Wednesday, March 18, 2015

merger on the horizon

BIG HAG HEDDER wolf pack report

They say they don’t but then come back and say they do.

I have began to see many institutions and so called friends that didn’t want much if anything at all to do with the club, either club, that now that the glue of hesitancy is softening, that all of a sudden they are coming back whining and now want to feather their nests with club cash.

That said. Just slightly before HazzardAyre rose to power, there was a partly competing online network called Dixie Broadcasting, which in 2012 we partnered with, to enlighten all too many yankees on historical truths about the war of northern invasion, including some so called holier than thou government leaders. Well it seems that Dixie Broadcasting may have ran out of gas. So what happened? In the scope of things, HazzardAyre Radio is not only on air, online, but eyeing to go terrestrial (over the Air), and wont run out of gas. The southern heritage movement is not dead, and should never be. With that in mind, Southern Steele Media will be negotiating to acquire Dixie Broadcasting and mold in with HazzardAyre Radio Network. Carrying the programming of Dixie Broadcasting to more people here out west that need to know the truth. And why out west here?

Think of it the way its quoted in our Holy Bible, when Jesus, said, “That its not the holy or those that have accepted my teachings that we need to teach, but those who have rejected or do not know my gospel that we need to reach out to” As such HazzardAyre Radio will continue to be the true real voice of the south, just as it should.

This is not the only one that went down in flames, against HazzardAyre. Just after the Gooding Idaho fiasco, there came up a thing online called Warbird Radio. A really great show. HazzardAyre reached out, to air Matt’s content on our ota(over-the-air) stations, but only got one phone call through and little else. So you log onto and what do you find when you click on the listen now button? Computer code. No audio. Guess Matt’s bird lost the wind under his wings. While HazzardAyre Radio has never missed one flight.Not one show and that can STILL be tuned into.

Why because we are we and they are they.

So for SSM to absorb Dixie Broadcasting . com and meld it with HazzardAyre would be ideal. In any case, look at who survives and thrives, and who don’t, and didn’t. Its not Yankee carpetbagging or swashbuckling, its Hazzard County Enginuity and Southern tenacity. That makes the difference.


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