Tuesday, March 31, 2015

too many nerds, not enough stallions


tHIS may seem like its racist or of bigotry, but its not, but let me go into the run of my day so you can get in the groove here. K?

Now while not normal procedure, SSI and I’m not too proud to say that’s how I live each month or at least my financial safety net. So most months the damn money is directly deposited in my checking account the day immediately before the 1st of each month. So the first thing I did was check my bank balance. 44.97 overdrawn. Really how can that be never bought anything for near 2-1/2 weeks via debit card so haow can I be overdrawn? Come to find out little Miss Facebook was siphoning money out of my account for a promo thing that never did produce any results. Sorry Facebook, people are very shy of clicking on anything online.

Most will rather go to the store pay cash be done with it. Okay so shut that off, thought I was in the plus side. except, no; Wells Fargo allowed another bandit from the Times News to siphon some more. So in essence after 4 phone calls, and the threat of giving a city geky college boy,  an attitude adjustment and an immediate cure for his ACHD, that got fixed. So then called SSI, asking where’s my money. Really? Because I couldn’t remember the space number out at Yellow Creek, this black bastard at SSI and you know he was black you could just hear it in his voice. Somebody the Government hired to be a call taker that has no idea how to do anything. After I asked to talk to a supervisor, and a half hour wait the black prick from SSI hung up. After I collected my emotions, I called back, and at least had a decent conversation. With knowledge that I should have money in the morning. The thing is that black bastard, said why don’t you just drive to your local SSI office. Okay, maybe that jerk in DC is geographically challenged, but for me to go to an SSI office is 70 miles to Rock Springs, or to Ogden Utah 80 miles one way, on low level fuel that can be a real challenge. But to be treated like I was. This Government employee needs to be working at Arby’s then perhaps he’ll get the meat?

Then we get to politics and political projects or at least the ability to bitch about this or that. Uncle Jessie, taught me down at Hazzard Creek, while we used to go gather crawdads and water cress for lunch’s. He used to say, “don’t bitch elect to fix”. The definition to that is simply, instead of just giving lip or finger punching keyboard service, do something about what ever it is.

Be not just part of, but be the solution, not just a sniveling little spectator. The Marine Corps has a name for that, its called being a JAFO, (Just-Another-Fucking-Observer). Instead of just pissing and moaning, put your money and or your muscle into it, not just on Facebook or making noise on a call in talk show.

I have two folks that have made friends with the old Wolf, but its the same thing I have heard from so many over the years that are NOT KNYTES, members. Sure they shake our hands and congratulate us, but could not be bothered to dig in their albeit limited wallet and cough up say $50.00 or $100.00 to the club, in fielding a candidate under the United Confederate States of America or UCSA Party. Or donate to keep the true voice of all things southern and Hazzard County alive. Even doing something like logging onto www.livestream.com/hazzardayre and even doing a Facebook like, and supporting the radio gig, hey ITS FREE. Take some of that dope taking, vapor electric cigarette money, and contribute to the cause. Don’t just clap your hands and say my ain’t that wonderful. It’s like listening to music but not having the courage or stimuli to sing.

So in closing , there’s way too many self serving, introverted geeks in our nation, and not enough risk taking extroverted stallions whose fluids flow fully doing the heavy lifting. Remember that this Memorial Day, remember those who lay there, who gave the ultimate sacrifice. More over buy a Marine a can of Skoal, cup of coffee or a meal. Truly say thanks, not just give lip service.

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