Friday, March 20, 2015

Don’t close the door, but the exit light is on

BIG HAG HEDDER anew phootenotes

As I sit here devouring this Big Mac , and soda, here in Ogden, hey I needed nutrition and I couldn’t wait another hour to Evanston, I see one of our new hires Britt, is a bit put off to say the least. I guess what she and many others forgot is simply the Reaper is and was always a big maybe. That $4,k a month , plus expenses including food, booze and utilities is one helluva big investment. The thing is , if I can’t even hardly find someone to clean my apartment and make the damn bed, do the laundry etc, what makes me think I can find someone to wait tables, and tend bar? Much less fix up the damn bar ? If I can barely find one maybe 2 to work on the radio station, what makes me think, I can find models for promotion of the club, the bar and all that includes? If you can’t even get the damn Chamber of Commerce to call you , when the gay guy in the front office says they would, one needs to ask the simple question, whiskey, tango,foxtrot are we doing here? Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, have I went through so much suffering for? It’s days like today, of going to point zero of the formation of the club to begin with, that you hear the echo's of the voices that said don’t go there. I can remember everyone in the scrap yard telling me, that me going to Ogden was a mistake. From Linc to Rickey , from Charlie to Jared all said you’ll be sorry.

But by September 2014 we had it together. It was only a month later I find that by my kind heart of a lonely sailor that turned out to be a flush out, that was my roommate , didn’t pay the bills he said he paid things got to a point that I had to sleep, eat and live in a 10X10 office where HazzardAyre hummed in Woods Cross Utah. Owners of the building said gotta move, club said you made the bed don’t expect us to help fix it, its your turn. So by December 1st I thought lets move a spin off to Evanston, only because the ad in the Uinta County Herald said, one bedroom apt utilities paid, $475.00 sure it was. If I had not been under the gun, to get moved from the office in Woods Cross, I’d have never said yes.

I screwed the pooch bad, but rather than blame everyone else, I owed up to the screw up, and have been to repair it ever since.

The radio station is the reason I came here, not Highway Hooker Toewing, not Hazzard County Choppers, and certainly not the Reaper(Lotty’s). The last one is a big reach at best.

With that in mind and me needing to get going here. The Reaper is not a dead issue, nor anything else. The reason I hired Britt to begin with is to train her to run the radio station, and manage the Reaper if we get there.

There’s a month now that the dream team here has to prove to the club, and myself, that Evanston is the right place to plant these seeds. If the ground remains wrong to plant, much less cultivate those seeds then as much as I care for all here, Britt, Anita ,Beth, and anyone else so far involved, hey its not personal its business, I’ll still be your friend, but sometimes you have to recognize that some places are no longer able to accept new business’s so one needs to move on.

But since I have done this before, I should have known.