Friday, July 11, 2014

The body as it ages and what we dream


Huuray we made it through another week, Yep it’s Friday.

Pre eve not really pressed for anything after a day of constant phone calls from people who call on my number, yet are not for me. Seems as though Comcast execs haven’t figured out how to assign phone numbers yet. If it’s not the one we have for Cooter’s A1, it’s the one for HazzardAyre. The one Comcast assigned us for HazzardAyre used to be for Goss Photo Restoration. A simple Google Search confirms that, so for every 6 calls to HazzardAyre , I get 2 for Goss Photo. As for the number Comcast assigned us, that number is for some felon that I have had to prove 100 times it ain’t us. Really.

So by 17:30 my body decided after Roman Noodles, that it was lights out.

This old body is wearing thin. While some say at 55 I’m just hitting my stride, the fact is the mind says yes , but the body says, hold on pardner. So I was sleeping. The first half was not bad in REM sleep, as I was out doing the nasty with some hot blonde(my age) that works at the Flying J Denny’s(guess ya’ll know where I’m eating now) here, but then it turned to this hot babe that will be the poster girl, and focus model for HazzardAyre, the TV spot begins production in a week or so.

Thing is, its nice to know the equipment still works.

Then I had this dream, that I had shoveled off this mortal life, and was just a spirit. But my ride of choice was not that of a toew truck or that of a restored warbyrd. But that of a Triumph road bike, and I was prowling of all areas of Wendell Idaho. In that dream, I was slipping into this storage shop of ITD, there looking for $’s for fuel. Seems as though the Fyre Byke, in spirit , even needs go fluid.

At about the time I started to see the end point, I got up due to hunger.

But I’m beginning to feel my age.

More on that in my next entry, I gotta get some sleep, flying out at 15:00 today so no afternoon Drive HazzardAyre or for the weekend, as I’ll be at Thunder over Utah airshow in St.George Utah.

TTYL Aviators,

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Alcohol, if taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the effects of intoxication.
--Oscar Wilde
Jeremiah 32:17““Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”

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