Monday, March 30, 2015

Doing a lot of damage repair and fence mending

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Sorry about not getting online with some of ya’ll. I’ll not drag it out, but most of you already know somebody decided to name his shop, as the one that is still king of all things Hazzard County out here in the Mountain West. That is the foundation of the club, and was the original off TV unofficial fan club of all things Hazzard. If I’d total up all the money, time and sweat I have shed, and spent it would match nearly all the gold in Fort Knox. I thought for sure, both Ben and Alma, would come to my defense with this person, but Ben went so far as to publicly endorse the shop in Alabama. Where the hell is our pat on the back? But this is why The Hazzard Knytes became the Knytes-of-Anarchy, Less Dukes, more Hazzard County and building a Hazzard that is real rather than just a cardboard background for a TV show.

10 years ago, I went to the Salt Lake City AutoRama. Ben was there as a feature guest, Alma came right up gave me a great hug. I was certain that she and Ben would stand up for the original Hazzard County Garage, at least one off TV, but it looks like perhaps my loyalty there has been in vein. However, I met with both club and my attorney’s to file a suit against the folks in Alabama, for using our name, and two an injunction to prevent any further use beyond me, my company, Warner Brothers Studios, and/or the TV show itself. Any other use for commercial use will be cause for serious litigation. And you thought you had a busy weekend.

While I’m not yet saying I’m dropping anchor here, a rapid departure may cause more trouble and create more loss of traction for the Knytes and/or me.

So we rather myself, I’m looking at staying put until October or so.

Heard Janet got ill over the weekend, I have a feeling it had more to do with stress and anxiety than much of anything else. However like Janet, I too have been under stress, and its simply this. When crap hits the fan like a copyright violation of our company name and the foundation to the Knytes among other things, its easier, to just curl up and quit. Myself, Nate even Janet. Its harder to cut your own path or paths out of the trail of life than to just follow the ones that's there already. Just give up, go slave labor for someone else, collect your wages. Become assimilated with everyone else. All Xerox copies of each other. The Hazzard County Garage when it was created, by the blessings from Skip Ward, Gy, Paul Picard and others thinking here is a true fan and the club and myself became creative consultants. The Hazzard County Garage, became a shop ran by people that kept people’s car , trucks, even tractors on the road or in the field, whether those people could pay or not. We set the example. Because we became the shop others looked on, from the attitude, that we fight the system. So it’s okay to fight the system because fighting that broken down system, made others look at themselves that opened doors and minds.

The Hazzard Knytes, made official in 1982 in Boise, at the same time that Idaho renamed part of the town of Hagerman, officially, Hazzard in 1984, the club grew, the shop grew, and so did I but I’m getting off course.

After awhile the stress of not giving in and not giving up, either due to pride or need or both, can put you down.

I have done that here in Evanston three times. Once only after a month of being here, once late February and just last weekend. Guess Janet was not the only one having an anxiety attack.  If your asking , then why are you staying and not just give up? It’s called Hazzard County Tenacity. Hazzard folk don’t just give up, it takes much more to make me give up. Our southern fried, historical radio station, or fine southern culture bar and cafe, needs to happen. As far as the next extension of the Hazzard County Garage, aka Hazzard County Choppers, will be created in both Paris and Montpelier Idaho.

Any mile, for as many assholes that I have met here, there are more friendly and helpful people here than just the assholes.

Stay tuned.


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