Tuesday, March 31, 2015

too many nerds, not enough stallions


tHIS may seem like its racist or of bigotry, but its not, but let me go into the run of my day so you can get in the groove here. K?

Now while not normal procedure, SSI and I’m not too proud to say that’s how I live each month or at least my financial safety net. So most months the damn money is directly deposited in my checking account the day immediately before the 1st of each month. So the first thing I did was check my bank balance. 44.97 overdrawn. Really how can that be never bought anything for near 2-1/2 weeks via debit card so haow can I be overdrawn? Come to find out little Miss Facebook was siphoning money out of my account for a promo thing that never did produce any results. Sorry Facebook, people are very shy of clicking on anything online.

Most will rather go to the store pay cash be done with it. Okay so shut that off, thought I was in the plus side. except, no; Wells Fargo allowed another bandit from the Times News to siphon some more. So in essence after 4 phone calls, and the threat of giving a city geky college boy,  an attitude adjustment and an immediate cure for his ACHD, that got fixed. So then called SSI, asking where’s my money. Really? Because I couldn’t remember the space number out at Yellow Creek, this black bastard at SSI and you know he was black you could just hear it in his voice. Somebody the Government hired to be a call taker that has no idea how to do anything. After I asked to talk to a supervisor, and a half hour wait the black prick from SSI hung up. After I collected my emotions, I called back, and at least had a decent conversation. With knowledge that I should have money in the morning. The thing is that black bastard, said why don’t you just drive to your local SSI office. Okay, maybe that jerk in DC is geographically challenged, but for me to go to an SSI office is 70 miles to Rock Springs, or to Ogden Utah 80 miles one way, on low level fuel that can be a real challenge. But to be treated like I was. This Government employee needs to be working at Arby’s then perhaps he’ll get the meat?

Then we get to politics and political projects or at least the ability to bitch about this or that. Uncle Jessie, taught me down at Hazzard Creek, while we used to go gather crawdads and water cress for lunch’s. He used to say, “don’t bitch elect to fix”. The definition to that is simply, instead of just giving lip or finger punching keyboard service, do something about what ever it is.

Be not just part of, but be the solution, not just a sniveling little spectator. The Marine Corps has a name for that, its called being a JAFO, (Just-Another-Fucking-Observer). Instead of just pissing and moaning, put your money and or your muscle into it, not just on Facebook or making noise on a call in talk show.

I have two folks that have made friends with the old Wolf, but its the same thing I have heard from so many over the years that are NOT KNYTES, members. Sure they shake our hands and congratulate us, but could not be bothered to dig in their albeit limited wallet and cough up say $50.00 or $100.00 to the club, in fielding a candidate under the United Confederate States of America or UCSA Party. Or donate to keep the true voice of all things southern and Hazzard County alive. Even doing something like logging onto www.livestream.com/hazzardayre and even doing a Facebook like, and supporting the radio gig, hey ITS FREE. Take some of that dope taking, vapor electric cigarette money, and contribute to the cause. Don’t just clap your hands and say my ain’t that wonderful. It’s like listening to music but not having the courage or stimuli to sing.

So in closing , there’s way too many self serving, introverted geeks in our nation, and not enough risk taking extroverted stallions whose fluids flow fully doing the heavy lifting. Remember that this Memorial Day, remember those who lay there, who gave the ultimate sacrifice. More over buy a Marine a can of Skoal, cup of coffee or a meal. Truly say thanks, not just give lip service.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Doing a lot of damage repair and fence mending

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Sorry about not getting online with some of ya’ll. I’ll not drag it out, but most of you already know somebody decided to name his shop, as the one that is still king of all things Hazzard County out here in the Mountain West. That is the foundation of the club, and was the original off TV unofficial fan club of all things Hazzard. If I’d total up all the money, time and sweat I have shed, and spent it would match nearly all the gold in Fort Knox. I thought for sure, both Ben and Alma, would come to my defense with this person, but Ben went so far as to publicly endorse the shop in Alabama. Where the hell is our pat on the back? But this is why The Hazzard Knytes became the Knytes-of-Anarchy, Less Dukes, more Hazzard County and building a Hazzard that is real rather than just a cardboard background for a TV show.

10 years ago, I went to the Salt Lake City AutoRama. Ben was there as a feature guest, Alma came right up gave me a great hug. I was certain that she and Ben would stand up for the original Hazzard County Garage, at least one off TV, but it looks like perhaps my loyalty there has been in vein. However, I met with both club and my attorney’s to file a suit against the folks in Alabama, for using our name, and two an injunction to prevent any further use beyond me, my company, Warner Brothers Studios, and/or the TV show itself. Any other use for commercial use will be cause for serious litigation. And you thought you had a busy weekend.

While I’m not yet saying I’m dropping anchor here, a rapid departure may cause more trouble and create more loss of traction for the Knytes and/or me.

So we rather myself, I’m looking at staying put until October or so.

Heard Janet got ill over the weekend, I have a feeling it had more to do with stress and anxiety than much of anything else. However like Janet, I too have been under stress, and its simply this. When crap hits the fan like a copyright violation of our company name and the foundation to the Knytes among other things, its easier, to just curl up and quit. Myself, Nate even Janet. Its harder to cut your own path or paths out of the trail of life than to just follow the ones that's there already. Just give up, go slave labor for someone else, collect your wages. Become assimilated with everyone else. All Xerox copies of each other. The Hazzard County Garage when it was created, by the blessings from Skip Ward, Gy, Paul Picard and others thinking here is a true fan and the club and myself became creative consultants. The Hazzard County Garage, became a shop ran by people that kept people’s car , trucks, even tractors on the road or in the field, whether those people could pay or not. We set the example. Because we became the shop others looked on, from the attitude, that we fight the system. So it’s okay to fight the system because fighting that broken down system, made others look at themselves that opened doors and minds.

The Hazzard Knytes, made official in 1982 in Boise, at the same time that Idaho renamed part of the town of Hagerman, officially, Hazzard in 1984, the club grew, the shop grew, and so did I but I’m getting off course.

After awhile the stress of not giving in and not giving up, either due to pride or need or both, can put you down.

I have done that here in Evanston three times. Once only after a month of being here, once late February and just last weekend. Guess Janet was not the only one having an anxiety attack.  If your asking , then why are you staying and not just give up? It’s called Hazzard County Tenacity. Hazzard folk don’t just give up, it takes much more to make me give up. Our southern fried, historical radio station, or fine southern culture bar and cafe, needs to happen. As far as the next extension of the Hazzard County Garage, aka Hazzard County Choppers, will be created in both Paris and Montpelier Idaho.

Any mile, for as many assholes that I have met here, there are more friendly and helpful people here than just the assholes.

Stay tuned.


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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Strep Throat no fun, and meds make no drive

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Another church clean up missed, but not intentionally . See since Thursday I have had a terrible case of strep throat. Can’t swallow, can’t much except that of what I can drink, can’t buy liquid meals on EBT card like Ensure, so I buy instant breakfasts, which lasts a few hours then I could eat a horse and chase the rider. I mean hungry. Then there’s the medicines. The antibiotics are okay, as well as the Mucinex to clear mucus but there are a few like this Phenergran and a couple more that make me about as stoned as a drunk cow rustler, so I just am sucking down orange juice, watching TV and trying to do as best as I can writing and posting 411 for all of you.

Still trying to get my old Facebook account. Sent them I don’t know how many help requests, but haven’t heard much. I got some sort  response, but when I clicked on it I got this> facebook noticeits enough to where I’m just about to the point of giving Facebook the middle finger salute and saying byte me. The only reason I don’t is so many of the Knytes and AyreWolvez depend on the links I put on Facebook to stay informed of club news and projects. If it were not for that I’d kiss my six Zuckerburg. Even though I spent money with you, never got even one response from the ads placed, sorry your not doing your subscribers any good. Maybe get some gray haired people in your Palo Alto California campus.

So I muddle through, best course is our own site, and work through traditional units like Yahoo.

Okay finally, something on moral protocol.

First understand I don’t mean to criticize here. I love my church Bishop as much as I could any brother. However there is this thing that’s been knawing at me for a few weeks , heck the past month. See there’s this 17 year old gal at church that looks hotter than a Saturday night special pistol.  And has some serious smarts, and while I meant no harm, in fact wanted to extend an invitation to her to intern at KDXC FM?HazzardAyre Radio here, the request from our Bishop and parent Wanda was, leave her alone. Okay I’m down with that. However comes a church supported dinner/auction, put on as a fund raiser for the church’s Young Women. Presided over by Alexis’ mother Wanda. It was Alexis that I was wanting to recruit not Wanda, hey so I got names mixed up. So came this dinner/auction. Alexis was dressed in a see through fish net top, really tight jeans and serious high heeled boots. She always has looks that can kill. Now I may be wrong for looking, but isn’t there something in our teachings of the Church gospel that says girls should dress modestly especially in church, even something casual like that dinner? You don’t put fresh meat in front of a high octane canine and say don’t eat. Same thing for me, you don’t have a sweet young lady marching around some 50 year old male corpuscle that hasn’t had any interaction of any kind with a lady at least seriously or personally for the better part of 15 years and not say don’t look. I’m sorry, it may be wrong for an older guy to look at a young girl, but I don’t see a bunch of church or other people out introducing me to available women my age either. Sure I never got that in Twin Falls, but the Pastor at the River Fellowship there, did make seating arrangements at evening services, that made some sort of family connection possible.

Any way getting off the computer, stay sane and remember , I’m here in Evanston building a radio station for ya’ll


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Friday, March 27, 2015

What a day this one has been and a long night ahead


What a long day this one has been and an even longer night, due to some idiotic college boys at Facebook killing my account. The social site says you can’t quit them, but my step on a few fingers and watch how fast they shut you off. I have always said its too damn bad someone smarter than I since I can’t yet write computer code, but dig this, its time for a more open minded wider focus social site other than Facebook. Maybe Zuckerburg needs some serious competition.

Most of this started, with me bringing into question some yea whoo in Alabama(imagine that) who took up the idea of using our company name. Can you imagine that? How the foxtrot can anyone invade an institution like the Hazzard County Garage? Ours was and is the original off TV monument and memorial to all things Hazzard. Can’t understand why Ben and Alma allowing that, but that is what it is. So I had to fire up an entirely new Facebook account, so I’ll be busy most of the weekend putting photos and such on the new account. Situations like this make one just want to drive down to Palo Alto California, grab one of those snobby college boys by the shirt collar and explain life to one of them. Trust me I’m considering it.

If Facebook wants to verify my identity, I’ll verify it, up close and personal.

Stay Tuned


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Oh for the love of it all


Oh for the love of it. I was going to close when in looking over my postings on my Gmail saw Zeb Bell’s thing on how much he respected and honored the military. Now ain’t calling him no liar or anything, but where was that respect and honor, when yours truly and those members of the AyreWolvez who flew with and of the infamous VMA214 BlackSheep squadron, based in Yuma Arizona, United States Marine Corps MCAS ? We have attempted I don’t know how many times we have tried to put news and even get a bit of audio ink on Zeb’s show as well as KBAR itself. Frustrated , we even tried to buy KBAR once, but got KO’d at the final stage of purchase. Something to do with being a bit edgy radio. Where was Zeb’s honor and respect of our military, on that stage? Here we wanted to bring aviation albeit with a southern based, confederate spin on it, but radio that for once told of the air battles etc that not only us but all military aviators, went through and lived to tell about it. We tried to buy the few hours on the weekend to talk about military flight, the aircraft, the squadrons etc, but nope said Gina nope can’t do that. Where was Zeb’s support there?

If anyone thinks that its always been smooth sailing for our organizations over the years, even in Idaho on our own home turf , your wrong. But we overcame the problems. Over time we were able to find the people and resources we needed, even to the point of erecting our own radio stations. Syndicating our two shows, HazzardAyre and AyreWolffm. Sure it got frustrating trying to find models in Twin Falls, even lady voices and lady co host anchors, but eventually we’d find some. To really answer a question , why then did I leave in 2013? I’ll tell you. A jackass from Lake Tahoe said we’d be better off with our online radio show in a place with a better online pipeline than what Twin Falls offered at the time. Most likely still is the same problem. As far as leaving Utah, had the people that owned I4 Solutions where HazzardAyre was HQ’d not have been in such a hurry for me to relocate me, out of there residence wise, we’d most likely still be there.

But I’m getting off course here.

I hear all the time about how they honor and thank us for our service. The real deal? Don’t give us respect and honor with your damn lips or your keyboard. How about giving us jobs? How about helping organizations out here trying to help our fellow air and ground warriors? How about donating to the causes of setting up slush funds for returning military, from Afghanistan, Iraq and such. Organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project, the AyreWolvez, and a few others, who are here nursing and comforting those coming home that suffer from hidden wounds, like PTSD and such. No you don’t see any action that way, but my how they say the honor and respect us. How about giving military discount or preferred housing, or at least rental assistance? EBT cards, so we can at least eat while waiting for paper work to clear DoD. How about big media people like Zeb, barking a bit on his show of fund raiser events for such things? Nope, but he’ll yap about how much he honors us.

He was talking about Bo from Sun Valley area of Idaho, the guy being singled out for desertion, and being court-martialed on an article 82 hearing. Nobody really knows what happened there. If you all knew Bo as I do, you would not say that. Bo was a solid Patriot in every way. Bo was kidnapped, brainwashed and made to do things he was not in control of, but hey somebody has to get blamed and convicted here so Bo is a sacrificial lamb, being slaughtered, when he is only guilty of circumstances beyond his control. But hey Zeb you sure honor the military, don’t you? Bullsbreath. I read Zeb’s blog every week or so and most of the time he is dead on, but mostly his comments are guided by a now married former news anchor of KMVT who pulls the strings of Zeb’s daily radio show, just like a puppeteer.

People everywhere does not like anyone who fights the system , not just to fight it, but because the system is broken. People do not like someone with a rebel, open independent mind. Oh Zeb barks about how America is being bamboozled by Obama and the Republicrats, and the Demolicans , people who are busting hump, to fix this nation but are hammered and hindered . Zeb says he wishes all would be like John Wayne. Okay , where was the Big Duke attitude when we wanted to be a guest on Zeb’s radio show to talk about the true history and version of the war of northern invasion? Ya’ll call it the Civil WAr. It wasn’t Civil at all, It really was a racketeering ploy by not so honest Abe, on the southern people. John Wayne was a huge supporter of the southern movement, including both the Knytes-of-Anarchy as well as the AyreWolvez. But did Zeb let us on? Nope, I got turned away from KBAR, had to call in on a cell phone in freezing rain, and then only gave about 30 seconds.

I just hate carpetbagging yankees that never live up to even their own hype.

My opinion I could be wrong.

Stay Tuned and God Bless Dixie>images <

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another week wasted, but light on the horizon


another Example of why if your a business owner looking for a place to place or locate your business or a branch of it, is not, repeat NOT!! Evanston Wyoming.

Now this continues what I wrote on this earlier today. Some things grow good in one place, but the exact same thing wont grow in another. Example soy beans. They grow great mid west, but will not grow in say Wyoming or Idaho. Some places have a wider view of the world or at least a more progressive view of their environment.

Sadly Evanston a once industrious town, supported by oil and natural gas production, Union Pacific, and energetic spirit. Unfortunately that spirit done flew away. Today any business, not owned by or operated by someone that was born here, gone to school here, married here, with their gravestone in the local cemetery, that business will never advance beyond the serious planning stage. Rental property is way outrageous and if your looking at doing anything beyond supplying the railroad here, don’t expect any support, including hiring female model talent for a simple set of pictures for a simple web site. Sounds like what I used to say about Twin Falls, Rigby and some other areas of Idaho, that was once occupied by the Knytes, and/or me. Thing is when all too many obstacles blocked progression, and we left, it was only then , that the tax revenue from our $400,000.00 a month sales tax, and half a million payroll taxes brought to local coffers. But by then we were gone. Other things left to, when the Knytes leave, riff raff enters. Theft, narcotics abuse, and other things that the Knytes keeps out of a community, enters. By then its too late. Only then do we get apology letters and requests for us to rethink. Problem is once burned the Knytes do not return, nor rethink. We forgive, but never forget. There is no second chances and I’m near there myself. Promise me something and don’t keep your word, prevent me from fulfilling my responsibilities to say my local LDS church ward, just to accommodate them, funny, I always thought if you work for someone from which you plan to get a paycheck you kiss his behind, not the company owner or Charter President kiss yours. It don’t work that way. Any way, to put it simply I have my affection and all for Evanston. While the Knytes still think that building the radio station here, I’m near the point of telling the club, hey you get someone else to ride herd on this project. Of course I can’t because few of the Wolf Pack hates this town so bad it leaves the taste of the floor of a rabbits pen in our mouths. So , I’ll stay long enough to complete this radio station but as far as the Reaper and all the rest, ain’t going to happen.

As for me, I’m looking at a short spell in Utah to wrap things up there, then move my butt out of there for Boise. I have came to the conclusion concussion that I need to be in a place that has at least 50k populations or better. Anything else, just don’t work.

Stay Tuned

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Daily Breef


Had a good night although with the phlegm I had in my throat had to sleep partly sitting upright.

Woke up to the birds singing and it was warm. Even in the freezebox called Evanston. Speaking of the town most in the club would just assoon forget, The club is going forward on the radio station, and what that means, but have dumped just about everything else. My orders came this morning, to finish that up, and start looking for housing in Idaho, mostly Burley or perhaps Montpelier. Close enough to where the sub station of the radio station here in Evanston is, but I can leave, and not be anywhere near a resident.

As for myself I think, that the club is going to spend additional dollars tilling this field that is not environmentally ready or willing to accept the seeds we’re planting. I explained this to Keith the other night. Going to our Farm roots, there are certain crops that will germinate and grow in some places , but will die out in others. Example, you can plant cotton in Georgia, but not here in the Rocky Mountains, mainly Wyoming.

Let’s face it, you don’t move to Wyoming to become a actor or music performer or even drive NASCAR, likewise , finding models that are mature enough to do such things. A grand lady who runs one of if not the biggest modeling/casting agencies of the region told it to be, that around here, you can only cast for things church friendly, anything else, must be cast out of either Nashville, New York, Dallas, or Hollywood. For what we’re looking to do, more over the photographer and website builder we need. Not here.

I’m still waiting for that gal from Cokeville to call, or something, but my guess is, she ain’t so we gotta move on, give the site project to Infogenix out of Provo, Utah. And be done with it. Which brings me to my point. It came to point, the other day when and it still hurts. Not that she came and went, but her and two others interested in the club supporting a tattoo shop for them decides to bug out. In words of one of those, I too don’t have time for BS, more over any inclination to. I’m in the vehicle rescue and transport business, yes I tow. My world at lest 80% of my time, is centered on that. 5% to flying dusting crops and 5% to the club. In years gone by it was more 60% towing, 20% club, 20% flying. But since I have been suspended from the cockpit due to my weight, or at least until I loose 69 pounds to gain a BMI of 44, My world centers on going towing. Quite frankly, with a population of 20,000 if you include the entire county, and 8 other tow companies here, going towing in Wyoming is not something I’m looking at to do here. I left in late November, 2014 to erect a radio station for truckers/bikers in Evanston Wyoming. Past that and I’m even willing to say the radio station would go over better in Bancroft, or Malad Idaho at least there I have support from both immediate blood kin there, as well the club. So April is a clean up finish it month, here in Evanston, and mid May, my Wolf-Pack is outta here. I’ve had enough. To date there hasn’t been one gal for modeling show up at the Wolf’s Den to interview. More over I haven’t been up close and cuddly with a gal of any venue since I got here. So what’s the point? Do radio in Evanston by remote control, as for me, I’m on my way out home to Idaho.

As I close, one of those that said they were too busy to hang with the club even though it was the clubs green they needed for a Tattoo shop, called, then sent a text, wanting me to truck on down to the VFW club last night. First after spending a bunch of money on them and Britt all month, plus paying bills, my wallet is depleted. Second with me having strep throat and an inner ear infunction with the meds I gotta take I ain’t driving no where nor doing anything I don’t have too. Plus I’m resting to be ready for the move outta here, something that should have been done in February. Now again if some of those thinking they need me to stay, then here’s the formula> A gal that looks like this>Straw Butt with legs like these>nylons_thumb3 dressed in these>OHP_67608_Suntan_is shows up here at the Wolf’s Den, that wants to get up close and personal, I might have a change of heart and mind. But since in reality, the ultra ridiculous conservative attitude here makes that a big shot in the dark, if I gotta be by myself, might as well as be somewhere , where I can at least get an occasional scratch and sniff rather than no contact at all.


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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hellbilly Hellcats Road Kill Cafe

Wind beneath my wings Part 1


This is going to be fun watching the property manager tell the property owners that the reason I’m moving even with just 3 months into the lease, that the reason of departure is, a minor fix in parking and telling junior to shut up after 10:00PM. Although she might not tell the property owner that, but I will. Funny the same gal was all so nice and lovey dovey, but has started to be come a pain. Giving me a three day notice, for my parking error, yet she lets someone else park in a gall darned loading zone, my ass. This property like all too many is designed around one idea, none wed, pregnant or just been there. Or students aka Wal-Mart employees.

Had a talk with Keith earlier on the phone, damn it’s nice , to have a cell phone, but talked with Keith. Decision, give my 30 day notice to the owners of this property, set up the office, but as for myself and our Wolf-Pack, get the Pack outta here.

After the over view we could keep pouring money into the damn area, or do like every other smart business that ever came here, be smart and get out before Evanston bankrupts you. This time its for good. And to answer the question is simply answered had I had more available funds, and the WolfPup not been down, I’d have never moved into the Wentworth and just made a beeline to the beehive state and forgot I ever came here.

While I’d like to be able to repair this town, after wasting so much money on that Brittany and all, I don’t have the tools or inclination to doing much of anything beyond the radio gig here and me bowing out faster than I got trapped here in the first place.

I’m still waiting for the photographer and web builder person from Cokeville to show up or call. My thing to her is I want to get about 8 model talents up here, for an open audition. The time for waiting is over. Either do the job, or say your all booked up so we can find someone who can.

Burley in the Cross Hairs.

That in the next edition.

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