Friday, March 27, 2015

What a day this one has been and a long night ahead


What a long day this one has been and an even longer night, due to some idiotic college boys at Facebook killing my account. The social site says you can’t quit them, but my step on a few fingers and watch how fast they shut you off. I have always said its too damn bad someone smarter than I since I can’t yet write computer code, but dig this, its time for a more open minded wider focus social site other than Facebook. Maybe Zuckerburg needs some serious competition.

Most of this started, with me bringing into question some yea whoo in Alabama(imagine that) who took up the idea of using our company name. Can you imagine that? How the foxtrot can anyone invade an institution like the Hazzard County Garage? Ours was and is the original off TV monument and memorial to all things Hazzard. Can’t understand why Ben and Alma allowing that, but that is what it is. So I had to fire up an entirely new Facebook account, so I’ll be busy most of the weekend putting photos and such on the new account. Situations like this make one just want to drive down to Palo Alto California, grab one of those snobby college boys by the shirt collar and explain life to one of them. Trust me I’m considering it.

If Facebook wants to verify my identity, I’ll verify it, up close and personal.

Stay Tuned


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