Monday, March 2, 2015

Its Monday

BIG HAG HEDDER good morning

It’s Monday, got word yesterday that things on the radio gear rescue scene are being taken care of.

So I’m a bit more relaxed. Put some things up , online, but still need someone smarter than I to developed the website for Highway Hooker Toewing( I’m not as well versed in such things, but at least have the company name registered so we are on point.

So yesterday for an experiment went to the Pentecostal worship session. Some of the music is good, most of the babes there hot, but its mostly Mexican’s there, and while I’m not saying I dislike Mexican’s which I don’t, if you can’t understand the sermon, why go?

Why? Because there are some misguided souls and minds there that need redirection to the only living church, on Earth the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So I’ll attempt to bring those minds and souls to our church.

Much to do so will close.


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