Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Could it be done better than Sturgis?

hazzardayre poster boardRyders Blues

With Sturgis just another week away, and the problems of the fuzz always in the face of open minded entertainment and fun. The thought is if the Knytes threw a bash could it be done as well and as aggressive as Sturgis say out here in the west ? Or would the fear-of-LDS thing get in the way. Could one throw such an event in Evanston, Wyoming?

Trust me the Knytes are looking into such an idea, but then I’m sure just about every mc in America has tried to upstage Sturgis, so the question is; could that really be done?

I was going to be on air tonight but from still hacking all night, but hacking all day my voice box hurts and is to scratchy to be on air, but I’ll be on in some way Thursday eve.

So in closing, the question is; As grand as Sturgis is, could it be done better if it was held or another rally held elsewhere?



Quote of the Day:
No great advance has ever been made in science, politics, or religion, without controversy.
--Lyman Beecher
Matthew 5:14,16““You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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When your good people get scared.

hazzardayre poster boardhooker phootenotes1

When your good, people get scared. If your really good, part of them wants to get involved, the other half thinks if we get in too deep, they’ll just be cutting their throats. Such is the case with growing HazzardAyre Radio and eventually TV.

HazzardAyre started quite by inspiration from above, and a need to get something out that was just enough off plumb to attract people’s attention. HazzardAyre had several fire up’s the first was the first trip out on the airwaves as Long Haul Radio, a thing that we brought to life to life as the only rock and roll trucker show. As well as to compete with then, JOC Radio, which we eventually bought. AyreWolf FM came into being in 2002, with the idea of being the first and main informational and educational resource of military warbird aircraft and those who flew them. Back then few even knew who Col. Boyington was. After many trials, errors and moderate success, in 2009, after a good run on Pocatello’s Cable Access Channel 12. And with a thought planted in my head by my Associate producer Erin, HazzardAyre went on as a pre-recoded syndicated show. After 4 Grammy’s , Two Oscars, and two CMA’s HazzardAyre began to get wind under our wings.

In the latter part of 2013 the pipeline we needed in Twin Falls Idaho was a bit restricted, but finding the same power for less money, I called Comcast and got with Laura, who is an instrumental part of our growing success . Now we arrive at a point of taking HazzardAyre, a mix of southern heritage and culture, a place for kountryfied, southern fried gearheads, those who love old vintage military warbird aircraft, and of course those grinding gears, on 18wheels, not to mention radio and TV for the man or woman trying to make a buck owning and operating a tow truck, and if you think our concept which we had first is stupid on towing, on TV, might I point out South Beach Tow and Lizard Lick Towing, amongst others, remember who had the concept first.

Yes it was us, and that radio show that mirrored Long Haul Radio in 1976, called Highway Hooker Radio.

Nobody did , towing TV before much less radio. We did.

But people get scared when your good, for the one crew they’re helping, might just be the one that swallows the guppies up. Competition is good, but it does scare people, especially media.

Stay tuned.



Quote of the Day:
Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid.
Matthew 5:14,16““You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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The Wolf goes west, SAMCRO TOEW goes east and well , Cooter’s A1 stays in the middle.

hazzardayre poster boardGM1 IN A BOX

Weather man says, not as much rain today, but still nibbling a bit, but not as wet as yesterday. Been up all night hacking like a ten pack smoker. Maybe the stress and all has caught up to me.

Okay lets get the shop dust cleared up.

As I hacked and used the phone, the crew and all heads decided, on several things, the major ones?

A new addition SAMCRO(TC/MC)Toewing or short, SAMCRO TOW along with HCC will reside in Evanston Wyoming, and will be managed and run by myself and Nate Brown. While Ricky Lemmons our member in Twin Falls Idaho will manage RodeWolf Toewing/Dixie Performance Diesel Shop , and of course here in Ogden , Layton, and Woods Cross , I will retain sole proprietor of Cooter’s A1 Toewing Hazzard County Customz. And the jerx at Comcast Spotlight Advertising didn’t want to play in our sand box, but maybe they will, and I’ll report on something involving that later in the day.

Okay then, the search and run to find a poster girl for our visual talent has been stressful to say the least. However the Reaper Crew came up with an idea, how about involving a few saloons near here, in a talent contest at one of the bars, and do like Firebird Raceway in Boise did it, with English Leather cologne? In essence make that a base of the promotion. Offer a $500.00 modeling contract and let both bar patrons, and the Reaper Crew choose whose got the hottest Bod, for giving a searchlight to HazzardAyre as well as our outfit. Will investigate and report back.

Today I’m answering phones, filing flight plans and getting ready to launch outta here in the AM for Oshkosh, and coming home on Monday, only to move into the new facilities, pay bills, like Comcast, then relaunch out to Sturgis, Tuesday morning.

Catch you l8r on the flip around at noon, plan on being on air if I can stop hacking.



Quote of the Day:
Comedy is tragedy plus time.
--Carol Burnett
Matthew 5:14,16““You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It wasn’t the rate its how I was handled that urked me

hazzardayre poster boardcooters phootenotes

Last couple of days the gest of the topics have orbited the deal trying to be struck between Comcast Spotlight Advertising and us, here at HCC/Cooter’s A1.

It wasn’t the big rate that struck me although coughing up $1,500.00 all at once is a bit hard. Since we are moving into a new facility and all. But here’s the thing, if $1,500 was too much and one of my customers came to me on a bike build or tow job, I’d sit down and try to work something out. Say half that, $1,500.00  say $600.00 still up there but still doable.

Sometimes its not just price, sometimes its how a person is handled that makes a price workable. Case-n-Point; Curt over at METV, finds out we been put off for weeks, calls, we work things out, Curt follows up, either by phone or email.

This Steve out at Comcast Spotlight does nothing. Okay the original price is a bit much, how about showing up middle or so of August, we sign the contract and I carve out a check for $600.00 for the first month? In essence work the account , more over treat the customer as you’d want to be treated. If I get a tow customer and the price is a bit up there, especially if I knew that there’s bigger fruit at the top of the tree, like diesel work at our truck service center or a custom bike to be built, I’ll reduce my price or work in a freebe, do some negotiation, to where it’s a win/win. Not just say here’s the rate, here’s the thing, take it or leave it. More over if there’s paperwork involved, send it to me snail mail, a stamp and pen still works in this day and age. I make out paperwork with a signature, then Steve shows up middle of the month, I sign and carve out the check, thing done.

Laura is a cut above, but here’s the difference, there was paperwork to be done for whatever services we got, Laura set up a Docusign account, I signed it presto deal done. Ya’ll know the rest of the incredible job she did and continues to do for the club and me. Question is why can’t more of Comcast be like her? I know one Angel per person, but dang, can’t the rest of this bunch rise above ordinary standards?

I read the trade press ink too, I know that program inventory is abundant, sponsors are down and at only a slight uptick, most TV outlets either hurting, or are looking to other income streams like online services like Hulu and Netflix, so are viewers and so are the advertisers. When you have a millisecond to grab audience, and your looking to target a specific audience and are looking to gravitate to larger pastures, like us, sure we’ll do SOA, but our tow service could do IRT(Ice Road Truckers), or the PowerNation on Spike. By February 2015 , it’ll be NASCAR season all over again we’re looking at that. But can Steve look past the one baby step with SOA? No, he gets all fussed up, and doesn’t do much, thus is why we’re looking for someone else at Comcast Spotlight to handle the account.

Now by comparison. METV, on 4.2(Cable-104) which can be seen with or without cable, vintage programs, good shows, and a bargain considering the market. At a little over $300.00 a month we get full penetration, and deep good coverage, boosting the knowledge of HazzardAyre, as well by winter again Cooter’s A1 Toewing.

So it wasn’t all together the rate of the ads it was handled bad, by Comcast Spotlight,  but handled good by Curt and METV.



Quote of the Day:
WAIT! Nature calls!
(in the middle of a ping-pong game)
Psalm 119:93“I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life.”

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Fence Mending time


Isn’t it good you are tuned to and do business with HazzardAyre? There is a reason, that there is HazzardAyre. For the person who wants to learn the historical events and truth of the war of Northern Aggression,(Civil-War) there’s HazzardAyre, for the back woods southern kountryfied gearhead there’s HazzardAyre, and for the small business person there’s HazzardAyre. The latter is really simple our rates can’t be outdone or are second to none. A person with any sized business, can buy air time on our Internet and soon to take flight over the air, for $100.00 per month. No matter how many times the ad or spot runs. Whether it’s a 30 second, 60 second, ad it takes no more effort or expense to push the go button, 40 times a day, or once. All for $100.00 a month.

But we are talking radio, not TV, however our TV network is coming, in March 2015.

However that’s not where I’m going here. I no doubt hammered a bit on that sales rep from Comcast and Comcast itself a bit too strong. But there’s a difference between making a good living and being greedy. Us southern folks don’t cotton to greedy very well.

There’s a difference here between the two year contract we signed with METV, 4.2 , and the short seasoned run for SOA on Comcast. That’s it a one time run. However one of the members reminded me that there is that hidden soldier in Kamas Utah, called AllWest. I’m looking into their rates for insertion into SOA, bet you your next tank of go fluid, it’ll be far less than $150.00 a spot. I secretly priced the same show through Cable-One, guess what? $50.00 , this year just like last year.

The truth? I don’t think that Comcast Spotlight advertising wanted our business after all.

Was I throwing Steve and Comcast under the truck? No, but a sit down, go over what we can spend and work out a plan that could get us in for 1 spot per week at least that gets us in. Guess Comcast Spotlight advertising didn’t want to deal with a small business, but by the same voice, Comcast Spotlight advertising just lost 1000, clients in Utah and 49,999 clients nationwide, since you slam the door on one Knyte, the rest of the Knytes, slams the door on you.

This is just an example of pure Yankee Carpetbagging, its time to get our flags in the air and correct this new wave of Yankee oppression on small business, and kountry people.



Quote of the Day:
Reason often makes mistakes, but conscience never does.
--Josh Billings
Philippians 3:14“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

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Another shoe hit the floor, what you gotta be LDS to get a good deal on advertising in Utah?

HAZZARDAYRE LOGO 1hooker phootenotes1

So I get a reply from the sales guy at Comcast Spotlight. The guy says it’ll cost the club $1,500.00 a month, is he high? Either narcotics as well as price. I’ll bet my next oil change that SOA as good as it is, in that time slot, goes for right at $50.00 or less a pop. If one does 2 spots a week, that averages out to right at $600.00 a month give or take. Not $1,500.00 . Sounds like another Cable-One thing don’t it, whatever happened to the open mindness of Comcast? What do you need to be LDS or be a company owned by a big wheel in the church to get good rates on Comcast? At least in Utah. Whew that manure stinks. So I’m looking for a phone number to call FX direct to buy SOA, on a coast to coast basis. Directly from FX(FoX) .

Then the guy tells me that all operations of the church are off on Monday, really? All those years I worked for Deseret Transportation, DT was always operational on Mondays, guess it just must be the public outreach units of the church , are closed on Monday’s.

So I gotta do some digging, and find out the who and what to get HCC in and on SOA, even if we have to buy network, rather than spend locally. Now where did we hear that before?

If Comcast Spotlight advertising didn’t want to do business with us they should have told us so.

Truth is where its at.



Quote of the Day:
Progress depends on people knowing they'll be able to profit from their ideas.
--Deborah Neville
Philippians 3:14“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

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Well Dog My cat


Well Dog my Cat, supposedly The LDS Bishops Store House, is closed on Mondays. So no delivery there. Wouldn’t it be nice? I thought all of these outreaches of the beloved and held high religious organization that rules most of Utah and southern Idaho, was open all week, every day.

So left there , went by the bank, all good on our accounts, came home and wondering if I should eat what I didn’t finish yesterday for leftovers, or feed that to the darn cat, and make something else.

Then saw on my email our Comcast sales-exec sent me some docs, problem is I can’t write on PDF’s, very good, if at all so I’ll have him send those docs by snail mail.

Over coffee this morning met with the rest of my Reaper Crew and Wolf-Pack, all are game for reworking Cooter’s A1 into RodeWolf likewise turning up the heat on Hazzard County Choppers(HCC) which is why I’m dancing around with Comcast to begin with.

Saw a possible candidate for a RodeWolf, SheWolf last night, in the neighborhood, but in all ethics and standards you can’t just stand up and ask such questions.

Still trying to make up my mind on location of Hcc whether to go to Evanston, and toss Metro-Utah in pile 13, chalk the effort to a good trying learning experience, or to try and sniff out another facility other than the one we have in Morgan, and add one location in either Ogden, Layton, or somewhere in amongst that. Let ya’ll know Friday. If I4, allows for what we can do, we’re there, if not, after the last two months I’m not going to be looking at remaining in Snob state too rich for our blood Utah.

In the old days, making money meant taking a risk. You try it at least once what ever IT is. Example; back in 2002 the Wolf-pack looked to building the only at the time streaming military warbird aircraft enthusiast’ radio station/website. It was territory we’d not been in before. It was sheer madness, with the limited crew we had at the time, trying to do 24-7-365, streaming on demand radio took on some serious logistics and infrastructure problems. Over time we worked those things out at least moderately. AyreWolfFM soon became HazzardAyre, but we wouldn’t have made it this far, if we’d have chosen to sit on the porch and not jumped in with the big dogs. Back then we struggled with Comcast Spotlight advertising as well. It wasn’t the rates etc, it was the inventory of programs on prospective networks got axed so we declined. Of course nobody called to inform of us when those same shows on those networks, were renewed.

Comcast has some real organizational problems. Okay for that corporate giant in NYC and that end of the Yankee Union, but out west here, I think Comcast gobbled up too much and in many cases is choking on it.

The people at Comcast Spotlight Advertising, here is they look at a small firm and don’t think that small firm just may have bigger corporate brethren. Case-in-Point, Hazzard County Choppers, partly owned by myself and 70% owned by the Knytes. Yes the real SAMCRO TC/MC. That means Hazzard County Choppers is owned by the membership of the Knytes, of 50,000 plus members coast to coast, and just 1,000 in Utah and so on, means those 1,000 would be more inclined to give Spotlight a run for their own business’s. It’s a be nice to the club, the club is nice to you. Piss off the club, the club will bury you. In ways you can’t imagine. What that means, is, you deal with me, you also deal with 49,999 other Knytes, their wives(who have business’) the kids. Their kids and so forth. Its called be nice to me or your going to loose much more than me.

My advice open the door, get in your ride and slide up here to the RoadHouse and bring rates and paperwork, or at least give me the telly number of FX so we can buy ads from them.

Yes the club is that well oiled.(funded).

Any mile see you l8r on the radio.



Quote of the Day:
Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.
--Dr. George Washington Carver
Philippians 3:14“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

A new Wolf in the woods

hazzardayre poster boardTHE WOLF'S BLOG

book headMeeting of mind and body, or at least the body of the Reaper Crew.

This may sound contradictory to much that has past in the past, but there has became some serious

situations and reflecting here, and rather than suffer much more some thoughts are going to Wyoming, form RoadWolf Toewing/Hazzard County Choppers, still doing the office for HazzardAyre in Woods Cross, Utah, but moving the major body to Evanston. I’m just too hurt and disappointed, mostly of myself that I allowed a con artist , named Nate at PPC Commercial Realty con me into trusting that he had the werx we needed for HazzardAyre, and making the major move. But rather than rub that scab, I am at the juncture that making some changes in infrastructure might be a good idea. The fact that even at 20,000 people we were able albeit with some tragic results, but able to not only acquire on air talent, but set up operations much faster, easier and at much less cost. Some call Evanston Wyoming , Utah’s hidden secret. I say , Evanston is what Utah ought to aspire to.

So for a time the summary is; the process now is retiring Cooter’s A1, and replacing that with RodeWolf Toewing, and replacing AyreWolf Aviation for a short haul with Hazzard County Choppers. Give me a little more time to become airworthy and go from there.

More On the deets l8r Monday, but I’m going off air for a time until after mid month , after we get moved to Evanston and opened a few more doors.



Quote of the Day:
Commerce is the great civilizer. We exchange ideas when we exchange fabrics.
--Robert Green Ingersoll
Hebrews 12:1“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,”

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Not every Guy needs Viagra , we need better looking women

hazzardayre poster boardONE MAN & A TOW TRUCK[2]

Over the last several days I have tried to do some posting to the blog here. Trying to make decisions and still keeping membership of KOA happy, as well as The AyreWolvez.

HazzardAyre still is project 1 and the sacrifices that I have to make that happen, knowing that once flowing with the right milk and honey, KOA will reciprocate funds back to me, which will reopen Hazzardayre Aviation as well as Cooter’s A1.

Been partying a bit more here this weekend, Getting ready for the two departures, the first to Oshkosh Wisconsin for AirVenture and the other to fly rather than ride to Sturgis.

Some things are beginning to bother me which is clouding some decisions. The first is the slowness from METV CH-104 to get ads up to draw audience to HazzardAyre, and eventually Cooter’s A1 and of course Hcc. The second the reluctance and extremely slow approach of Talent Management Group. Granted the price was a bit too high at first, but is there not a medium? Especially when I know, absolutely KNOW that the talent at TMG is not making that much if any money or nailing that many bookings. You’d think just like the audition session, that a courtesy meeting with the talent I chose here in Ogden could be done. But the powers that be are a bit gun shy.

Then of course Comcast Advertising. I met with some guy, but you’d think that with the time factor that getting me the facts and figures, up here in the mail or a return visit, that Comcast would get off its ass, and get me a sales executive, that gets it done. Many don’t understand or comprehend a company and group such as ours devoted and dedicated to auto racing amongst other attributes we judge everything by how anything performs. If it doesn’t perform, you get rid of it. Maybe Comcast’s Ad departments nation head cheese, needs to be talked to. So what’s up here? Do we as we are doing Internet Radio need to redoux of cable as well as OTA TV? Must we form our OWN talent agency and production company?

So out of not sticking my foot in my mouth, I’ve tended to no post on the blog. Since if there continues to be a delay, its going to be Wyoming and completely forget Utah.

Now to conclude, with networks and TV hungry as a lion who hasn’t seen a gazelle in months, and needing to lean on GEICO and Viagra, for ad revenue, would get off their ass and pull their head out and take a much closer look at HazzardAyre and The Knytes-of-Anarchy.



Quote of the Day:
The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a good discussion.
--G.K. Chesterton
Hebrews 12:1“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,”

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Friday, July 25, 2014

BankofCardiff is a complete fraud

blog front coverhooker phootenotes1

Every day I see many firms trying to extend credit to us  here at HazzardAyre. .

I Have yet to quite figure out why. We’re not exactly flowing in a grand if that cash flow, but we’re doing better than many. Reason is we watch for the most part our expenses, make only the expenditures we need to, and account accordingly. There is not one damn thing we owe anything on, but that’s getting us off of our vector here.

I got this credit offer in the mail, just like a pre approved credit card, only this was in the form of a check, made out to HazzardAyre Radio, for $150k. Really, I didn’t start counting the chickens, since these chickens weren’t even in the conception stage. What they didn’t say is there requirements, when I boiled the sales dude down, the thing came to a Percentage of sales. An upfront statement to that fact would have prevented me from hunting this down further.

The bottom line its pure carpetbagging scallywagging Yankee bullshit.

If you get such a check, I urge you to send it to the Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC, more over turn it over to your states Attorney Generals office, which in both cases I’m doing. Sending copies to both with a complaint.

See ya’ll on the radio where we will talk about this further. Just know that you now know if you get a check, for a pre-Approved line of credit, from the Commercial Finance & Leasing Bank of Cardiff, Inc. it’s a line alright. Do not activate it, but submit it to your Attorney General’s office and/or the Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC.



Quote of the Day:
Comedy is tragedy plus time.
--Carol Burnett
Psalm 119:60“I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.”

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