Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There are bars, saloons and dives


tHERE are bars, there are saloons and there are dives, and trash joints. Of all of them the last two are mostly what we have here in Evanston Wyoming at least as it is currently.

Before I start out on what the full Reaper Club experience will be like, I need to give some examples of places that are equal to if not just slightly better than the Reaper and those we emulate.

The first is Shorty’s Saloon, of which the club has a controlling interest, but beyond that, Shorty’s always remembers me and the club, or just me. I walk in, the bar tenders there always clears my stool, and spot on the bar, my favorite chili and garlic bread is served along with my Bud long neck bottle. Whether I ask for it or not. Even if they haven’t seen me in a long time.

The next is another spot that used to be in Boise now residing in Coeur Delene Idaho. The place is called the Iron Horse, and tell you this; I walk in, Friday’s, clam chowder, that is a special recipe. I mean its velvety nor runny, velvet white, with carrots, celery, real chunk potatoes , again my garlic bread roll, and Bud, in my spot, in front of a TV, and they always remember to give me the remote.

Then there is Anchors Bistro and Bar in Twin Falls, that’s where I met Emme Lou, but more important, my shrimp in a basket, my fries cooked MY WAY, and my Bud draft. Right in front of my big screen TV and the remote so I can watch what I want to, in my spot in the mid section of the bar floor.

Exiting the Magic Valley, there is BJ Sports Bar there in Heyburn.

Same treatment, they remember me, what I want to eat, drink, and my TV. More over where I sit.

Rounding the Gem State out, there is the Green T there in Chubbuck just outside of Pocatello.

The common denominator? All of these places, treat their patrons like they are King Penus, they know and remember their regulars as well as the not so regulars. The cooks remember the patrons fave food and how they want it made. This is what makes a great place to drop the kickstand and sling your leg over and stay awhile.

However the Dives and trash joints here, have no idea of how to run such a place, but then that’s a leg up34bf5268d3b5e7147af247a34f71a2d1 for us as we can show the locals and not so locals, what a classy truckers/bikers saloon is all about.


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