Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why did they do that?


So the race was over and started surfing channels. Seems the more you pay any more the less quality entertainment you get. It’s not the cable/satellite companies, it’s the content providers. Of all of them there is but one network, that has the oomph to keep you coming back. REM TV is good with Starsky & Hutch, BBC AMERICA is good for Star Trek Next Generation, but no Voyager or DS-9, and then we have the one which we here at Confederate Star Media placed our ads for HazzardAyre Radio, and the club, that being METV. From sun up to just after sundown, METV delivers the shows many of us 50 something's grew up with. More over shows you can sit your family down in front of and not be concerned about being scared straight of over sex, or for that matter pools of blood, and body parts being thrown over the room. You get Adam12, Dragnet, Emergency, The Big Valley, on the Weekends you get Batman, Wonder Woman-(if that ain’t sexy, I’ll buy you a root beer at the Boars Nest)- you even get Star Trek TOS-{the Original Series}.

So I watched this remake that should not have been done. Yes the cast was okay, it did look better than the original, But making a remake of the movie Arthur is about as stupid as putting a screen door on a submarine. 220px-Arthur_poster Which with all of this makes you wonder what happened to the screenwriters in Hollywood?

Detailing the history of the Hazzard Knytes to the Knytes-of-Anarchy, including all that made HazzardAyre and of course the printed word the Confederate Star Tymez, is worth the celluloid to make it.

If Stern’s story is worth telling, the Knytes’ story is even more so. Many of the ladies we are casting as pin ups and focus models will be in the cast of The Hazzard Knytes. The film will open on the background of Candy Campus, a pre school in Layton Utah that gave way to Government take over to build the Layton Parkway Exchange.

The film will be narrated by myself, with some fill in from Shooter Jennings(Waylon Jennings's son) the film will go to that first day, I found out other parts of the female anatomy can be just as sweet as the usual items on the he and she grocery list. Yes that first smooch of a foot. To my first French Kiss, to the beginnings of posing gals with bikes, albeit bicycles and mini motor bikes, for magazines. To Miss Jensen at Crestview Elementary that turned me into a worshiper of great legs. To that fateful day in that tiny hole under the parking lot of the Church next to Crestview, where the Baja Boys, that later would turn into the Street Commanders Club, that well, I’m giving too much away, but each step of me will illuminate the baby steps that built the momentum to the creation of the Hazzard Knytes. To the evolution to the Knytes-of-Anarchy to the bringing to life HazzardAyre and so on.

All told there will be 100 women cast for the film, with the male leads being done by club members.

But the question I have is and you are thinking, Why did they do that? HazzardAyre needs it.

Tech problems abound this evening with the network, but I’ll be on air, Monday night.


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Nature has given to us the seeds of knowledge, not knowledge itself.
--Lucius Annæus Seneca
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