Monday, July 21, 2014

If you want or need something bad enough you’ll find a way to get it.


I just got a new reply from some gal in the Salt Lake area that I met over the freelance page for eye candy talent.

The crux of this is, I pitched the idea of her being a talent on camera for a few TV ads for both HazzardAyre as well as Cooter’s A1. Guess what an excuse. Something of, can’t get to Ogden because of lack of car. Reality there’s the bus. Front runner to Ogden, 604 to Sullivan Road walk back half a block, a real problem? not. When I first tasted radio and wanted in , I did what was needed, even riding a bicycle for 30 miles one way, to be at a studio. The list goes on, but there’s a difference between those that many cheer after on these reality shows like America’s Got Talent, and those that work being on that show and succeeding. Big named artists from music to dancing to acting, if the need to be seen , heard, and all is there you find a way to make a meet and greet.

There’s this cross dresser chick, I met on this extension on Facebook. While I’m not saying that’s good or bad, outside of kissing toes in hose, I’d be tempted to putting her or it on an ad just to get the thing done.

Whether its Tina, Briony, or whomever its not a touch and feel get together for a happy party thing here. Its fully professional, fully real, with much denaro up for grabs, and I for one am grabbing. I need the cash that is there from the grant being put up, for producing a bio docudrama for the club, the radio werx and developing of a TV channel, to name a few.

If you ask isn’t there enough channels? I say yes and no. There is a scrap fight on the floors of congress, with the FCC, on two major mergers. One is TWC and Comcast, the other is one with A.T.T. Uverse DirecTV. If these mergers happen and I’d like to see one gobble up Cable-One, still if these mergers come, to fruition, a good channel that has spice and eye appeal, will get major funds, to bring to a boil a true super station/network. This requires putting out the best bait to attract both these outfits, to get them to say we want you on our system. Do we want it? Bet your next oil change we do. In fact that’s one of the reasons for the major scramble.

Every TV operation is scrambling, and while we’re primary radio, we are busting tail, to bring the two forms together, a radio/TV channel.

Patrick Gotsche , myself and others are fighting the merge on one hand, Confederate Star Media is looking more though on how to be there after to join these forces, and be the rural, southern comfort zone radio/tv channel.

Hitting the rack, see all at 12:00 Hours.


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