Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Art Fart

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Artists in any realm are often misunderstood. Many great art or creative people have a event happen in their lives that becomes the , or one of the main foundations for the things they use as the basics for their work.

An artist that did not get the prescribed amount of breast feeding as a child, might have breasts as the inspiration of a great sculpture, or that of a great painting.

It might be the first time a young man gets aroused sexually as a tween through the feel or experience that surrounds a particular piece of female underwear, or in my case the luxurious silky feel of stockings. Which it was. In working through many contexts of past happenings to try to simmer this down, I was told not to. See my shrink says, although I wish Sue(www.sexwithsue.com) was here to explain this better as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone should be embraced. After all according to research at Hazzard County University, it has been discovered that its better to have a fetish or visual textural item of erotica rather than needing the visual stimulus of another partner.

Not too many years ago, the thought by one of my ex SheWolvez as she thought that the visual and textural stimulus of nylons was over done, she thought give him(me) as much toes in hose in the face that I can stomach. In essence give me as much stinky toes in hose to near gag reflex, to where I’d get tired of it. Of course this was just before the time that all things both towing and yes  Hazzard entered my field of vision. First the words TOE and TOW sound alike, but mean something else. The concept behind the feature ad was from three sources. First a plumber in Boise did something similar in kissing the hand of some well to do gal in Boise’ snob hill, whose toilet got plugged. The tag shot showed the plumber kissing her hand the script read, we treat all our customers like royalty. Keep a hold of this as I outline this further. Then of course there was sweet Daisy, Duke. Who by censorship, like many TV shows of the era, including HeeHaw, had to have nylons on if they were showing a lot of leg. So how to work that into our gig, since the shop and this club of ours is based on the Dukes-of-Hazzard. So it was just after my divorce from Jan, in 1994, I was kicking back in Ogden Utah, caught this Yellow Pages ad that had the slogan, “ We don’t want your arms and legs, just your toews.” It was the first time I had seen the two words scrunched together. So I was working on copy for HazzardAyre’s sister radio show for all who tow called Highway Hooker Radio, and not on purpose, misspelled the word tow as toe as the e and w on a keyboard are located together. My step son Mike now a Weber County Sheriffs Deputy, said here’s an idea, why don’t you do this, at the end of your ad , kiss her toe as like the prince on Cinderella ? I thought on it some. So I started casting for the ad.

At first just about every TV station, modeling agency and so on thought I was some sort of weirdo, playing with feet and toes in nylons and such, but we needed to get the Daisy Duke leggy look, the tiniest toes in those hose, without bunions , hammer toes etc, and with any luck, didn’t kill me odor wise. Trust me even womens feet stink. But taking this further I began a adventure of making this to where at least on the surface was a healthy release of pent up sexual release, and yet had a constructive purpose.

After that ad ran, the business came flooding in. The big thing we got from the law enforcement community, was that even though most people couldn’t remember our company name, they always said most people just said we want that guy who kisses womens toes.

Of course our local yokels here in Twin Falls and Boise thought the act exploited women or said Chris CEO KMVT, here. That wasn’t it, it was a slightly kinky off beat tag that sunk our company into somebody’s brain that would drain if they needed a tow truck.

Advance past that. In 1998 after I was albeit for a short time able to move back into the old homestead near Hazzard, our original radio station’ call letters were KTOW or KAY-TOE(w) . At the time Overdrive Magazine was running the Overdrive Top Ten Country Countdown, and Overdrive Truckers News. Legendary radio pioneer Bill Mack, could not get past rhyming the call letter like cow, to him it was Kay-ToW(cow) not Kay-Toe(w) . Until I spelled it that way for program intro liners. Even before that I found quite by accident at a fellow tow bro’s office a publication done on newspaper style paper called Phoote(foot) notes. So by the time we focused on all things going towing on radio as well as my company I thought why not keep the nose kissing toes thing and capitalize on it.

But getting some gals to think beyond the absurd is a difficult task. To get the concept to the viewer of the aroma, the luxurious feel, the intimate moment of that level of human contact into the eyes through a lens requires much practice, staging and rehearsal. Not to mention some gal who does not get giggly or tired of some guy they don’t know smooching the toes. Or even just holding the foot while some camera jockey gets the camera in the right place. That half a minute smooch on those toes in hose, that you see, takes me sitting, kneeling whatever with that gals smelly toes in hose, for an average of about 15 to 20 minutes, to capture the right angle and shot. Plus bringing out the fact she’s(at least on TV) she’s enjoying it, rather than me about to gag.

On the foot thing continuing this a bit further.

From the beginning of video time, when gals showed off as well as gave the on screen sales pitch, of any product or service related to that grand thing that Henry Ford refined called the Automobile, be it hot rods, trucks , warbirds, bikes, there is always some gal with 7 inch spiked heels. For some odd reason, except in the case of HeeHaw, most gals never showed their feet. My thought is this, first the right feet and toes look sweet, shot right. Second and most importantly and I learned this the very hard way, those spiked heels digging into an Imron paint job, like Claressa Allen’s heels did in my General Lee, I will never shoot gals in heel on anything. After all I damn well don’t want a great feature shot of a hot rod to be undone, because one of MY models’ heels just put a 1 inch scar in a $20,000.00 paint job. No way. So I always audition with shoes off , feet and toes got to look good.

The reason I’m telling ya’ll this is this. Over the next few weeks we’ll be auditioning several gals both from agencies as well as a few that have applied from some help wanted ads. Both for the AyreWolvez Warbird Pin up calendar as well as the first ever Hazzard County Pin Up Calendar. Which will not only feature rides of Hazzard County genre but also local home grown grass roots rides as well. Of course it being Hazzard County based means much lots of leg showing, and of course much lots of nylons on those legs. Bottom line to all those applying for the jobs of talent here, want to make an impression wear a skirt or shorts, nylons and show your toes in hose.

Now as I close want to throw this out as well, for all you local tuners as well as muscle truck enthusiasts. If you have a rig you think would look good on our Hazzard County Pin Up Calendar and video, get me a medium sized jpg photo of it and a way to get in touch. I have seen a lot of econo boxes and tuner style go fast cars running around Twin Falls and area. Some look good, some not so much, but good attempts any how. Plus a lot of LowRiders. That we’d love to feature, but ya’ll got to let me see em. So send such to: knytesofanarchy@yahoo.com .

Next time I’ll try to relate the trouble of another misunderstood word, Hooker, that nearly got me shot in Wyoming. Until then, Keep it tween the ditches.

L8R Ya’ll

aHazzardAyre Short hedderCLUB M,E

Quote of the Day:
Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing for something.
--Wilson Mizner
John 6:29“Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.””

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Friday, August 23, 2013

A good HazzardAyre Morning to Ya’ll


A good HazzardAyre Morning to ya’ll from the heart of North America’s Dixie.

Overnight, officials are calling for the impeachment of President Obama. Some of the programs and directives are edging close to GOP leaders giving the nudge to begin impeachment proceedings. This might be good on the surface but think here before you decide.

As of yet, the 2013/14 Farm Bill is yet to be signed into law. The major hold back is the President holding out on reform and retention of Food Stamp or SNAP benefits. The GOP including House Speaker Bohner, is wanting to cut back and reduce expenditures on the SNAP program. Leaving many in this nation due to long time GOP poor leadership, and economic practices putting us in a depression state of affairs, hey our kids are to go hungry. As well as adults. There is no foundation under current policy for the poor to lower income people to get on top of to keep from starving. You know those TV ads about the poor kids in South America and elsewhere? If the GOP under the separation of the SNAP program from the Farm Bill, what you’ll see is our kids on the TV in the street hungry and hardly shoes on their feet, and do you think there’s a 2nd or even Russia is going to send us food aid? Most if not every nation in the EEP hates us, including France and Egypt, you think they’re going to say sorry you got your nose broke here’s a Kleenex to wipe up your mess? Think again.

Now sure do I think Obama is a jackass? Hell yes, do I think that he should stay President? Yes, at least until we can elect a Confederate , a true Confederate States candidate to the office. I say lets nominate Ray McBerry, CEO Dixie Broadcasting . com. A renown speaker, an indistinguishable leader and inspiration statesman. If not Ray at least a candidate from the SOCV or one of our membership leaders from the Knytes-of-Anarchy. In either case lets, not elect a Republican, nor Democrat. Lets re-establish the Confederate States Party. Let’s get us a candidate in there, pump him up as bright as a moon shot, get him (or her) in from of everybody on TV, magazines, and get discussions going on FoX News, MSNBC on Morning Joe and others. Why not push the agenda of the CSP into the eyes and ears of every American. Look I know we as southerners love our southern culture, that’s fine, but that culture is now nationwide. What made us in Dixie great before Northern Aggression and oppression as well as invasion, can make all of America great again.

Do I think the the SNAP program is the gray stone or saving grace of America’s poor? No, but if you’ve ever been at a point that you had to stare at an empty cabinet, with a wife and two hungry kids, even if its just you, that SNAP card can be a God Send.

Look we as American’s have three choices, Republican/Democrat, CSP, or be governed by the Soviet Union. The way we’re headed unless you all pull your damn heads out of your ass’s the latter is more possible than you may think. Sure Regan did say tear down that Wall, but that Soviet President over there and some of his Mid East friends have been plotting for years, sure the Cold war might have ended, sort of, I’d call it, thing went from Cold war to luke warm war.

Solution? Again CSP The Confederate States Party.

God bless Dixie.


Quote of the Day:
I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.
--A. Whitney Brown
Psalm 94:18-19“When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.”

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I’ll keep my Blogger piss on Word Press


So did I do a doo-doo? Downloaded Word Press 3.6 . Installed, but its free version is damn limited I probably will not use it very much.

I’m not saying that everything needs to be cost free, but don’t tell me I have to rake out a credit card, which I don’t have and have my credentials what few I have, transposed by some hacker. Let me pay for something through a local company with an invoice, that I can see the feller I’m giving money to.

It’s this need for plastic money that has this nation so screwed up that its no longer funny any more. Over charged, over billed, reached your limit, late fees, membership fees. And on it goes.

This might be why all arms, fingers and yes even toews of AyreWolf Aviation, has survived and continues to prosper in this near depression if not just flat a depression economic climate.

When all too many business’s are going under, people just about to the marbles just about to hit the wall, AyreWolf Aviation and all our subsidiaries still are not only making a profit but expanding creating real higher paying than most jobs.

If you add in our close near sibling relationship with the Knytes-of-Anarchy and its related kin folk of the AyreWolvez, all are doing very well thank you.

Why? We only pay with and only accept cash, or certified bank check. No more no less. If we do put you on a 30 day account, its not the need for a pint of blood for a deposit, at least money wise. Getting ready for bed but a new candidate named Paige that is nearly on board , just might be Miss AyreWolf for 2014. Will know more on Sunday at 13:00 hours, but dig this, through Facebook , might be connecting with an outfit out of Boise that does these pinup projects all the time.

Here’s the gig though, what if infact, the club, could connect with an outfit that does these things, so I don’t have to or that the club no longer has to mess with it. A one call that’s all thing? Gal shows up, shots taken, outfit gets paid, its printed etc, out the door done. Might give me time to fix up my own hot rods and rat rod style trucks, Warbirds, and fly. Not to mention run this radio network.

I could get into this, couldn’t you? No more all day waiting in the mall or here at the Lair, for talent that never shows, or can’t call saying they’re not interested, after they say oh yes I’m really into it. But the club pays for a super shooter big time photo crew out of California, they show up at $450.00 an hour we get a break, since the photographer has done things for EasyRiders and well the Knytes are bottom line an MC, so you’ll figure out that connection. But the thing is , I’m tired of going through the go rounds. The need to impress I suppose is important, but what do these women want to see? A guy in a financed to the hilt, SUV? Guys who are into Rat-Rods, Rat Rod style trucks and of course warbirds , seldom are in a newer Jap wagon. A primered truck, me in a T shirt and oh yes that mayo spot on my T shirt from that great Subway sandwich. Too many people judge now days by the cover. Oh yes well groomed is good, as any Marine should be. But don’t insult me, by calling me a pos, just because I don’t look like I’m going on an LDS mission. I don’t sell insurance or such, I run an agricultural aviation company, plus turn wrenches on rods and bikes. What you think I’m wearing a TUX greasing my 32 Dodge coupe?

Any way as slow as it is, and as cumbersome some times as Blogger is, I’m keeping it. Going to uninstall Word Press. See ya’ll Thursday night. Oh Sorry Alaine, you didn’t make the grade , but thanks for applying.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Houses should be more like ovens. Self-insulating and self-cleaning!
(while cleaning room)
Romans 8:32“He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?”

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If its not your computer , if its not your Internet provider it must be Google

HAZZARDAYRE TAG2 BIGhazzardayre overknyte

After a frustrating evening of sometimes and no time of Internet service, through SpeedConnect which is getting more troublesome, and to the point of being not my ISP any more, I finally got some speed . Now its not what I’d call fast and thus the word Speed really does not apply to SpeedConnect, nor high speed, broadband. Its more like hefty wifi. So after finally getting some measure of horsepower finding my Gmail is rolling out slower than a turtle with corns. Just don’t make the grade.

Thing is, all my other programs and a few of even my Google programs, like Blogger, and YouTube is working. But, not my Gmail. The Gmail seems like its got a monkey on its back, or maybe LuLu Hogg.

So went to Google’s forum. Somebody emailed me saying they didn’t find a problem, so what gives? Might be those damn yankee government fellers in DC might be getting tired of a Confederate rebel with a cause.

Question is, why can’t Google admit when the Jolly Giant stubs its toe?

As far as SpeedConnect, same thing, good by night, works like crap during the day.

Any mile hitting the rack StreetWolf is getting fixed today. Oh don’t know StreetWolf? Well her tiz>sw24 Watch StreetWolf be a feature of the Knytes pin up calendar. More on that in the early AM.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.
--John Kenneth Galbraith
Romans 8:32“He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?”

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Sacrifice , Duty , tradition and the circle that binds us together is honor

aw phootenotesHAZZARDAYRE TAG2 BIG

So I’m sure many of you want to know how the meeting between the ah talent from Heyburn went. In short not. Its not the fact she didn’t show, since it is in a public place. It’s not that she is raw talent, it’s the fact that I tied up a talent scout with USMC Recruiting Command, for scouting this gal for some upcoming serious recruiting videos, for TV, Its not the fact that I took time away from my duties at the shop as well as the hangar, it’s the fact with two phone calls and all, plus this gals promise she was to be there today. And not even calling and saying sorry I can’t make it, sorry something came up or even sorry, been thinking about it , and doesn’t want to be involved. Fine , then I can move on to other applicants.

I think both halves of the club, is right maybe that just farming this out to a pro agency in Utah or something and be done with it.

I told this Alaine, that I’d hold a spot open for a week, if she shows up here at the office etc fine if not, don’t blame us.

Concept is get this thing shot, in September so it can be off to the printers and big studio in California for final edits to get it on TV.

On the Knytes, that talent scouting is going to Hazzard. Why not maybe where we were founded might be the place to find talent. By the end of September high school should be back in session, so going to go lean on the Cheerleaders advisor there and get one or all of the Hazzard High Pirates involved. Show a bit of home town pride.

Any way going to try to get this off into cyber space, SpeedConnect is still having issues. Seems as one of their towers had a conniption fit, so oh well.

Last, contacted a gal from Boise named Paige who says she’s interested. The real goal? Get a real Marine gal in front of the lens.

Any Marine honeys want a talent job?

Semper Fi Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity.
--Dr. E. Land
Psalm 42:8“By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life.”

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Knyte of many moons

RCJ HEDDERaw phootenotes

So we broke camp today at 15:00 hours and headed into Buhl Airport.

Got in this new to me ride from the GodFather, it ain’t bad, 94 Subaru Legacy . First the radio sucks, get into the canyon going to Hazzard, no sound. Tape deck no work, so couldn’t listen to me, what a shame. But decided to go try to do some follow up on the marque for the Snake River Grill, the owner not there, ate a helluva grilled ham & cheese, and cruised home.

Got the still needs work Subaru to the Godfathers yard, and finally in LiL Wolf with some room to move around in, and get out of.

The car books for $2100 but dig this LiL Wolf if he was in a tad better shape books for $2500 , the GodFather wants me to give it up, but I’m not yet ready to give up LiL Wolf for none body. Me and that little S-Dime been through too much over too many years and he ain’t ever left me walking. If he was to have a break down always got me close to a town or home first.

Got 48 hours to rest before we go into big mop up, and reassignments so going over to the GodFather’s to put in some hours.

Over all been a good day.

Caught some more inquires on the pin up gig, however its not going to change the thought of our gal from Heyburn being in it. But I’m doing an in-depth interview this afternoon, with her and see if a few more pan out. Just hope mother nature don’t change to cold and snow before we get this done. The right person in this though will not be a one time gig deal. The right gal will be on all our ads and promos for the next year so she’s got to be the right gal with the right moxy(guts) and attitude as well as aptitude for the gig. Let ya’ll know.

09:00 comes early so I’m in bed see ya’ll this evening.


Quote of the Day:
The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.
Psalm 42:8“By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life.”

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Did I and you miss something?

new blog coverKNYTE MOVES HEDDER

Did my relatives fumble the ball. There’s an old kountry saying that goes, the nut don’t fall far from the tree.

Considering my cousin Bud shuffled off his mortal coil, for the last mile, shouldn’t there at least be an obituary write up in one of the rags of Salt Lake? Or even the Bountiful Clipper. Considering just about every single Utah Highway cop, school teacher, school administrator and a few others had their annuity and life insurance policies written by Cousin Bud. Considering that Cousin Bud was an LDS Bishop, and that’s the short list, and yet still no listings. The only reason I’m not going to the funeral is the GodFather, said no. That I did not need to risk my butt going all the way there. That what needed to be  done there could be done at a later date.

Got in touch with Cousin Judy she knows, so they’ll be there. Will give Shar a jingle Wednesday, but dang not even a mention in the paper especially online newspapers online for obits? Damn there are kin folk that are looking in from the cyber highway here.

Yes we have technology, it can do great and grand things, what we really need is people to become knowledgeable as to how to use it.

Now, I noticed that Ben’s Alma pulled her name off my and other friends page from Facebook. Wonder what’s up with that?

More later, I’m eating then sleeping.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
I got a new pair of roller skates you got a brand new key
Psalm 16:8“I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

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If you want notability on Wikipedia, line Wikipedia’s pockets

aw phootenotesnew blog cover

Not the most stable, but a search source, but discovered even the grand Poobah of HazzardAyre is not deemed Notable in the Wikipedia royal view.

So what does get Wikipedia’s mouth watering and board saying okay lets look at this? Green. Just like all too much of our world, the good, the really noble and honest are ignored. Its only scrolls from kingdoms and tribes, of those who fork over the serious green. Yes money.

Thing is the even question of HazzardAyre Radio makes me barff. For nearly what now 30 plus years from coast to damn near coast, but at least the western coast of Mississippi, HazzardAyre through its original handle Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio has kept long haul truckers entertained and informed. Even pioneering programming, and the fact we are still the only OTR trucker radio on LIVE 24 7, 365. Nobody else is. Even Sirius/XM. Those guys are on a pre recorded taped show. LIVE is not in their vocabulary.

The fact that HazzardAyre is the finishing look of Dixie Diesel Radio is not to diminish anything, both shows have 4 Grammy’s, Two Oscars, Two CMA’s. The fact that HazzardAyre Radio has at minimum 28, million listeners daily, around the world. Do we need to go on here?

And now HazzardAyre goes one step further, our own radio in the sky channel. That in our next edition.

As far as the going to Cousin Bud’s funeral, yes the man was there for me when I needed him, but there were years of hostility, and the fact that , I’m in this money fix in the first place because of his messing around and fumbling the ball of the Montgomery Foundation, that I’m asking , is it worth me even going down there for the funeral? I can go down to gather the records of the Trust in a few weeks.

Any mile, keep it tween the ditches, good numbers to ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
I got a new keyboard!
Psalm 16:8“I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

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AWAVIAASSNLOGO a new joint tail

Monday, August 19, 2013

Beyond plain Scifi


So there I was, sitting on the back of LiL Wolf, after hush puppies, catfish and tater salad with some buttermilk to go with it, and so did my weekly check around. First Ricky, at home in bed, good, next Videl , then out of the blue , thought call Cuzzin Bud.

Found out the man passed away Saturday night. type1 Diabetes amongst other things. A strong man , strong willed with character that would rival any church or any other religious or community authority or leader.

Over the last few days been thinking a lot about my elderly cousin. Riding horses, Bud’s dearest hobby, or him doing something involving golf.

In my eyes , cousin Bud was a facilitator. meaning over the years from 1991 to 2003 just before AyreWolf Aviation was formed which saved my butt, and also partly arranged by Bud, thing is Bud controlled my purse strings. There were times he and I would have near knock down drag it out fights over money. There were times, I know Bud took some side payments, and bought things that never I was knowledgeable of. The Saturn he bought for his kid Joe, then repossessed and I drove it for about a year. Thing was if we’d done what I wanted to do, I’d still have the car. That John Eagan screwed me in the ass with Bud applying the grease. But hey life in the big city. Then he bought that new Chevy Impala, guess who paid for that? Now at the end the proper thing would be for the family to give it to me, but oh well, that’s minor.

I’m sure that over the years there were times he’d just as much wanted to kick my ass as I did his, but I also knew that when push come to shove, Bud would come through, albeit at times reluctantly.

What’s been weird with this is this. I have been having dreams of a out of body away from planet exchanges here. Saturday night, in my dream Bud and I was having our usual fuss fights. Then he got peaceful and it seemed as if things got sorta pixie state.

It’s hard to explain. Everytime Bud has been in deep shit health wise. I felt it and dreamt it in Rupert when I lived there and he was on his way out then, but guess he had stuff to do with me so he stayed is my only conclusion. But any way then I thought I should be there beside him. But his daughters, my second cousins, said I didn’t have to be there. That’s been a bit over a year and a half ago.

it’s also why that bitch in Idaho Falls took over payee duties, that I’m still digging out of. How anybody can fuggle things up that bad is beyond me. Granted she had more than me, but how can you send the same people two months in a row the same amounts but for the wrong things? Then telling a realtor that she was not going to pay for Knytes Hall? Bullshit, Bud would have had that paid for and me moved in. Then there’s the cable bill. Where did the money go? The money did not go to cable, I’m just now paying it off. and all because of $38.00 which Rebecca Boston did not pay, I did not know and lost my connection to the world. If she’d have told me, I could have bummed the money from Charlie. Which is why Charlie is now the payee and I live in Twin Falls.

Okay on that, and will delve more into it later, As of Monday the paper work is about to be filed for the LPFM of ours, KDXB is closer to reality than ever.

More in the PM



Quote of the Day:
Forgiveness is not an occasional act: it is a permanent attitude.
--Dr. Martin Luther King
1 John 5:12“Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.”

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