Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ok I skipped going to the church for clean up, just over slept.

Hag Hedder toewers blues

So , okay I missed going to our Wards meeting house to do a days worth of cleaning, thing is at 09:00 my body was just about finding some point of comfort.

Seems as though the food , although good going down that I bought at the Best Western here was okay, but no suds soda, and all made it food that should not be served. Seems everyone here in the culinary industry here is skipping corners, to save money. Something that will have to change if any of them want to compete with the Reaper Club. Yes the green light has been gave by the club to proceed on that. So lets add up really quick my heavy stress level. First I’m attempting to relaunch Highway Hooker Toewing here in 4 months. Relaunch HazzardAyre Radio, publish a new biweekly newspaper, and now put the pieces to the puzzle of the Reaper Club. An none alcohol social establishment for young and old, where one can enjoy all the trappings of a traditional bar, without the brew, and booze. Food, dance, music, just you get to stay sober.

Oh and no off track betting, betting or spending money for something that is a long shot maybe, by people that should not spend their household money on a big maybe is against our Heavenly Fathers commandments, and the Reaper Club, which is owned by the Knytes-of-Anarchy, Truck Club, being an LDS based organization will not allow that.

So with my schedule, if I forget a church building cleaning day, I should ought to be forgiven, even I sometime forget.

Then as I watched AllWest cable TV I saw that the digital signal, coming from both microwave link and satellite downlink, keeps getting disrupted. The signal is like something keeps passing by the dish, and signal cohesion gets lost. This is why the Knytes through the Hazzard County Syndicate, amongst others is sniffing around AllWest inquiring if those in Kamas at AllWest HQ, would sell the system here to someone that has the expertise to run the system like it should be and improve the system to meet the needs here and not overcharge its customers.

Now if I can find, some none club member assistants and helpers, so I can get some rest, I’ll have it made. There’s three at church that I’d like to inquire as to their interest, I’m already training one who flat quit Suds Brothers, Friday, due to improper treatment. As I close, I’ll throw this in and it goes with my blog last night.

It would seem, that more people support a cafe or culinary establishment, as well as a intoxicating beverage distribution facility aka a bar, than would be the radio station that’s scalping everyone with a poorly ran operation little being LIVE and all to high ad rates. HazzardAyre Radio wont be that way. But finding qualified on air people here is like digging for gold, one has to dig deep and long, just to find a small nugget.

The Hazzard County Nationals/DukesFest West coming to Evanston Wyoming in 2016, details in my next entry.



HEAVENLY TAIL_thumb good night