Sunday, July 20, 2014

So I went to Church yesterday


So after the great power outage of the Summer of 2014, I decided instead of hitting the rack go to church, mostly to satisfy the thing of obligation for the housing thing.

So sat there during the Priesthood. I love how they can make you nearly a prospect High Priest, yet not qualify if that person should even have that authority.

So got to class. Some old had was there that was of game, but decided no. Got through that, and into Sacrament meeting I went. Renewed my promises with God, but wanted to smack at least 6 of the toddler sized infantile brains there. Shit shut the fuck up so I can hear the speech. So go through with that, came home, tried this thing called Spotify on for size, but it findit .

So did the nightly and am just about headed for bed.

But I ask, can’t they shut up the kids?

And have you saw a child, that you just wanted to say, damn that really is a fugdugly child, that thing hit all the branches coming down the fugdugly tree.

TTYLYwynged sigctrs wings down

Quote of the Day:
The cynic is his own worst enemy. It requires far less skill to run a wrecking company than it does to be an architect.
--U.S. Andersen
Psalm 119:30“I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws.”

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