Friday, March 6, 2015

You sure see things clearer when you go away


Just got back here to the freeze box of Evanston after spending two days recuing gear or attempting to rescue the radio gear. I4 took the $500.00 alright, but would not part with serious equipment. Glad they haven’t moved anything. Everything is right where it was when I left. The studio art has been taken down but everything else is where I left it just as I left it.

Did get my medicines, my rebel flag and the mail, the recharger for my portable squawk box, but everything else is there until I pay the next two payments of $500.00 each. Means May or June I go get it. Trouble is where am I going to put it all? Need to get busy on the office up in the Wells Fargo building here.

So I got home the other yesterday, and today, needed really needed a hair cut. But alas no simple barber shop in Evanston.

The one down on the main next to City Drug? CLOSED. So had to truck all the way down to Layton, Utah a 90 mile haul or 180 round trip.

Evanston is like a dying horse, you don’t want to shoot it, but damn its suffering. Trouble is the town don’t want to admit its sick, so doesn’t open its arms or minds to something new. The only thing this town has shown support for is the Reaper Club. Sure get drunk, go home with some woman you don’t know. Eat a poorly cooked meal, but hey don’t support a new radio station, that is the cornerstone of building on something that could begin to bring in serious money, one can’t even directly email the Mayor. Go figure.

But even simple things that should be here, like a simple barber shop where a male corpuscle can feel comfortable going in and getting a hair cut, isn’t here.

Then there is Southern Eagle Xpress. Mentioned to Ricky about it, he’s willing to roll over and make a deal, on some trucks and such, being sold to avoid bankruptcy of a company, but you can’t get the people involved to come to point. A small hot shot ltl company on the side of Highway Hooker Toewing would be nifty. Trouble is again its like the alcoholic that knows it needs treatment, but doesn’t want to admit its sick.

Any mile need to get to sleep to get awake by 08:30 to go help clean the church. So gotta go, but its sure makes one think. But too maybe its gotta be the Knytes that steps in, Like the old LDS PSA used to say, if we don’t do it, who will?