Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How much do you need? and is CraigsList good any more?


Why is it that people who sell stuff , like advertising, don’t know what they are selling?

Like yesterday afternoon, put off an appointment with the Bishop, to meet with one of Comcast’s Spotlight advertising reps. Not only did this guy give me the run around, he really did not know what was on what channels. These guys are looking for the big apple, problem is many don’t try to harvest the small seed that WILL be the BIG apple later.

So I retired, got bit by a spider next to me crush nuts, and so woke up at 04:00 headed to work here in about two hours. But one has to wonder. And how much cable does one need anymore. Nearly anything worth watching and much that is better to watch can be had via streaming, like Hulu, Netflix and others. Even the Broadcast networks can be seen via internet, so I say just go Internet, with a cable company, go phone with the cell company and only get enough cable to watch FX for SOA for three months and then disconnect it. Of course after this year with this being the final year of SOA, who needs cable TV?

It doesn’t matter that Comcast is kissing tail to merge with TWC, the fact is if 50,000 people who are members just of our MC/TC club, unplug from both as well as Cable One, that’s who Comcast should be going after. But if everyone of our membership pulls the plug, cuts the cord and says no more, added to that , uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, grandkids, and all of The Knytes, 50,000 which would really amount to 500,000 current Comcast customers, just said no more and pulled the plug, can you say it’d be like this spider bite inside my thigh. It’ll hurt and be annoying. Sure wont kill nobody, sure wont bankrupt Comcast, but they’d hurt.

The Internet pages are still buzzing about the guy back east that got stung. Bad mouthed and all, plus if you read the comments under each of these stories you find, that all too many people would like to bury Comcast, if I were Comcast, I’d disregard the past due bill, honor what truly is due, and not unplug Cooter’s A1 or HazzardAyre. I’d be making sure I was happy.

Hopefully, our sweet Laura will further this to who it concerns, and tell them, yea they got into a bind at first , stuff got behind , but they’ll catch up. More over as far as HazzardAyre its not that nothing has been paid on it, every dang month since it went green, the minimum or current bill has been paid. Cooter’s A1 never worked right, until I got a tech from another company to show me what was wrong, once I found out, it worked , although one light still shows YELLOW, not GREEN, on the modem that controls it. But on 4 occasions, seems as though I call once a week to Comcast’s billing or tech support, I was told there’d be a credit, even one for a full months of service and credits of $75.00 each month. All together I only owe $160.00, something I can handle. But when I tried to explain that, to some guy who obviously was anal retentive he got up in my face on the phone, I finally just hung up.

Okay then.

In the effort of saving the joint in Ogden where I currently take off my hat, I put up ads for both room mate as well as engineer for HazzardAyre, which is what we need.

For every, one that smells legit, I get 10 from CraigsList, that flat ain’t. So I ask is CraigsList worth it anymore? Or do we just say , CraigsList the want ads of fraud?

Any mile headed to work.


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