you willing to sacrifice a creature comfort or a bit of a mental unplug, to help correct some of the injustices that have been made against not only our southern brethren, but our nation as well. It's like our military Veterans, how many causes of supporting those who served as well as still do. For that matter how about rolling out a contribution, to the Knytes, an organization that is here for the resurrection of southern culture as well as appreciation of our Armed Forces, no matter the branch of service. The Knytes of Dixie, does not care if you were born in the south or have ancestors , although many do, from or in the south, like other Southern related organizations do, if you believe in our southern heritage and are brave enough to be educated about the truth, we welcome you. But even with us that does not come free. Some people that are directly connected to the Knytes, even as my fiance , rakes out $500.00 a month from a mere $735.00 SSI income. She believes. Our Southern Sister from Texas makes pillows and such that the club can resell and market, making her as well as the Knytes some extra pocket change. My question is what are the rest of you going to do. Look we had a dictator in the White House for 8 years, now we have a Wall Street hoodlum business man in that place and little will change no matter what others and Tomi Lauren tells you. The only cure to the power hungry politicians is our simple southern logic. And yes even what I call Hazzard County tenacity and enginuity (mis-spelled on purpose) The only way that happens is keeping our voice to be heard and seen through HazzardAyre and Dixie Diesel Radio/TV. That takes dollars, and we are looking for donations. More over we are looking for those that are truly dedicated to the Southern Cause.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

When the Cell Phone dies and its too snowy to do anything outside

Last night once I got here to my domicile, with a serious snow storm, and snow up to the back of the shop door, when my cell phone's battery gave out, I turned in to my bed, closed my eyes and only awakened long enough to take meds at midnight and to squirt. Once I had that done, it was back to a galaxy far, far, far, away, and I didn't really care about anything. So with the snow outside and only 30 degrees outside, my butt is inside doing my radio production, writing a script for the Hazzard Knytes' movie, and resting. Now many say its your season, you should be towing. Trouble is I can't go out towing, one because of a radiator leak, and two the snow is too deep outside my shop door to even get any of the trucks out, so I'm farming off much of my tow traffic to a competitor who is also a good friend. For the small money I make going towing, its just not worth the stress on the trucks nor me. So I'm nestled inside.
So then expenses, are getting higher, this year rent is going up, but even at that, with this severe cold, natural gas costs are also higher. Especially with the little bit of insulation that was or is in this domicile. to get 75 inside one has to run the thermostat up to near 90. 
If anyone says women aren't territorial don't know the half of it. You can be super happy and doing okay, but if you begin working around a slightly higher quality honey, its snarl city. For that matter is everything, withing humans all directed to or do they have to be about the carnal physical get wild thing? I watched an episode of I think it was Spyn City the other night The challenge was could the character played by Mike J Fox, to focus on something other than a womans breasts. The first place I look at when I first meet a woman is her feet, followed by her toes and how well , or not she takes care of them. This is a good indicator of how well she takes care of the rest of her and how well she keeps herself clean. If they ignore the feet and toes they most likely ignore the rest of their anatomy and that means, don't go there. The next thing I notice if their wearing nylons or stockings of sort. Reason, if they wear nylons and such their most likely more into both being classy not trashy and are more into being sensuious rather than just stroking. Trust me the guy who knows how to treat a woman in hose, gets a lot more points than a guy who just jabs it in rolls over and goes to sleep. Long periods of foreplay , caressing a set of silky smooth legs gets her hotter than a two dollar Smith and Wesson. The next place I venture is with my nose. Strange smells or more than anything attracting means you might take home a worse than happy experience. Too much underarm, etc smells means there's more growing under her jeans than something to please. Next her hair, is it styled? If not she don't care about herself, and that means if your looking for something pleasant , it ain't going to be pleasant. What I do not like is 33 double D, breasts. Who needs that much ? Most guys I know, and me, do not play with anything more than a nipple, which is usually about the same size no matter if its double D's, or mini A's. Flat tummy's are a plus, I knew this one dancer at the 91 Club in Pocatello, Idaho. She was walking around the establishment whilest I was chatting with an exec from KPIF in Pocatello. She was selling body shots. I seriously had to feel her tummy, and ask do you even have a tummy? It was so flat and trim, that it was not even visable. A couple of gals there made an impression. Too bad they worked there and not some place proper like a talent agency. Speaking of which. When I cast for talent, I'm looking for brains and intelligence, not just a plump body, being squeezed inside a pair of yoga pants, or leather jeans. First the leather sours the private parts to where nobody would ever want to visit there, and second I want natural beauty, not manufactured. However all too many series and movies have women dressed in things especially their drawers that are so tight that you can't help but notice every crease and wrinkle. Even the illustrious Disney Channel does that. Here they have 13 to 25 year olds dressed in things that are singing do the wild thing, that it detracts from the script or at least the message. The old show on Disney called Jessie, starring Debby Ryan, who I am a great fan of, and has done two or three episodes of Law & Order, and got a serious ticket for DUI, in California, but she does get the job done, but she dressed per wardrobe department of Disney , so trashy and more adult oriented I wondered what has Disney became. I can assure you old Walter would roll over in his grave. While most of us are telling our kids wait until marriage, we have the Disney Channel telling our kids through their shows, Hey feel the need, just go ahead and breed. 
Well it's my lunch time, I'll have the second part of this , later today.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mass media in jeapordy technology in Rural America in danger

Mass media and that includes Internet is in Jeapordy in America, for that matter technology as far as broadband hyper quick Internet in rural America. When I say Rural America its not just small farms or in the sticks, I'm talking medium to small towns, whether that's Hazzard Idaho or Evanston Wyoming don't matter the connection and both upload as well as download speed but also that of the bandwidth that our metro counterparts enjoy. 
During the last two years of Bush Junior's Presidency there was this mad rush to move most if not all rural TV stations, off of analog signals to digital.. Why? The promise was to allow the creation of a government provided broadband hyper speed Internet that would be available on a sliding scale, and supported by tax dollars. What happened was A.T.&.T, Verizon and Sprint jumped in and bought that white space, but only expanded Cell phone ability, not computer internet ability. Sure Google and a few others have barked about 1 gig, service in say Salt Lake City, but it'll be a long time coming if ever that the same ability will be attained in say Twin Falls Idaho, Evanston Wyoming, or Wells Nevada. Just wont happen. Obviously there is the market observation by these big telecom giants even CenturyLink, that these communities do not deserve or can't support these telecom or Internet giants like the metro areas. Yet its our rural people that supply the one thing all humans and even animals require, that is food. Should not our farmers and ranchers deserve the same fiber optic capability that our city counterparts get? What about our smaller rural towns. And why say something is available or could be available when in fact telecom giants like CenturyLink, and such say they can provide. Example, Our first shop, damn near in the middle of town , could have fiber optic. Said I could get the same bandwidth as the middle of town. So I hooked up. Since AllWest our local cable company said would cost $12,000.00 to run a cable wire down not even a quarter of a mile from Bear River Drive to our shop. So I signed up with CenturyLink. Best it could do was maybe 2 up and at best 4mbps down. Even then the idiots at CenturyLink never could send the bill to our command office. They mailed it to the address of the shop, that nobody could find a key for , for that mailbox. Really? When I had em hook up to the house, I said this is what I need, they said yes, same story; 2 up, maybe 3mbps down, called CenturyLink up 3 times, on my AllWest phone said take this damn thing out of here. They didn't listen. So now CenturyLink wants $1,500.00 for a service that repeatedly I told them did not work, and I will not pay for. Hell even their local field tech said it'd not work or work well. Big companies though need to look at these albeit slowly growing, communities. Now I am not the biggest defender of Evanston, Wyoming here. But dig this Evanston is within a 100 mile radius of metro Salt Lake City, business's are coming back to this area again albeit slowly. Just at our original shop, there are about 25 individual shops of various forms there. All would rapdly go CenturyLink or for that matter AllWest or whoever that would invest in the infrastructure to germinate faster speed and bigger bandwidth. Even considering Twin Falls Idaho. When I drifted from there mainly due to the inability of CenturyLink to provide the horsepower to upload our constant flow to our network, there was maybe 44,000 people there. Today with Twin Falls Idaho, has nearly 75,000 people and I can't count how many new big factories there, yet companies like CenturyLink, Cable-One, and others have not increased the internet horsepower that these business's need. Except 2. A wireless company called SpeedConnect, and one called Project Mutual. Project Mutual is a co-op telecom, based in Rupert Idaho. They put fiber optic from Malta Idaho a town of 150 or so, to Burley, and all over Mini Cassia Idaho. Granted its not 1 gig, but you get dependable horsepower over both of them. What I say to people at CenturyLink and others. Get out of your cubicles take a road trip, and see with your eyes what's going on here. Its easy to sit in Las Vegas Nevada or Denver Colorado, and say these areas are too small, but the wise say invest while costs are low, and you'll reap big from what thereupon sow. 
Now let's turn to Television.
Cable is great if your in town or near town where you can get it. But our rural counterparts on the farm that like good TV are dependent on such services as DirecTV as well as Dish Network. Dish Network launched a few months ago a over the top service called SlingTV. Trouble is that's dependent on bandwidth of the Internet, which is super slow and SlingTV don't work too good. You need cable to get it, so if you sign up for Internet through a cable TV provider, why not just get cable? Dish has shot themselves in the foot here. Dish is having a penius waving contest with KSLTV and threatens to pull KSL -5 from their usable channels. Bad move here for Dish. Many here are not keen on NBC, I haven't found anything on NBC to watch for at least the time of the screen writers strike of 2007. But I do watch KSL-5 news. Over top of that, KSL is owned by majority  by the LDS(Mormon) Church. Which broadcasts LDS Conference each October and April. With the mutimillion members of the Church being squeezed out of being able to watch Conference, by Dish Network for blocking KSL, watch how many subscribers of Dish look elsewhere. 
Time for a overhaul of mass media. If you think that the Don, is going to do it, think again. If the Don, was intelligent, as he proclaims. He'd privatize mass communications and flat get rid of or drastically reduce the authority of this thing called the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC. Let the National Association of Broadcasters or even an independent group police the airwaves. At least you'd get someone local who could decide if an area deserved another radio and or TV station over the air. Without just looking at some topic map, and saying this is too close to another station or area, of a media giant that really doesn't care, but yet doesn't want to loose territory. Last year and I have heard many gripe about Pirate or OutLaw stations. Thing is, many of these small 50 to 100 watt Pirate stations provide news and all to areas that wouldn't have any radio and or Tv if they didn't. In mid 2012 it was announced that a filing window for the FCC for Low Power FM stations would open in mid July of 2013. However the FCC was more in favor of Native American tribes and religious groups obtaining air space. Not that I have anything against our Native American brothers and sisters, nor religious groups, but how about those wanting to provide service to the highway to keep truckers informed as to weather and news as well as entertained. We here at HazzardAyre were lucky as we squeeked by the deadline and got our license, but what about others? The town of Bliss Idaho, population 280 people. As far as TV there was once albeit snowy, but an analog translator TV station on Bell Rapids peak. Cable One is to cheap to run a extra wire into town yet the main line for Cable One from Hazzard to Gooding runs just outside of Bliss. Leaving Bliss without a local station. Hello, did the giants miss this? If you like your Internet, like your TV and love your radio, the time is now to bark at the big Don, to fix the FCC or get rid of it, more over call reps of your local telecom, beit, CenturyLink, PacificBell, whom ever and say I want better than your giving. Tell Satellite providers, quit fussing over programming costs and focus on the product and service, then the programming costs will be covered by increased subscriptions for service. Even invite the ones making the decisions on this to lunch. There's one rep I know who resides in Las Vegas. I have repeatably invited her to come up here to Evanston so she could look at what's here as far as population, residential complexes and such. In hopes of getting better services. I even through the Knytes was willing to pick up the tab room and transportation for her to visit. Answer? "We'll see". Real reason? Not enough carrots for her to worry about. 
See you on the air later, I'm headed for a nap.