Sunday, March 1, 2015

Been There, Done That and doing it again

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As I get ready to turn in , so I can catch some zz’s to go to church at 13:00 , wondering how to approach the Bishop once again on rescuing the radio gear and all, I have to comment on something he related to me earlier. Something to do with going to plan B. Which , when your hauling by the seat of your pants, nothing sounds more official than plan B.

Except , I have been working on plan B. The radio station thing being plan A, was to support plan B.

The night before, I left Woods Cross last November to come up here to do a recon mission as to whether it all was possible, I had many reservations. But the people at I4 who we rented space from to house HazzardAyre was getting a bit put off of me there round the clock doing radio. Sure for a month I had been snoozing there, but I don’t think neither the P&Z or that really cared. As the big deal, was that some whipper snappers in the cubby hole next to me was getting pissed about the smells of a coffee pot that was burning out. That and the sweaty smells from my body that I hadn’t showered for a spell.

So November 28th 2014 I got in LiL Wolf and trucked up here. Coming up wasn’t bad, great weather, and all except a mild dew all was good. But Mother Nature or Heavenly Father thought I might need to stay here. So he snowed on me quite heavy. I saw lots of potential here in Evanston then, a shop out front of the Motel 6, for a Hazzard County Choppers, and of course maybe the radio gig. At that point , I had no intention of moving that from Woods Cross. At the time I figured live out at that trailer, build bikes and tow here during the week, run down on weekends and do radio there in Woods Cross. But then came December. December 15th 2014 , Cousin Bud my and the clubs main bean counter dies. So it took most of December to get that fixed, Social Security and all, getting things to where I could write my own checks and that of the club.

Then came Miss snippet over at NGL, getting her butt out of joint because I told her she was pretty and she ought to be on a magazine, the account with them was killed. So I was just at the threshold of getting out of Evanston then. But then came the 2nd of January. Ice formed in my radiator, so LiL Wolf had all the signs of a busted head, or head gasket. Add to that, I slipped and sprained my hip and fractured my knee, and twisted the other one, which is why I can’t stand very long and need to sit down more, I was stuck. So approached one Bishop to help me get into another place. He through the church paid for that, but that put me into another Ward. No problem I thought. Had every intention of getting gone February 1st, this past month, but everybody said they wanted a better and more informative radio station here. So with the help of a Utah Senator who just happens to be a member of both the Knytes, as well as the Wolf-Pack of the AyreWolvez, fast tracked the FCC app, and we got a conditional yellow light to go ahead with putting KDXC on the air, both AM & FM. Problem was all the equipment was in Woods Cross. Thing is all too many thought we were going to refire KEVA here back up. No way, KDXC was our station, its just that KEVA going dark opened up an FCC allocation, that we could file on, which we did.

Now the fellers at I4 wrote me an email saying, they considered that I had abandoned the office there in Woods Cross, why would I leave 30,000 of radio gear? Granted I owed rent, and believe me, I hated getting hurt out at the trailer, and had to pay med bills as yet, Medicaid here, hadn’t kicked in , but I didn’t abandon anything, just got behind in rent which I had every intention of making up. So trying to rescue the radio gear is going to take a bit longer, and I’ll be on the phone if I’m snowed in, or there at I4 on Wednesday.

I’m also looking into attorney help here, since there were unusual circumstances, mainly me busting my butt and knees, and the fact my cell phone was in the office down there, me stuck here, and no internet yet, couldn’t communicate, but it was just a matter of getting behind in rent.

However plan B really is the radio gig, plan A, is Hazzard County Choppers/Highway Hooker Toewing(mis spelled on purpose). However saying that having real second thoughts of dropping anchor here in Evanston, more thought is heading home to my spot in Idaho.

But it looks like just what I did, in 2006. Loose the radio station project here, even then. Move to Idaho. Let’s just hope that if I do loose the gear I got, there in Woods Cross that I can rebuild it again.

Move out date is between July 1st and August 1st.

Until then its tow and build custom big bikes.

Lets hope that it doesn’t take as long as it did in 2006.


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