Friday, July 25, 2014

BankofCardiff is a complete fraud

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Every day I see many firms trying to extend credit to us  here at HazzardAyre. .

I Have yet to quite figure out why. We’re not exactly flowing in a grand if that cash flow, but we’re doing better than many. Reason is we watch for the most part our expenses, make only the expenditures we need to, and account accordingly. There is not one damn thing we owe anything on, but that’s getting us off of our vector here.

I got this credit offer in the mail, just like a pre approved credit card, only this was in the form of a check, made out to HazzardAyre Radio, for $150k. Really, I didn’t start counting the chickens, since these chickens weren’t even in the conception stage. What they didn’t say is there requirements, when I boiled the sales dude down, the thing came to a Percentage of sales. An upfront statement to that fact would have prevented me from hunting this down further.

The bottom line its pure carpetbagging scallywagging Yankee bullshit.

If you get such a check, I urge you to send it to the Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC, more over turn it over to your states Attorney Generals office, which in both cases I’m doing. Sending copies to both with a complaint.

See ya’ll on the radio where we will talk about this further. Just know that you now know if you get a check, for a pre-Approved line of credit, from the Commercial Finance & Leasing Bank of Cardiff, Inc. it’s a line alright. Do not activate it, but submit it to your Attorney General’s office and/or the Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC.



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