Thursday, March 12, 2015

Don’t be kind or complimentary, just be like a Marine Drill Instructor


Want to do business in the 21st Century? Be a dang DI, and make people feel unimportant, degrade them to mere servants and never be kind or complimentary, especially women.

Dig this and it happened once before here, but sent a message to a gal that showed me all kinds of properties yesterday, saying how professional, and efficient she was. So Matt gets back to me saying they were somewhat offended. Really for saying someone is doing a good job, thanks for helping me and the club. I must have an invisible tattoo on my forehead in NEON letters that says, Predator or worse, or something that gives off the vibe I want to do the nasty animal carnal thing to you, not . I and most if not all the club respects that piece of jewelry on the third finger on the left hand of women. But that should not mean you have to just be mean. But apparently that’s what you have to be. Over the next year and a half, SAMCRO MC/Knytes-of-Anarchy will be dumping just under $30,million into the Evanston/Bear River Wyoming area. Likewise in Lyman Wyoming and Randolph Utah areas. We need the resources of a good real estate person as a associate.  Sure the lady real estate person looked good and that’s a bonus, but aside from teasing, the last thing I’d do right now is try to make a date there. Of course this extends to the gals that’ll be working at The Reaper, the ladies for the calendar and video, and of course TV ads etc. In all cases it means that members and myself don’t dip your pen in the ink well.

However I do tease, and if these gals can’t handle my teasing that is near harmless, how will they handle being around some of the other members of the club? More over patrons of the Reaper and even doing a radio show in a 10X10 radio studio, for 6 hours?

To hell with it, the old saying my mom said to me as a wolfpup, of you can catch more with kindness that you can being ornery is gone. You have to be mean, and demeaning just as my DI when I was at boot camp was to me.


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