Friday, March 20, 2015

Why do people that don’t really know you want to be your friend on Facebook

BIG HAG HEDDER wolf eyes 4

Every now and again I’ll get some request from some dame I don’t know to be her friend

on Facebook. Most of the time, I’ll shrug it off and deny the request, simply because all too

many of those come from women who are escorts or such wanting to snag a date. Or you get

one that’s a simple prick tease that loves to tempt and excite a bunch of guys, simply because

she got dumped by some dude, and wants to take it out on a bunch of guys for kicks.

Then there are some that at first impulse seem on the up and up, so I approve the request, only

to be ignored. If I get ignored, or no mention of what I send them in a response, I don’t care

if they sing praises to Jesus or preach, or whatever, I soon unfriend them and move on.

Of course there’s the gals I work with, that I keep informed of club things, but after awhile I

get bored shitless over their juvenile teen style whimpering. Shit , take the binky out of your

mouth and grow the heck up. Seems all too many preach Jesus. If they have found our Heavenly

Father and his son Jesus Christ, great. But I see the same gals showing off some tattooed near

naked gal, and I wonder, what’s your game sister?

The only post I love to get is from Ellie our Nurse GoodBody, from Jerome . When she calls me honey or dear or says she loves me its not just a passing phrase, she says it because she does. I guess, 80% of my heart will always be hers, since when she entered my picture I was pretty messed up. Nearly as bad as here in Evanston.

I set a date with Ellie, tomorrow afternoon, at 3:00PM, going to go have coffee at the Java house there just like old times. I’m looking forward to seeing Ricky, and some of the other guys from the club, but I’m getting off track.

So I go through, weed out the Facebook friends that never respond to me or answer me back and keep the ones that will at least acknowledge me back.

So in closing, Facebook gals, if you want to be my Facebook friend at least acknowledge me back or its adios.

I’m not a play toy.

So why did you want to be my Facebook friend when you don’t know me, don’t live near

me? Bottom line honey , I ain’t buying.



knyte bye