Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It wasn’t the rate its how I was handled that urked me

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Last couple of days the gest of the topics have orbited the deal trying to be struck between Comcast Spotlight Advertising and us, here at HCC/Cooter’s A1.

It wasn’t the big rate that struck me although coughing up $1,500.00 all at once is a bit hard. Since we are moving into a new facility and all. But here’s the thing, if $1,500 was too much and one of my customers came to me on a bike build or tow job, I’d sit down and try to work something out. Say half that, $1,500.00  say $600.00 still up there but still doable.

Sometimes its not just price, sometimes its how a person is handled that makes a price workable. Case-n-Point; Curt over at METV, finds out we been put off for weeks, calls, we work things out, Curt follows up, either by phone or email.

This Steve out at Comcast Spotlight does nothing. Okay the original price is a bit much, how about showing up middle or so of August, we sign the contract and I carve out a check for $600.00 for the first month? In essence work the account , more over treat the customer as you’d want to be treated. If I get a tow customer and the price is a bit up there, especially if I knew that there’s bigger fruit at the top of the tree, like diesel work at our truck service center or a custom bike to be built, I’ll reduce my price or work in a freebe, do some negotiation, to where it’s a win/win. Not just say here’s the rate, here’s the thing, take it or leave it. More over if there’s paperwork involved, send it to me snail mail, a stamp and pen still works in this day and age. I make out paperwork with a signature, then Steve shows up middle of the month, I sign and carve out the check, thing done.

Laura is a cut above, but here’s the difference, there was paperwork to be done for whatever services we got, Laura set up a Docusign account, I signed it presto deal done. Ya’ll know the rest of the incredible job she did and continues to do for the club and me. Question is why can’t more of Comcast be like her? I know one Angel per person, but dang, can’t the rest of this bunch rise above ordinary standards?

I read the trade press ink too, I know that program inventory is abundant, sponsors are down and at only a slight uptick, most TV outlets either hurting, or are looking to other income streams like online services like Hulu and Netflix, so are viewers and so are the advertisers. When you have a millisecond to grab audience, and your looking to target a specific audience and are looking to gravitate to larger pastures, like us, sure we’ll do SOA, but our tow service could do IRT(Ice Road Truckers), or the PowerNation on Spike. By February 2015 , it’ll be NASCAR season all over again we’re looking at that. But can Steve look past the one baby step with SOA? No, he gets all fussed up, and doesn’t do much, thus is why we’re looking for someone else at Comcast Spotlight to handle the account.

Now by comparison. METV, on 4.2(Cable-104) which can be seen with or without cable, vintage programs, good shows, and a bargain considering the market. At a little over $300.00 a month we get full penetration, and deep good coverage, boosting the knowledge of HazzardAyre, as well by winter again Cooter’s A1 Toewing.

So it wasn’t all together the rate of the ads it was handled bad, by Comcast Spotlight,  but handled good by Curt and METV.



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