Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The origin of HazzardAyre Radio and why


Before I get to my rant here, need to look at some new issues.

First , got the noise from Rickey our Charter President in Twin Falls, that KnyteGuard Security in Boise is having some difficulties. Mostly financial, as we might loose a contract due to malfegence that resulted from an employee doing booty duty rather than his assigned duty. More on that as I get it.

Called on my cable bill, seems I’m under the gun there, AllWest is hitting me up for near $400.00 .  Can you believe that, they never explained you have to pay two months out, plus the deposit. Add to that slow internet speeds, and the package I ordered, I don’t even get most if any of the channels I ordered or that comes with the package. Noticed though, AllWest does not plumb in any Viacom channels, from CMT to VH1 . But I need what they offer , so will have to submit that along with my gas , power bill and all that to my Bishop, praying he’ll take care of that. Although, now that I have my cell phone, going again, I’ll drop the phone service from AllWest.

Okay then:

Next, the reason that I have to pay for the recovery of the radio gear from Woods Cross, Utah. Is that the whole situation was my blunder. Had I not moved to Evanston, nothing at Woods Cross would have changed. In short my blunder so I have to fix it. Which too, I’m hoping I can get real Money help from my Bishop through the Priesthood. I have decided though that if something doesn’t break, soon. I’ll have to move back to Burley or that immediate area, because, it’s getting to where although diminished in services or suppliers, among many things, Evanston is a place , I just can’t afford to live in. Estimated date of departure, 07/01/2015.

Okay then.

The reason the radio station was created was in our early days , club wise. The regular media even in Twin Falls/Hazzard Idaho area gave little if any at all to none at all coverage, or attention to the club. So we took matters in our own hands. What started as and continues to run at least in Buhl, as an LPFM or Low Power FM, and built on a radio station dedicated to delivering information, and entertainment to long haul over the road truckers. Over time several area stations started TRYING to copy us, but failed to duplicate us, we moved into unchartered territory. That of being the only show or station in the nation dedicated to those of us who tow(toe)a84ffbf4cc7d1579b84affb0fca3338c 37299_123730074336432_2368645_n so in the beginning we created KTOW(TOE) d96c5bbc06c6fb5c9794436a47673477  10408589_10205650231842822_6216748300105975530_n

over the long haul of years KTOW FM 105.7 pioneered radio unheard of in the Mountain West.

That’s where and why the radio station was created. We created the only mountain west regional OTR radio network, we put MSN (Motor-sports-network) and NASCAR into the cabs of truckers, and tractor cabs of the western area of Idaho. Plus the only radio show overnight show for us who do the big tow work, Heavy Hooker Radio, over the years that was whittled down to Highway Hooker Radio, and yes named after my company, Highway Hooker Toewing.

HazzardAyre Radio went on area stations in 2010, and nationally online in 2013.

It’s essential that those who haul, and tow for this nation are kept informed and entertained. Everything you have, your house, your bed, your food, and your car at one time was hauled and delivered by truck. To phrase it correctly, if you got it, a trucker brought it, if slid off the road, or your car or truck became disabled, it was a tow truck operator who recovered and rescued it. To these unsung heroes, it is HazzardAyre Radio.

More Later


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