Thursday, March 19, 2015

All Newbies are prospects and on probation


Every new hire, prospect or future employee outside of General membership of the club, are all on probation and on a trial basis for at least 30 days. As recent as 8 years ago newbies were on prospect status for 90 days without pay, to see if they could muster the duty requirements of the club, and or its enterprises.

There are many.

It wasn’t always this way , but over the years , the club, and I got tired of paying people, mostly of the female corpuscle denomination gender much denaro, and then not getting our money’ worth. Or not showing up for work, or having all too many excuses for not being where they were supposed to be at the time they were supposed to be, and even if they did show up, not doing what they were asked and ordered to do. It’s part of the Marine thing that 90% or better of the club are, that transfers to the club. It’s called excellence in performance, dedication to duty. If people can’t measure up its, here’s your half pay, see ya. Don’t go away mad , just go away.

That said the club is not as flexible or understanding as I am. Me I try to work around goofy unusual schedules. But if I say 13:00(1:00pm) I mean 13:00 hours, not when YOU want to show up. If I have to do what I hire you to do for the club, then the club might as well save the money and just me do it.

I got the lease today via email on what will be the Reaper. The light lifting is over its time for all out grunt work, but it’s not just the Reaper and many don’t understand. For me to eat, I need to keep my wheels turning to be earning. I have a toewing service to keep alive, I need to find an inexpensive shop, under $500.00 a month, then get Hazzard County Choppers running. Added to that the main reason that I came to this bassackwards village called Evanston Wyoming for to begin with, a radio station. I don’t have time nor inclination to hold peoples hands. Thus we bring on someone from outside the club, they perform at near half pay for a month learn the ropes, then once I’m satisfied they can handle things, they move into regular base pay, then onto a more advanced rate of pay.

I have people outside of the club, that are knocking down the better side of $400k a year, simply because they came on board did the right things, never questioned requests, and especially female employees , if I asked something out of the box like try to be an on camera person, let me smooch a toe anything within reason, they did it. The ones that don’t. and don’t hang in there or don’t producer tangible fruit, are told to hit the road.

So that’s that on that.

Took General JaXson to Nates to get it repaired. Older rides I have no problem with, nor HD’s but Subaru’s and the like I can get in the ball park, but I’m fully lost. So I give my most difficult work to Nate.

Nuff said.

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