Tuesday, March 17, 2015

kNYTElYNE Teen girls need to display an ID


So I’m here in the RodeHouse watching Walker Texas Ranger, and the episode was about these teen girls who would lure unsuspecting older males into their house, do the wyld thyng and then holler rape. How easy it is for most guys that are lonely to fall into that trap. Fortunately I am able although with much stress that temptation.

However I have a neighbor friend Adam, who is always playing with teen girls, and although he’s keeping his zipper closed all it takes is one of those gals to yell rape or him get caught with them in his apartment and it statutory rape time. Even innocent it’d take a big dollar attorney to fix that, and keep him off the sex registry list.

His Mom is a good friend of mine, that’s doing a heavy duty job buffering between me and the owners of this joint, although now gotta park the Gen JaXson over by the office, since he’s peeing antifreeze. But even so Janet fought for me to get in here and saved my six from being in the cold, so I’m trying to help her naive son from stepping in a big bear vice.

So I pitched the idea of having our new hire prospect and a friend of hers, to show up, looking hot, and maybe do a night out, to show Adam, that he does not need to fish in the teen pool, for attractive lady pals.

But its not just Adam, I hear all the time about both men and women dipping in the teen pool, for a lustful connection.

Right now there’s a teacher in jail going to trial, on having sex with one of her teen students. In my opinion she shouldn’t even be being prosecuted for this. After all the two teen boys knew what the hell was going on, more over if I had , had’ve had a teacher that looked like her, I’d have been the student making a pitch.

Part of that is why I’m so attracted to women in nylons. I had a social studies teacher in 6th grade who used to wear super mini skirts. She wore seamed nylons, and one afternoon, after school her teaching me for some homework, she somehow started seeing that I was rising to the occasion, so she gave me a hand job with her nyloned feet. I told Mom and Dad, my Dad said so what? Boy just got his rocks off, sowed wyld oats. Mom thought pretty much the same thing. In both cases nothing was done, no harm no foul. But today Miss Jensen would have been hauled off and tarred and feathered. She and the gal being tried for something similar were just doing their jobs, teaching.

However young teen girls often lure guys into their web, grease em up, mount em, and then squeal rape. When it was the teen girls doing the tempting.

My opinion Teen and even after Teen girls need to wear an age ID tag, so that guys do not look at em and forget their minds for a sweet behind.

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