Saturday, March 21, 2015

what you thought you saw but didn’t really see


Here I am nursing the remnants of the all day binge in Twin Falls. By now I can tell you every square spot in my ceiling  as well as every letter of my commode. Every time I do this, I say I’m not doing it again, but I’m sure I’ll do it again there’s just some occasions that demands bellying up to the bar and sopping up every drop of whatever I’m being served. For the damndest though I still don’t know how to make Vodka Jello, nor cider popsicles but they were yummy. We hired well in Twin Falls and place the right people where we needed them. Some were very trying and never cared. The others were way too trashy and were felons, they just didn’t tell us they were felons, and you can’t have felons working in a bar. Don’t know about Wyoming yet, but as far as Idaho and Utah, you can’t have anyone convicted of a felony pouring alcohol . Beer and wine yes, not hard booze. So I’ll have to check on that .

The entire trip that sadly I had to shorten due to some meetings here in Evanston, was enjoyable. Sure some of the same complaints I had for Evanston here was heard in Twin Falls. Mostly revolving around inefficient or at least slow meg Internet. Which was the reason for the unplug and relocation in 2013 from Twin Falls to Ogden and ultimately Woods Cross. Utah when it comes to Internet speed pulled its head out of its ass. Much of Utah is good for 100mbps down, and 60mbps up. With very few variations, in smaller towns along the Wasatch front. Out back of the Wasatch front it slows down considerably, and once you get in a fringe area unless there’s a burr under a saddle from a competitor the speed is going to remain ultra slow. Not that it couldn’t be faster, but few venture capitalists are going to invest money in systems in areas with limited growth.

Which is the difference between Twin Falls Idaho and Evanston Wyoming.

Both have the same problem. City councils and county commissioners that wish to have these areas remain rural, with little growth. Especially big city corporate company growth. They just don’t want it and thus the people suffer. Yet even towns like Morgan Utah, pulled its head out of its ass. Which is why there’s  a Tractor Supply Company store going in, in Morgan, Utah, not Evanston Wyoming. Watch the Harbor Freight store go that way as well. Big companies watch what happens or the struggles small to medium sized companies go through in getting established in certain places. If its easy in one place, and difficult in another, big companies will gravitate to where there is lower resistance. Evanston is not a place with little resistance, infact if anything its more stubborn than a mule and much more headstrong than Twin Falls is. Not that Evanston could not grow, because it can. In fact Evanston could be a crowning jewel with the growth of neighbor Park City Utah, but even Park City real estate is cheaper than Evanston.

The oasis that I thought I saw was not what I really found, more like a sandy rock, with no substance what so ever.

There is more stupidity, none educated, bassackwards ways of thinking that anything out of the ordinary out of the box, left field is said or told, to pretty much told to hit the road.

The club has gave the Evanston location a month. By protest they allowed me to stretch that in my sole discretion three months. But if by July, nothing is blooming, and I’m still up against the wall, even I’m pulling the plug and hitting the road and this time its for good.

Hours like this I remember the disaster that was Cokeville Wyoming as well. Conned into renting a house, along with a place to create films and docudramas from, I froze to death, at 50 below, because the boiler in the house was shot. Broken windows, and a police force, city council, although they gave me a business permit for it, but both could not separate the definitions of the word Hooker as in Highway Hooker Toewing from being that of cb trucker jargon for toew truck, rather than the usual connotation of a lot lizard. I still have vivid memories of walking out of that house over there during my move out, and two cops showing up with guns drawn. Looking back I should have sued their stinking butts, but I didn’t because I thought in my wyldest dreams I’d never move back here in my life. Thinking now I shouldn’t have, but I did for two reasons, refire the radio station here back up and make it better than it ever was, build a LPTV (Low-Power-TV ) station, and last, see if I could find our lost equipment or at least the little skank that stole it. The Reaper and all the rest of it was low on the agenda, in fact if I had known about Lotty’s being abandoned I might have increased the effort, months before. But the price of the facility, plus the money that’ll be required just to make it operational is going to be astronomical. The club does not want to loose big money in this effort. And if there’s not any more support for what we’re doing, maybe keeping it just the radio/TV station might be smarter.

As I close, my MamaWolf when I was a young WolfPup, said when I needed to cure a severe case of lackofnookie to just to go put it in a tub of lard, so since I’m needing at the very most a cure to that strange Polynesian disease , can I just go stick it in a bunch of Mayonnaise?

Meeting at 11:00 so gotta go try and sleep. Just hope the house quits twirling.


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