Monday, March 16, 2015

Should have but didn’t


Earlier this evening I got a call from a person that used to be at least as far as I was concerned, a good friend. The call came from a once member of the Knytes, who was ousted due to failure to perform duty. JAG jargon calls it a Article 82 offense, we just call it lack of loyalty.

The Knytes is above all, a performance minded organization. If your not going to do your duty to the club when asked, makes no matter as to if you paid dues or not, but your out.

So Joe, called and was interested in being reinstated. I said I couldn’t do that on my own that it was up to the club officers. The bottom line is, nothing personal Joe, but you had a chance, you were a prospect, but you never did what you said you were going to do. Maybe someday that fence can be mended , but not today.

Another message I got was from one of our members in Boise, while he understands the structure, he said aren’t you leaning a bit on getting these new hires, to let you put lips to toes in nylon hose? My response is simple. I’d rather make a mistake on a TV ad for Highway Hooker Toewing, than I would on an ad or promo for the club. More over there’s a shoot on deck for the 30th of March. Our photohog Anita is coming down from Nebraska to shoot some promo pics for the website and TV ad. If I’m to be kissing some gals toes to make this>erin n me into this>156620_162274433815329_2784886_n I’d like to be able to rehearse the pose or whatever, or if she feels funny doing that come up with something she’s comfortable with that’s similar. Not wait until a couple of days to the shoot or the shoot itself.

That’s why I’m pushing on that, yet Britt and or her friend has yet came to the Wolf’s Den here, wearing socks or something that would allow a quick rehearsal. It’s the same thing I tell most. If you can’t take the gig seriously, and at least try something, then don’t hold us up, and look elsewhere. Its time to crap or get off the toilet. It’s the same situation I’m going through with the bastards who own this bar and grill in Evanston called Lotty’s that we are looking to put the Reaper in. For the amounts they want for it, you’d think they’d get off the John to get things rolling. Given the condition, few if anyone at the rental and restoration costs are going to go in there with the economy of Evanston being what it is, would buy into it.

On the flip side here we are, and its like getting felt up by a Pentecostal virgin waiting for some serious action but being kept in a holding pattern. The search for a new location starts next Monday.

Any mile , Britt and her friend was to come over at 10:00PM , but I don’t think they’re going to make it, so I’m going to get ready to get to bed as I have a busy day Tuesday.


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